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An elder once told me that nothing in this world is fair! I remember being an optimistic youth thinking that this elder did not know what he was talking about. “Of course the world is a fair place to live”  I said to myself!  Today I tend to believe the elder knew what he was talking about.  Definition:

  • free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice: a fair decision; a fairjudge.
  • legitimately sought, pursued, done, given, etc.; proper underthe rules:
  • a fair fight.

What do you think?

Peace, love, light and blessings to us all as we learn more about life!

“White Eagle”

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In todays society it seems chivalry and a mutual respect for what is right seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur. It never ceases to amaze me how classless people can be.


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It is so easy to judge others! The thing I need to remember about judging is in order to judge and criticize others I first must recognize that the person I am judging must have behaviors that are known to me because I have them or have had them. When I talk about others am I really talking about myself?

We all judge, we are well trained to do so!

Peace, love, light and honesty.
“White Eagle”

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The betrayal had been complete
It tore their home apart,
He mourned in silent misery
She drowned in raging despair.
Until one day a friend came by,
To Whitebird they did go,
And the healing began.

Willow Branch was always there
Warm arms and heart prepared
To give support and courage
To those so badly scarred
A Medicine Wheel was built with love
The family worked as one.
A healing in itself.

Soft Heather told a story
Of faith and ways of old
Stories of Creator,
Earth Mother’s strong embrace.
Lessons learned long ago
Returned with strength and truth
The healing continued.

A Feather of Red next appeared
With Wolf…….a Magic pair
And so the layers slowly peeled
Away, with Whitebird’s care.
The family’s home has been rebuilt
Laughter and Love to share
There’s healing everywhere.

Redberry came to learn and teach
A Circle has been formed
Raven Wing was born.
A Silver Cloud came floating by
And brought along a Crow,
A Rainbow and some others
Together they all grow.

The Whitebird became an Eagle
Now Raven sings her Song
Each day is better than the last
As Knowledge is reborn
Strength and Power fill the night
As souls relight the fire
And Healing is reborn.

Thank’s to all who helped me home,
May you all walk in peace.

Love you………..Raven Song


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kisa’s life lesson #3. (It’s a whopper)……. you cannot help other people, they can only help themselves. And if you do try to help them, they will inwardly resent you and burn you out or kill you in the process. Once you are an enabler, they will kick and fuss and keep you there, or beat you down. if your lucky you will recognize this and clean house!!!

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Healing comes in many forms, sometimes when you least expect it healing miracles do happen! It is most important for me to remember that it all comes from within with help from those who are without. May we all be happy and well! Blessings on this healthy day!
“White Eagle”

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When you breathe, the Creator breathes
When the Creator speaks, you speak
When you feel Joy, the Creator feels Joy
for you are as is The Creator & The Creator is as you are
for together there is no beginning or no end

“Red Feather”

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A few days ago I asked myself what I was to do now, and what I could do to get my physical body back to what I perceive is normal.  Very rapidly this answer came through to me.  I suffer from COPD, Asthma and my lungs have been acting up and my breathing has been somewhat difficult for a few weeks!

You are in the right place to do what you are doing. It is my work to let you know you are doing well. Your physical being needs to be taken care of as well as your mind and your brain. It is this care that will come through me to you. It is my gift to you, not from the lessons of my past but for the lessons of your present. Rest when you need, I will be with you throughout the time that you need my assistance with your physical being The physical aspect of oneself is important as you have depleted yourself of the life energy which is so important to you in the work that you do. It does no good to anyone to be in good physical health if the sensing self is not in harmony with what you are doing. The same applies to your mind! If the body cannot handle the strains the the physical being is placing on it, it is impossible for the mind to do the work that it needs to do. The brain will over ride both the mind and the physical body and on earth today this is happening to many people. You need to work on your physical being, not just your mind and definitely not your brain! When you are not happy with who you are your body takes the beating for you brain not wanting to acknowledge what your inner being is telling you. It is your inner being who knows you and knows you well. Listen to yourself and the messages that you receive will be clear! In closing know that I am with you as I am you. These messages are needed now, take care of all that you are Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually!

How often to you get messages from inside to take care of yourself that you ignore?

It is time for us all to listen to the messages that come to us through us!  Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Good Morning, a new day is now upon us, or should I say we are now up on a new day! Amazing how language can change my thought so quickly and how that thought can change my feeling which in turn changes my life! Blessings up on this new day!

“White Eagle”

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It is believed that when we were born we were perfect and pure.  There is so much beauty to that consideration.  Consider our newly imperfection to be absolutely perfect and our real purity.  Our birth is a continuum to those that walked before us and are still continuing their journey.  Because we carry their burdens, their hopes, their dreams, their beauty and parts of their ego.  It is a wonder how we consider disjointing science and spirit in the wonders of our existence.

Our mind, body, emotions and spirit tends to communicate with what is familiar to ourselves.  Sometimes you can’t deny when a relatives’ voice speaks through our actions and we move in the motions of tradition – unconscious and knowing.

Have you observed another who walks their journey with the purpose of complex systems and controlled hard wiring? I have observed it through myself and I soon discover it isn’t my intelligence creating my mandate but the inexperience of my spirit trying to gain its footing.  And how perfect is that?! It  really is, just that!

Tradition is less measurable than what we would typically consider.  It’s an act of just is, just cause, and it just has to be.  There’s nothing to question but so much to embrace.

I am grateful for my teachers and appreciate my journey of learning.  But I have also learned my external teachers, however strong and beautiful their message, it is what stunts my tradition and emphasizes a journey of survival.  I have much more to learn from my imperfect birth.  The imperfect perfection  of just being me.

Speaks With Wings

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