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Patterns are a huge part of our lives!

What is a pattern and where on earth did this concept of patterns come from?

To find out what a pattern is I headed for the Encarta Dictionary and here is what I found.


1. regular form: a regular or repetitive form, order, or arrangement
a predictable pattern of behavior
local variations in voting patterns

2. design: a repeated decorative design,
e.g. on fabric a zigzag pattern

3. plan or model:
a plan or model used as a guide for making something a knitting pattern

4. prototype:
an original design or model from which exact copies can be made

5. good example:
a model that is considered to be worthy of imitation

6. regular manner of performance:
a regular or standard way of moving or behaving the flight patterns of birds

transitive verb

1. model something on something: to make something in such a way that it imitates the design, structure, or another quality of something else
2. put pattern on something: to make something into, or decorate something with, a repeated decorative design

When I look at these definitions I can really relate to how easy it is to get caught up in the patterns of life that in turn create my routines, that in turn create my acceptance or rejection of myself by either myself or others. This word seems to have been an issue in my life for a very long time, and whenever I have issues I check with the guides to determine what I can do with the issues I encounter that will enhance my life. The guides always seem to cut through these issues and give me the base cause of the difficulties I am encountering with the issue. Here is the channelling that was done some time ago on patterns. It is called Patterns of Perfection: Enjoy!


Are all of the flowers in a field the same?
What makes one flower perfect and another imperfect?

Are all human beings the same?
What makes one human being perfect and another imperfect?

Those who strive to be perfect are imperfect.
To find balance or the neutral zone, remember
That if you want to be perfect, you must believe
Yourself to be imperfect! This is a challenge
For all humans on earth today. Understand that
Nothing in your world is perfect!

Perfection is your perception!
It is a process of fulfillment and becoming whole.

Embrace you, your perfections and imperfections as you journey forward through this lifetime knowing that you are a human being who is learning, doing and being all that you are!

How many of your patterns and routines begin by wanting to be perfect in your eyes or in the eyes of others?

Peace, love and light be with you on this exciting journey into your true existence.
“White Eagle”

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Sleeping in is one of the greatest ways there is to break daily routines!

It’s always surprising to me that the amount of productive time in a day has to begin at a designated time and end at a designated time.

Wow, is that social conditioning or what?

This is one of those Ah ha laughable moments!

Peace, love, light and blessings on this schedule breaking day!

“White Eagle”

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Every living being understands fear from the base of protection; it is the means in which we protect ourselves!

This feeling (fear) triggers the need for us to move to the inside of ourselves and let us do what it is that comes naturally to us.

When we do not move to the inside of our being and experience fear the problems become massive and the world and the humans react only to that which is outside of themselves. The result can be disaster, war, devastation, loneliness, rejection and the experience of living your life in a manner which is not conducive to your growth as a human being.

Fear is a feeling registered in your brain, moves to the mind in it’s innocence will move you to your inner sense of being to provide you with safety that is unique to you. If you first go to your intuitive sense, the inner self will provide your mind, body, brain with the focus needed for safety. When you move to the mind where there is the natural ability to understand fear through the flight and fight responses which exist within each precious human your mind will lead you to the safety of the inner sense of being and all can be handled from within.

Your brain may run interference and stop the process, and stop you from knowing what you know and doing what you do.

Awareness of your personal flow of consciousness and the ability to deal with fear from the inside is the safety that all living creatures require to keep you safe, alive, and being.

Fear which is registered only in the brain, holds you in fear, fear in the body holds you in fear in the body, the inner sense provides intuitive knowing coming from the to mind which provides you with fight, flight responses and your inner being leads to those who have gone before you who are you which assists you and keeps you safe within you.

“Channeled by White Eagle”

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Everyday when I wake up I look forward to sitting at the computer and entering my thought for today!

This morning I woke up, sat at the computer to write my thought and there was no thought there!

Fear set in and it became a game of What if’s! What if I don’t have a thought, What if I can no longer enjoy this part of the day because I don’t have a thought……the next thing I knew I was writing this!

Amazing how we can overcome fear by just stating how it is for us in this moment!

Peace, love, light, blessings and creation right here right now!

“White Eagle”

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This is always such a special time!

A time for caring, sharing, being real and knowing yourself from the inside out.
A time to remember that we are all related and we are all one!

Peace, love, light and blessings on this Christmas morning!

“White Eagle”

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It is Christmas Eve day and my morning has been spent thinking about PEACE ON EARTH AND GOODWILL TOWARDS MEN!

What a powerful statement and it’s amazing that I have never really taken the time to think about it before!

I know how off track our world has become regarding this wonderful message.

Is there Peace on Earth? No!
Is there Goodwill towards Men? No.

Today I know it all starts with me, in my world there is Peace on Earth because I now have Peace within me. There is goodwill towards men in my life because I really do have love and compassion for myself, so therefore it is easy to have love, compassion and be non-judgmental of all others, to me that is goodwill.

Peace, love, light and blessings and remember Peace and Goodwill towards Men begins within you!

“White Eagle”

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Meditation first thing in the day is the greatest gift that I give to myself!

At this time of year when so much is happening, and everything is busy I have sure had difficulty finding the me time I need.

Now I know that the first hour of the day is mine, to meditate, be with me, love me and my world unconditionally through meditation! What a gift!

Peace, love, light, blessings and Happy Holidays to us all!

“White Eagle”

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I am grateful for the ancestors that walked before me.

I am grateful for the gifts my ancestors continue to bring to my family and I.

I am grateful for the wisdom I have gained from my ancestors walk.

I am grateful for the family that continues to journey with me.

I am grateful for the beauty that surrounds me each waking day.

I am grateful for my friends and the gifts they bring into our lives together.

I am grateful to share my breath and life with my husband.

I am grateful for my obstacles and the skills I have gained from working through them.

I am grateful for the sun on this frosty day.

I am grateful for my spirit, my emotions, my body, and my thoughts.

I am grateful to encounter new experiences, new people, and new perspectives.

I am grateful for the four leggeds, the winged ones, the two leggeds and the crawling insects.

I am grateful to have known my Grandma and the stories she has shared.

I am grateful for the sensation of touch, smell, sight and movement.

I am grateful for the full moon and the songs that she hums.

I am grateful for Creator for giving me the opportunity to be me.

I am grateful for you, for being in my circle and for the wisdom you share.

Speaks With Wings


Take care of the land and it will take care of you.

All that is alive is sacred.

All life is connected and interdependent.

We are connected to and responsible to our ancestors and our future

– Grand Chief Edward John (Akile Ch’oh) First Nations Summit Oct 29, 2000

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There are those people in life who take direction and there are those who give direction!

When I observe those who take direction from others they seem to be the ones who can be dominated and controlled, and those who give direction, tend to be the people who are the controllers.

Is there a happy medium in the issue of control?

For me, just being me, and being consciously aware of my reactions to others in the moment gives me the choice to be controlled or not.

Thank you creator for my personal uniqueness and my ability to decide in the moment what is best for me and everyone involved in a situation. Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Wake up every morning and give thanks…
For your breath…For your life.. For the ancestors, the sacred knowledge and spiritual guides.

Take a breath and Give thanks for You..For who You are and to who made You..For the ability to love and live in the physical and Spiritual realms.

Recognize you cannot control life but you have control over how You will live it. Know that you can ALWAYS change the way you see, accept and react to it. It is never too late.

Actively reach out…to Life, to Mother Earth, to the ancestors, to the stars, to the Maker and the sun. For these are all works of our Creator. Give thanks and stay connected with all relations.

See the goodness inside and outside yourself. Gracefully accept, follow and focus on the inner light within You. In a world full of darkness, uncertainty and falsehood, this light is the way and will guide you down the narrow path, onto the good red road. Give thanks for the light; for the love and ways of the Ancestors.

This light connects you with the things and people you need on your journey. At the right time, in the right place and the right way.

We were given gifts,blessing,tools and spiritual guides to help us on our journey.Be still, take notice, be grateful, love and learn from them.
As spiritual beings, we are sent teachers, spiritual guides, that will love,share and learn with us along our journey. These teachers are magical beings.Remember to Give thanks..

We were not promised a world without sorrow,pain and suffering. Because of the need for balance, the world cannot function this way. But we were given love, life, a purpose and a journey to walk that is all our own.No other being can fill those shoes,those moccassins, that purpose.

We were given the love, grace and strength to experience and learn lessons particular to our journey. Learn with love and let peace and stillness guide your way. With every teaching, be gentle, patient and compassionate with yourself.

Love and learn from turtle’s shell. From our Maker and with love from mother earth, we were graced with a sacred shell, with one that is unique with defining features. Embrace this great diversity…It represent the strengths, gifts and wisdom that let us shine.. While it also teaches us about patience, love, humility,compassion and harmony with all relations.

We were brought into this physical world with a spiritual purpose.
We are all connected,as spiritual beings we all come from the same place.The same sacred place of love and light.It is this sacredness that makes the heart beat.

All my Relations
Hai Hai

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