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The Gift of Now

The present is a gift, which is given to you.

Not forward, not backward, the present is now, this moment and it is in this now that the human no longer exists, or cannot be.

Much of what we have learned in earth school, has removed the human from being,and you have missed the gift, which has been placed before you and was developed by you as the internal monitor and source of your personal power.

This personal power will create an energy surge far stronger than anything else in the universe or on the earth plane. Imagine yourself to be rooted in the time, which is before you.

Can you even begin to comprehend that all that there is in now?

So disturbing it is for us who have gone before to observe the misgivings of time humans. Time humans are those who project into the future believing that future is not now, or the time humans who observe the past and stay there because it is known to them and the fear of the future creates such disturbance that they cannot remain in the present. This present is as you would say a gift, and earth school has taught that you are not to accept this gift. It is now time to be now and present.  Not forward, Not Backward but Right Here, Right Now!

Peace, love, light and blessings!


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The question: I have many questions that are difficult to sort. Where do I begin?

The Channel speaks:

Always dear one begin in the moment that you are now in. Everything is going well in your life and the reason that you can not see that all is well in your life is because this is new territory for you.

What is the reason for you to have to create issues that do not exist?

Are we perhaps bored?

Always see the moment that you are in without clouding it with unrealistic issues that are a creation of yours for you and by you. When you put it all together and go with the flow, all flows! When you create issues, it will create another flow which is what you choose not to have in your life, which is the flow of issues. You however, tend to want to stop the flow by allowing the issues to stop you. You are accountable to you for you, and you will do what needs to be done in the moment provided that you keep your head from over riding what you know is in your heart.

All of life can be like a riddle, especially when you concentrate on what you perceive others need and want. Life is not about others it is about you.

You have learned that this is selfish, and living your life is the most selfish thing that you will ever do, how else can you learn, grow and become all that you know that you are. Should you continue to sit in the background waiting for someone else to give you permission to be all that you are that is being overly mannerly and will stop not only your process, but the process for all others who require this information now.

Those who are to be with you are, those who are not to be with you aren’t . Life is just that simple! Be and all will be with you or not!

Peace, love and light are with you because they are you on this day of discovering you.

Channelled by Whitebird

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In the window of a florists’ shop
There stands a graceful Rose
Her beauty shines with glowing light
Her fragrance thrills the nose.
But on her stems there stands a thorn
To keep the world at bay
Because her fragile beauty
Could swiftly fade away.

In the middle of the lawn out back
There is a patch of gold
She stands in happy confidence
Of the place in life she holds
She shares a life of joyful glee
And when her time is gone
Her fluffy head takes to the wind
To land and be resown.

I’d rather be a Dandelion
With the joy in life she holds
To realize that in the end
Her children she did mold
To know that beauty drempt in dreams
Somehow just fails to thrive
But the beauty that we hold within
Will keep our dreams alive.

And I’d rather be a Dandelion
With the courage and strength I’ll need
To bear the sorrows I will meet
On my journey, and yet I seek
For the grace and beauty of the Rose
For her strength to stand alone
And pray to God that in the end,
Of both I am composed.


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The many paths that I have walked in life have led me to the place that I am today.  What paths have you walked?

These paths are sometimes curved, they may be through webs and tangles, or the dirt and mud of life! They may be slippery, or smooth, however, the path of life is full of excitement, challenge, grief, love, happiness, fear, strife and failure or success.

What is the reason that we walk these paths?

We have chosen this life to learn, to grow and to share with others who we pass on our individual paths in life.

Today I will walk with the sunshine beaming down upon me, feeling clearer, more alive, accepted and loved because I am now choosing to share all that I am, all that I have with a new generation that is now seeking a better, more accepting and meaningful life!

This new life/ new generation  bursting forth is one of sharing, caring, and peace and compassion for all!


Today I will share a smile with those I meet on my path!


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Today is a Day to Play

Seeing the humour in reality changes my perspective from seriousness to play. Playfulness is a big part of who I am and who I have been throughout my entire life. I will begin to play once again today!


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Today I stumbled on it
The mystery, the key.
To the secrets I had hidden
So deep I couldn’t see.
To the soul that lay forgotten
In the one I used to be.
To the dreams that still lay crying
To be revived and then released.
To become the unchained spirit
God intended me to be.
Perhaps I’ve always known it
Kept it buried deep inside.
For I was much too busy looking
Into other peoples eyes.
To recognize the power
I had hidden deep in mine.

“Ravens Wing”

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My next step forward in finding enlightenment took me into many situations and experiences that I can look back on and understand that my life is definitely a spiritual journey. Have you ever ended up somewhere, in a physical space, situation, culture, city, or job where you sit back in total awe and amazement to find that you are there with absolutely no understanding of how you got there and why?

My journey through life has definitely been one of total spontaneity and surprises. This part of my journey begins when I took a course to deal with some of my less desirable qualities as a human being.

I was self centered, greedy, willing to move ahead with my life and financial situation not caring about anyone other than myself. I had gone through the trauma of losing a child, followed rapidly by divorcing my childhood partner and friend, and being totally devastated by the world and all of the misgivings that had occurred in my life. A wise doctor prescribed medication, valium, to get me this very rocky and rough part of my life. The beginning of a drug addiction and the inability to make it through a day without being totally stoned and in awe of the world that was now completely outside of my reality. After running out of my medication and finding a new and even wiser doctor, I went to procure my new outside reality and he issued me only one prescription and asked me to come back and see him the following week. I did and he stated that he would no longer provide me with the medication that I now needed to make it through the day. In my wisdom, I found several other doctors who were willing to provide me with the necessary high to make it through this rocky part of my life which I was holding onto, just in order to stay high.

Then a new doctor entered my reality, asked to see the pills that I was carrying around with me . He then took them and flushed them down the toilet with me witnessing the entire scene. What was I to do now? He told me that if I chose to do this, that I would have to find my prescriptions elsewhere and that I should just go out and become a drug addict outside of using the legal drugs that I had been given by the medical system. What a scary thought that was! He also suggested that I should go and see a counsellor or therapist to deal with my issues. Although I was frightened I did manage to spend some time using illegal drugs as an escape route, but after crawling across the floor looking for my next fix, I felt a sense of presence within me, and realized what I had become. A drug addict!

I headed straight for a counsellors office, where the counsellor told me after several visits and several hours that he believed he should be sitting down and talking to me rather than me talking to him. That statement changed the course of my life forever. I left knowing that my somewhat dubious existence was changing rapidly. Drug use, using people, and hiding from reality soon became an issue of the past. I entered into a program in another town to learn how to deal with people, left behind my house, cars, way of life, and began confronting myself to find out who I truly was from the core of my being. At the end of the program, many of my fellow students would not believe me, so I was given a conditional pass which meant that I would be monitored and would not graduate from this program. At this point, I was angry, disappointed, hurt and totally pissed off . I remember saying that’s O.K. I will just go and work with young people, they will believe me! At this point I began to recognize that what comes from my soul is meant to be and before I knew it I had become a child care worker in a Northern Community with young offenders. This is where I met my son, who chose me as his foster mother.

Surprise, surprise he was the same age as the son that I had lost would have been. My life with my son has been and still is special, full of love, caring compassion and definitely has taught me much about what love is and isn’t. I do know today that love is a spiritual journey of personal growth. He and I have shared this journey of love.

The next step forward in spirit took me to work in the prison system with incarcerated MEN!

I had learned in my life to use men, and so it was not surprising that the next part of my spiritual development was working with those who had used, abused and conned others into believing that they were something that they were not. This was a real turning point for me as I sat in prisons working with groups of men in a Skills training program. Many of these individuals became my greatest teachers and showed me what I did and did not want in my life. One individual who I had developed a friendship with in the system provided me with the next lesson on my journey towards understanding my spirituality, my spiritual being. I had applied for a position working in the North in Human Resource Management. I had initially applied for this position because I was annoyed with the prison system and some of the abuses that were taking place there, and I wanted an adventure. I said to myself that I wanted to be somewhere safe and removed from everything I had ever known and surprise, surprise, I was offered a job in a small Inuit community in he N.W.T. The money was good, the experience and adventure were great, but I would have to leave the safety net of working in the prisons and once again changing my reality totally to move into this new adventure.

My foster son had left home, he was dealing with his own growth and addictions and I knew it was time to move on.

As I was struggling with this decision, I had decided to stay put, when one of the inmates approached me and said “Are you nuts”? I have spent 17 years of my life locked up, and I hear you saying that you have a chance for this kind of freedom, going somewhere that you can learn, grow and become all that you are and you are turning it town!

My life changed at that point and in a very short time I was on an airplane headed for the Arctic. Another step forward into ice, snow and a totally foreign way of life. Just me and my dog, knowing no one, and definitely learning a new way of life and survival. This was a time of great spiritual growth and understanding for me. My reality was totally shaken, I learned that I could not survive on my own in this foreign place, and I learned to reach out, talk to others, and really listen to myself and my inner being. Without the strong spiritual base I had developed through my experiences, I would never have survived this experience. My Inuit friends left a lasting impression in my life. They are a people of few words, a foreign language, and a people of total connection to the land and all that is a part of the land and their world. I began to realize that who they are is spirit, which meant that who I am is also spirit. I just needed to become more consciously aware of who I am in the moment that I live in. Thank you all of my friends for this lesson.

After this lesson, honouring and respecting myself, the land, and every inhabitant of the land it was time to head back and move on with my life. The intrigue of staying in hiding in the north was overwhelming, but my inner being was telling me that much more existed for me in my journey through life. At this point my sister became an integral part of my next lessons. I had given up on men, relationships, sexual pleasures, and I was quite happy just being me. I got a call from my sister to come and visit her in her new home in British Columbia. I had holidays coming, so I bought an airline ticket and was on my way. If I would have known that this trip would mean that I would leave the Arctic, I would not have taken it, but as they say Spirit moves in strange ways. The strange way it moved was “I met a Man! I had been single, free, and not involved with anyone mentally, physically or emotionally in relationship for many years. Deprivation had become my way of life, so I really was not expecting to make any changes because of meeting someone. Here he was, I bought into the whole scene hook line and sinker, went back to the North, and decided that if I was ever going to leave the north it would have to be right now! Before I knew it, myself and my dog were headed back south all in the name of lust. I very quickly secured a job, got dumped from a lustful relationship and totally gave up on finding a man to share my life with. I was happy, working, and back with family. It was great for a few months, and then my little inner voice began saying that it was time to meet someone new. I ignored the little voice and said that I was great being with me, my life was wonderful, I could do what I chose to do at any time, and I asked myself why I would want anything different. I had developed a good life for me……… then some friends and my sister mentioned that I should meet a man who lived in this town who was just like me, or rather who was “weird, just like me”. I just laughed and said, I’m not wanting anything to do with anyone, but sure enough in a short period of time he and I met, and we are still together today! At this time I learned that when the timing is right the lesson will appear or another way to say it is “When the timing is right a teacher will appear”. My partner is and has been a great teacher for me. When I first met him his message to me is that we find relationships to grow one another. I continue to grow, learn and become more conscious of myself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually within his presence.

In the past I had looked for everything in relationships that allowed me to stay where I was never looking for enlightenment through relationships. Well, once again I was somewhat misguided by not listening to what I have always known inside of me.

At that time, my son had left home, I was free, and this wonderful weird man has two daughters. When I realized that this was not what my head wanted I ran away from home and headed north to discuss this dilemma with a wonderful person I had met while living in the Arctic. While I was away one of his daughters got a case of the stomach flu and my inner self wanted to be back in the south with them. I went back to him and his daughters and continued to move forward on my spiritual path towards enlightenment, still not believing that I had found it. Today, many years later, our family life journey is strong. We are blessed to learn from each other daily.

I have cleared many secrets that I carried through life knowing that clarity comes from me accepting all that I am, all that I have been, and all I have done Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. Peace, love, light, blessings and clearing for us all as we travel through our lives learning, growing, and becoming who we truly are!


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You were born with so many walls around you; it is no wonder the air has never seemed fresh.  Expectations have become your existence.  I fear to look in your eyes because my failure and tired guilt draws at me.  I don’t think I’ve ever let you be my son and not my purpose.  No harm was meant to touch you and no tears we were meant to cry.  I created your image so many years ago and instead of watching you grow, I only saw coloring outside of the lines.  I never saw that color become a picture; I just wanted that excess to go back to what my intentional drawing was for you.

I wanted all the wisdom in the world for you.  I wanted you to be surrounded by all the strength and beauty the world had to offer.  I wanted your roots to be firm in the ground and I never wanted you to have to trip on them.  I wanted you to know love.  But I see now that I wanted you to experience it all from my eyes.  Such focused purpose I created with a young naïve mind and heart.  I’ve never quite known when an accomplishment was achieved, we just had to keep going.

From time of being, you started with a checklist around your heart.  I just knew I had to keep you moving forward, from birth to adulthood, we had to keep you going.  After all, I had so many dreams for you.  And so focused through all these years, I was afraid to listen to yours.  I had to keep us moving forward because otherwise I might have had to look in the mirror and see you looking back at me.  I didn’t want you to see the reflections I carried.  But it reflected anyway on all those shiny things you always sought after.

With all the greatest intentions but most selfish actions, you were my marker and I’ve always needed to protect you – a much softer word than the control that stood behind that.  I just wanted the best for us.  I didn’t want us to fall into the typical spotlight with a Help Wanted sign blinding our potentials.  I was so very young with experience that was patched up with Paper Mache where more years were needed.  Life seemed so cold but you gave me determination and that became the theme.  You gave to me…you gave to me… You changed who I am, and you taught me…and who you are is what has become the foundation to where we are today.  You’ve always carried that responsibility and so I couldn’t let the colors drip from the lines.  I was going to give you nothing less than the best.

I struggled with the words, so many times because I had to make it up as we went along.  I spoke a lot about what I thought and I never gave quite the emotional foundation to you, of course  unless we fell into some crisis mode.  That’s when I knew the words so profound but I spoke from what my eyes and mind told me and my ears were always hiding.  It seems crisis is what held my heart together and the ironic thing; I wanted you to feel none of it.  Oh, I feel so much love for you but to experience that feeling or share it so openly – please understand it is so foreign to me, I retreat.  What coldness I must radiate to you.  Mixed messaging in reeling chapters I gave to you.  I can cry with pride and heal from the tears.  I can curse with anger and learn from the heat.  I can be sad with loneliness and enter into silent prayer.  I know the sweet touch of a dream and the push of hope.  But I only experiment with the expressions of love.  It overwhelms my spirit so much I get lost in the message.

I might not have the exact words but I ask you experience it in your surroundings until we can work on a language together.  It may be geography or it may be a physical view or a material touch…but it is our love that created where we are.  I will have to take it back to my perspective, but please know…I wanted my family to share in the mountains that I love so much.  I wanted to not have to worry about food in the fridge or snacks in our stomachs.  I wanted a home built on great foundation, surrounded by colors that can soar a spirit.  I wanted the rush of the river and activity of life around us.  I wanted to ensure we had security for the future to live out any dream we may choose.  It was so much love that I had for you that influenced all the choices I made from the time of your birth.  Together, we’ve only moved forward and we are surrounded by so much love.

Am I proud of you? Absolutely and without a doubt! You have a spirit that is so patient, so caring, so insightful, so brave, so sharing and so willing to teach that I really couldn’t be prouder.  With all that stood in your way from your first movement, you truly can move mountains.  Such a young age, you fought the wolf with your own hands – scars you will always bear but wisdom that can’t go ignored.  You’ve experienced great hurt and emotion as you have had to define family and struggle to be a bridge when you only asked to be carried over.  You’ve had to live to be my foundation and wear my jaded eyes.  My fears of failure have kept you silenced for too many years now.

You have done everything right.  It has been your gift of love that has created each of our futures, all the way through to your brother and sister.  It is your strong wisdom that is now teaching me what generations before you never could have done.  It is your eyes that are opening mine.  I cannot change back the years of time but will choose to look at today as the day I color my own picture and appreciate the colors you have created within yours.  Let this be the last checkmark you have to wear.

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This second is a journey to your destination.  It’s okay that we’re going in different directions; we are simply covering lots of ground of experiences.  We will all find our way back to one another, we may feel like we’re all separated at times but the inner truth knows that we are walking with one another in the same direction.  This can be hard to fathom as we are all so different on this Earth but together we are one in our destinations.  Our soul has a purpose and we are living it.

What is our individual purpose? To answer this we must be quiet and let the revelations come not from our mouths.  This is the time to let our Earth teachers take a break and go into silence themselves.  Observe what is around you without your eyes to guide you.  Within the silence is where we discover the sounds we miss; the water is rushing, the mountains are shifting, the trees are bending, the insects are now vocal.  Our purpose is within this mystery of silence.  It is now that we discover that our purpose is this simple journey forward.  Whatever our situation is now, our purpose is this moment.  Our wisdom is the simple being of this moment and we have much to learn from this second and the seconds that have passed.  The moments of the future are not important, not as important as this moment of right now.

It is important to understand that as consciously as we are discovering our journey, we will always be unconsciously conscious.  This simply means that our conscious will always be guided by what we do not have “control” or “power” over.  This journey that we walk is guided by those that walked this journey before us.  In this silence, we discover that there is much in our journey that is weaved together with the walks of all that share this space of Earth with us and weaved tightly with the journeys of those before us.  To be conscious is to be aware of all aspects of our being and this is why we will always be unconsciously conscious.  The unconsciousness of our being unfolds to our conscious; we will always have much to learn.

This silence of the moment is part of our unconscious coming to the being of our conscious.  As our journey is never completely individual (we are always connected with our communities, our families, the space of Earth in which we share), we will never be conscious of the connections we have with everyone on this Earth.  This simply unfolds as the moments pass.  We are not always aware of the footprints we leave, and whose feet are walking within our footprints.  But in time, we will discover this. Sometimes it takes generations for this to unfold.  The more we are conscious of this moment, the unconscious is awakened.  It is important to understand we simply can’t know everything at once.  Our journey is meant to unfold, and it is unfolded as the bigger picture of living is revealed.  This is the spirit of learning.  Our learning is not all that we learn from our parents, our schooling, our careers, or from the books that we indulge in.  We must remember that our learning is from living, it’s the simple sharing of space with those around us.  And remember that this space we share is the Earth as a whole.  Our movements, our actions, our moods, our beliefs, our values, our teachings and learning are connected and imprinted in the journeys of those we may not know; even those that live on the opposite sides of the Earth.

The Earth is a shared environment with all that is living within its space.  Our space within it may be small, in our physical eyes, but we are playing a great part in its systems of living and growth.  We are a part of something so much greater than we can fathom in the consciousness of Earth teachings.  We simply can’t be conscious of all that is occurring.  We are not meant to understand it all at once.  This is why it’s a journey.  It’s a journey of discovery.  What a sad moment it will be when we lose our sense of discovery.  A robot we will be – simply going through the movements only to be shut off when our purpose is accomplished.  Humans are not meant to be so mechanical.

This moment is what is the most important.  It is this moment that leads us to the next.  It is this moment that our life being can be altered, can be celebrated and also can be completed.  It is important to remember that we are not above the natural cycle of dying.  Our journey as a human on this Earth is limited.  The moments are not forever.  So what is our purpose? What is your purpose? Our purpose is simply this moment.  Anything beyond it doesn’t matter because that’s not our destination to control it.  That is the bigger picture and we’re not the painter of it.  Our art is this moment only.  Stroke your brush assertively and be prepared to let it go when needed.  Our destination and our purpose are to fulfill the greater destination that we may not understand at this moment.  That is the gift of this moment, we are being guided to the greater understanding and all will be revealed when the moment is right.

Anticipate this moment.  Anything beyond this moment we can’t be conscious of.  We never know when our gifts of moments will be no longer in this reality.  Understand that we’ll always be consciously unconscious.  And it’s a beautiful mystery that is revealed to us each moment.


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No person or power in the outside world can compare in the power you have within you. Seek the power within, as it knows the perfect way for you.

From the Secret

“Speaks with Wings”

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