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Create a beautiful future by making your thoughts good ones, speak kindly and make your actions come from goodness.

“Speaks with Wings”

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Today signifies the beginning of New and exciting moments to come over an extended period of moments!

On this special day I know there are 365 new days coming with ever so many wonderful moments to create the way I choose to create them in my life of moments!

Peace, love, light and blessings to us all  in this New Year of Moments!


Enjoy each precious moment as it exists, it will never return again…..Create well!


“White Eagle”

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If only I had, If only I was, If only I did!!!!

How many times have I asked myself these questions?

This has become  a very sneaky way to chastise myself for not being the way I believe that I should be based on outside judgments made when I compare myself to what I believe is supposed to be normal in this world!

Is anything normal?

Today I know that normal is a reading that only fits with scientific data…..for example my body temperature. I always need to remember that normal does not fit with me in any other way.

  • I am who I am,
  • I have what I have, and
  • I choose to be who, what, where, when, how I am in any given moment and that is what I know as NORMAL.
  • Me choosing to be all that I am and all that I have in this moment NOW!

Peace, love, light, blessings and gratitude for our normalcy right here, right now!

“White Eagle”

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From the time of first breath, a miracle was performed. And each moment the miracle heightened as the breath was shared with others. Have faith in the cause because look at the effects that have been created.
Just being you has impacted all that is surrounding you. Don’t just trust the appearances but trust all that lies within it and further, use your gift of choice.

From the earliest age, we’ve learned to trust our movements because it was already in us to move, to breathe, to connect and to just be. The miracle of breath is our ability to look within our being and trust our creation of new possibilities. We don’t just earn our wings, we’ve always had them.

The miracle within our breath is our feelings, our physcial self, our spiritual being and our mental awareness. The wisdom gained is understanding the predicaments and sentiments that arise are not unfounded or unnecessary. They are our creation. It’s the mere miracle of breath that can guide us towards the creation of new possibilities and to our gift of choice. The miracle occurs with or without our trust. But when we trust, we are more clear to seek the wisdom to create new possibilities that are helpful for our growth and to learn new movements that don’t hinder our choice to be.

The miracle is not what surrounds our being, it is the breath that moves it.


Speaks With Wings

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On earth plane, it has become important that everyone is just like everybody else, and the whole concept of the human being has been lost in the shuffle of words and expectations. The expectations come from the words and are limited to what indoctrinated values and beliefs you hold. What is it that keeps earth from understanding that we are not mass-produced? Perhaps if you look inward, you will begin to dispel the belief that we are all created equally, when in fact we are not created equally we are all created uniquely. This is the way it is to be, it has nothing to do with race, creed, color, or religion. What has been forgotten is the uniqueness of every individual who inhabits the planet. You are expected to cohabitate on earth, however, if inhabiting this earth is based on cohabitation in a group and being all the same, what happens to the unique human being?

They may become sick, alone, outside of being who they are, versus being inside of who they are and understand that this is not the way life is supposed to be.

Social Conditioning mostly encourages you to NOT be who you are, so you become only a socially conditioned personality. How little we know on this planet for as long as we have been here! You believe that it is not until you leave earth school that you will have the opportunity to view your life differently, it is now time to start to view life from another perspective which is in order to co-habit you must first in habit your own being. In habiting your being you will be able to understand what the earth plane has to offer to you, not what a chosen few wish it to offer.

How sad it is to view life from our perspective and observe the many who walk earth plane who have such little understanding of themselves and their personal uniqueness!

Peace, love, light and blessings to us all as we celebrate our unique journey through life!

“White Eagle”

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If I am unique what are the reasons that I attempt to be just like someone else?

In this world there is only one me! I am unique in all that I do, all that I think and all that I am!

Today I will honor the uniqueness of me by being present in each moment as I journey through my life with those who are walking their unique paths along with me and beside me!

Peace, love, light and blessings to us all in our sacred and unique journeys!

“White Eagle”

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Every person has their own unique circumstances to overcome, but we all have the opportunity to achieve anything – and change everything.

“Speaks with Wings”

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