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Woken up abruptly in the night, I felt a deep agony in my heart.
It was racing uncontrollably, it felt like it was going to leap out of my shell
Panic stricken,alone,and afraid to leave a unfinished life behind,
I saw it, looking deep into my being!
“The Raven’s eye penetrating and searching my soul”.
I then felt warmth,calmness, nurturing, a comfort of safeness as
the Raven’s wings embodied me,consoling that inner lost child
that has been locked away for so long
“Hear when we speak!” said Raven
“You shall never walk alone again,
for the Ancestors have called upon us All, to stand side by side
in the Sisters Circle Now & Forever.”

I am so extremely grateful & I feel so blessed to now have the Spiritual Family that I have longed for,  forever!  I feel so connected to Source and the love that we all hold within!   Together, the Strengths & Gifts we ALL have, can help us connect to our Ancestors.   We  can then lead the way back to the Lands…
Sending ALL my Sisters, pure Love, Light, Peacefulness and  many Blessings!

“Red Feather Speaks”



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In this moment, at this time, all is as it is supposed to be. I am me, you are you, we have connected to learn more wonderful things about ourselves. Thank you for being a part of me, just as I am thankful to be a part of you.


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From our point of view, it seems as though, God has taken you much too soon.

Well before we got to see you fully bloom.

And yet one glance at your captivating eyes and your magical smile, in the images that remain,

In our hearts, our memories, and this world just the same,

Helps those of us left on this Earth to know your life was not lived in vain,

And that every word spoken, every moment spent joking, every tear shed will help you with your journey forward.

To guide you toward a place of pure light,

And remind us not to give up the fight.

To live life to the fullest and not waste one second of one single day.

We will miss you dearly, beautiful Christine

You touched all of our lives in ways both seen and unseen

We love you always and will never forget how much you mean.


In Memory of Christine

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I have spent much time in your life, as a step mother, adopted mom, youth care worker, friend, mentor, and a unique individual.

It is important to me to share my journey with you.  Our journey so far has been one  of  honesty, awe of where we have been, in knowing  where we are in this moment in our history and our life together.

Our time together has been great even with the difficulties and changing times we have encountered. Our world is changing and we continually grow together as the unique individuals we are with and without the labels that we wear.

I am proud and happy to be a part of your life, just as I am proud and happy that you have come into my life and be a part of my life to teach me much about myself that I can not and could not have learned any other way.

Our paths have been pre-destined and aligned for good reasons. The greatest reason is so that we  learn all that we need to from one another. What a sacred path that we have chosen in finding each other in this life time.

Thank you for being, and for what we share.

My mother told me many years ago that what we do in this lifetime is make memories. She was right! We have certainly done this and will continue to do it!  I am and will always be eternally grateful for our memories  in this lifetime here on earth and beyond.

We are all related, we are all one!  I love  you all.

“White Eagle”

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In The Morning
When you awaken.
A good or bad attitude you have taken!
So please remember this my friend,
It is your choice
It is your day
You can smile and enjoy it!
Or pass it away.




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Sitting in the sun,
Dogs with me sharing,
Solitude and peace.
Breeze gently blowing,
Childrens’ voices in the distance,
A vehicle barely heard.
Time to think,
But I don’t.
Just sit and observe,
Soak in the warmth.
Leaves begin to emerge,
Grass turning green,
Birds busy gathering,
Nests to be made.
Soon time for planting,
But not today.
Today, I’m just,
Sitting in the sun.

“Raven Wing”

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As Fall and Winter
In the misty rain transforming,
And the trees slowly fall asleep,
Reaching deep into the Earth to regenerate,
So it is with my soul.
The longed for silence
And becoming one with the Earth,
No longer searching for Source,
But being one with Source.
Protecting Creator’s paradise.
Ever aware of the destruction,
By chemicals and garbage.
Everyone longs to go back
To basics and their roots,
And longing further

To have the clean air and pristine waters
Now devastatingly poluted by greed.
Oh, to walk on clean beaches
To hear the healthy call of the gulls,
As they fish for healthy food.
Not to have them wash up at your feet
In the sand,
Soaked with reddish,black sludge,
Intelligent eyes bulging, screaming for help.
For those who think Global Warming is not happening,
Take a walk in Nature’
Look at the scum everywhere,
On rivers, ponds and marshes.
It now falls with the rains.
We live in critical times.
Disease is rampant.
Genetically altered food, chemical medications,
Plastic,polluted water bought in bottles.
See the red wall that comes toward you.
The Pheonix is rising rapidly.
May we protect our plants and animals.
As it is with your soul,
So be it with your Mother……Earth.
From Earth we come…….to Earth we shall return.

“Willow Branch”




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The world as you know it is changing rapidly. You will notice that there are many who are now coming forward with the information that you need to have included in your life and in your conscious understanding. It is all about consciously understanding your world and how you create your own world through your thoughts, actions, beliefs and the structure of the world changing to accommodate the thoughts that you have.

Many you know are right when they say it’s not what you think but how you think that is the key to changing your world for you when you become aware of those things that you wish to change.

Others who do not understand what needs to go out into your world will learn. It is not complex, it is only simple, and needs to be kept simple for all to understand. Please remember dear one, that all you encounter are brain trained through indoctrinated teaching to do things in their own way, in their own time. You too, carry this indoctrination, however, you are becoming more and more conscious and aware of how this parochial thinking affects you and your world as you create it for you.

Be still, and keep moving through this stillness, taking steps of surety towards whatever exists for you in each precious moment. This is what life is about now. Small steps, not knowing where they are leading you but having the trust and faith that all will be as it is to be leading you towards fulfilling your life purpose and achieving your dreams.

Peace , love and light be with you on glorious day. We are with you as we are you and welcome you back to intuitively knowing that we are here.




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Today is a great day to do nothing.

Doing nothing is the most valuable something that I can do for myself today. Love it!

Peace, love, light and blessings!


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“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him to discover it within himself”.


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