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Being Response able is great!  Are you responsible, or able to respond?

The word responsible is a word that we are taught from a very young age as being the way in which we need to function in the world with all who are around us.

This word responsible is not registered in the brain as being, it is through knowing that you are response able, and that all of the responses which come to you from deep within yourself are the responses that are needed in any given situation.

Response ability will provide you with the ability to be responsible with what it is that you need to do. These responses are natural, inherent in all of us, and it is only through programming and conditioning that we begin to learn other ways of taking care of ourselves and those around us that then become what we believe is responsible. This goes to personal management, which is crucial for you to understand today. We have become an earth full of overly responsible human beings that are taking care of everything and everyone under the guise of responsibility. A tree is very able to respond to every situation that it encounters. A rock will wear with the weather and conditions that are placed before it. A bee will survive and provide all that is necessary for a bee to provide, right down to our individual cells as human beings, our cells will survive and flourish providing that we allow them to respond to all of the situations which are around them. At a cellular level, every atom, molecule, knows exactly how to respond. It is when we become overly responsible for those things which are outside of ourselves, that we forget that in truly being able to respond we will know intuitively what it is that is necessary to make changes in ourselves. This will in turn allow all of the earth to do what it needs to do. This intuitiveness is a part of you, and it is being developed within you as you increase your awareness of you and how the outside world affects you. The most responsible way to be in your world is to ensure that you are response able from the inside of you to the outside of you. You are all able to respond, it is inherent in you and a very important part of how you came to be. You are here to learn what it is that you need to learn from the inside out not the outside in.

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Appreciation for all that is a part of my life is the key for living my life to the fullest today!

Seeing my life in this way provides me with a base of appreciation rather criticism.

Life follows my perception and beliefs, so what would be the reason to not appreciate all that I am, all that I am a part of  and all that I have?

Peace, love, light, blessings and appreciation in this moment!

“White Eagle”

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Upon waking this morning I was able to arise with some personal resolution in regards to some external issues and circumstances happening around me.
After feeling a range of emotions (which I hate at the time but appreciate later) I have come to the realization of a number of different things.

  • Firstly, I did my ultimate best,  and I don’t mean a half assed sorta kinda best, I mean I went above and beyond what I even knew I was capable of doing. I became someone so much stronger and more capable than I ever knew myself to be.
  • Secondly, I did what I had to do in the face of extremely uncertain circumstances, for me. I was forced to take action to take care of myself possibly for the first time in my life.  I learned that in taking care of myself, that in turn was also taking care of the people in my life whom I love and care for the most.
  • Thirdly, I learned a life changing lesson!  I learned that most people are afraid. They are afraid to be on their own, and to be forced to do the best that they possibly can because it means that they have to get in touch with their own personal integrity and also it means that they can no longer live the role of being the victim.  They are forced to become the creator of their lives, and in so doing they must face the responsibility of their own actions. I have learned that in the face of extreme adversity it forces us to choose which road we are going to travel down. And in turn it forces us to weigh the importance of that which we thought we knew to be “true”, and important. I have experienced that the truth that I live, is not necessarily the truth that other people live, but it is OK because they do not have the same experiences to draw from as I have and vice- versa.
  • Mostly, I have learned a most important lesson that I now realize after feeling many different emotions and that is one of forgiveness. I realize that another person’s actions can only be from the basis of how they are feeling at that time, and as a culmination of who they have become in their lifetime. I know mostly that they do what they do from the automatic response of being in fear. I know that what a friend did, she did because she did not have the skills or the capacity at this time to deal with her own inner turmoil and in an effort to make herself feel better she directed it at me. And I can see the extent of her own inner turmoil by how she directed it in what she felt would be the most hurtful way possible. If I can look at it with this knowledge I can now see that she did what she did because she is afraid, and in an effort to make herself feel better her own ignorance and ego got in her way. I know it is her own lesson to learn, it came from her arising of her own issues of abandonment and inferiorty, and many more which I do not care to know. The repercussions of her actions will be hers to deal with as she moves forward in her life, not mine. And so I am left with the only thing I have in my power to do, and that is to move on with my life knowing that I am the best person I can possibly be. And I extend to her forgiveness for her actions knowing now that there is nothing that she or anyone else can do to me to take away my sense of personal pride in knowing I was honest and true to myself. At this time I feel empathy towards her for the grief that she must be feeling over the wreckage of her own ego. There is no one on this planet that has the power to get the best of me. Only I have that power and I direct it only where I choose from this moment in time and forward into eternity.

Thank you Creator for this life expanding lesson.  Today I am in gratitude for my new found sense of awareness of myself and the boundaries I own in order for me to know myself.


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Walk lightly your journey. Love and be strong in who you are. For love, acceptance, peace and value look within… For It is there!  Feel that love, seek it, Embrace it and hold on to it…

Stand up for and stand proud of you, my girl..Proud of who you are instead of just what you do.  Trust that its okay, that some human beings must be loved from a distance, while others are purposefully placed on your sacred journey and with every teaching, THEY will be revealed to you.. They will bring love, strength and courage to your journey. May you see them, know them, trust and reach out to them…

Love, acceptance and belonging need not be earned, they live within you.You already have it.You were born with it. This search will ALWAYS lead back to you. Let yourself see,know and revel in your inner light. You were given a physical body to house your spiritual being. Do not be blinded or limited by your humanness. You be the one to define who you are.

Lovingly learn the lessons life gives you.. Embrace them with no judgement and give thanks for what you can learn from them… And yes, even lessons from my legacy…may you see them, make peace, learn from them and hold onto the wisdom brought by them.. It was meant to be.,

With life, we’re given a gift of crafting a spiritual life in a physical world..Everyday we make a choice, to walk and live in the spirit or the body. The choice is ours.  Know that whatever choice we make, we are ALWAYS loved but our paths will look very different.  In all you do, be good to yourself, be gentle, kind, patient and forgiving.  Trust in your inner wisdom. Hold your head up and run with the love and freedom of the Great Spirit..

Always remember gentle souls roam the earth plane.  You are one and there are many others… Every morning may you be blessed with knowing this truth.. and revel in its magic and meaning.. You are not alone…

The Creator returns for us someday,but in the meantime, on the earth plane, live in the now, love life and love who you are.  You have a sacred journey. Before there was language there was song. Lovingly live the song that was written for You.

I come to You out of love, care and concern…the answer to your question, to your life’s problems is LOVE…inward and outward…Love and trust in the Creator, in Your creation and in Your sacred journey.

All My Relations – Hai Hai

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The information that has been forwarded to me through channel to be included on this topic is:

Dear ones, listening to all that exists on earth plane and beyond is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself and all who inhabit this earth space with you.

Every molecule, every animate and inanimate object speaks to you through you when you are open, observant and willing to listen to what they have to say!  Listening is the art of being quiet, connected, and open to every moment, every situation and every object as you journey through your life.

Gratitude for all that is is the truest form of really listening, and understanding all that is being said to you without words, without definition, that exists only through you being the unique you as you speak without speaking to be heard today!

Peace, love, light, blessings and understanding for us all!

Relationships will flourish based on you using your


Listening requires:

  • Silence
  • Patience
  • Tuning Out Distractions
  • Focusing on the person speaking or communicating
  • Getting Information
  • Hearing the words, intent and feelings


  • We create an environment for each other of understanding, consideration and cooperation
  • We serve each other through our willingness to let others have their personal rights in likes, tasks, tastes, habits and opinions



Listening Skills are the F.I.B.E.R. of Communication

  • FOLLOWING a conversation both Verbally and Non-Verbally
  • I/THOU relationship means that we are both important and we are both l listening to the conversation equally
  • BODY POSTURE tells each other that we are interesting and hearing what the other person is saying
  • EYE CONTACT We maintain eye contact with the person that we are listening to so that they know you are following the conversation
  • RELAXATION shows the person talking that we have time and are willing to communicate with them

The rule of listening is:

If the person talking does not believe they are being heard, it means that you are not listening.

Are you listening?  What do you hear?

Peace, love, light, blessings and understanding for us all!

“White Eagle”

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What is it that stops us from really listening to what another person has to say?

We are all created uniquely on earth plane and because of this we all have our own thoughts and the ability to put forth what it is that we believe based on our thoughts!

Where did we all learn that we are to create one another in our own image and listen to  only what we wish to hear?

Peace, love, light, blessings, interest, listening and acceptance to us all!

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Judgment is the ultimate form of control that exists on earth plane today!

Whether this judgement is you judging yourself, or whether you are judging another, it is a form of control which is an indication that you are into your brain and are comparing who you are, what you do, and who you should be through the eyes of outside of your being.

When you are judging others from outside, you are really judging yourself from outside through parochial thinking and indoctrinated beliefs about you.

It was written at one time “Judge you not that you judge yourself”, and with judgement you are really saying that I can judge you because I am you or I want to be you!

Peace, love, light, blessings and support to us all in this moment and forward moments in our lives!

“White Eagle”

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When I judge others, I am really only talking about myself and my behaviors!

How can I judge someone else and know the behaviors if I do not have them myself?

I need to always remember that I am not perfect but that each moment in my life and the lessons I learn in that moment are perfect for me to learn more about me in this moment!

Thank you Creator!  Peace, love, light and blessings as I move into each precious moment of self learning and growth!

“White Eagle”

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When I worry,  I tend to get tied down within my self made indoctrinated beliefs and have to exist without my FREEDOM to be!

In examining the word freedom, I found some of the reasons that freedom moves out of reach for me.

Freedom is many things, and much of my time has been spent attempting to determine what it is to me personally, when I didn’t get it, it became a worry for me!

The Encarta provided me with the following information!

  • ability to act freely: a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions
  • release from captivity or slavery: release or rescue from being physically bound, or from being confined, enslaved, captured, or imprisoned
  • country’s right to self-rule: a country’s right to rule itself, without interference from, or domination by, another country or power
  • right to act or speak freely: the right to speak or act without restriction, interference, or fear
  • absence of something unpleasant: the state of being unaffected by, or not subject to, something unpleasant or unwanted
  • ease of movement: the ability to move easily without being limited by something such as tight clothing or lack of space
  • right to occupy place: the right to use or occupy a place and treat it as your own
  • frankness: openness and friendliness in speech or behavior

To clarify this definition I refer now to what my Channel has to say:

Every Human being today wants to be free. Freedom is a state of being and when the Human Being is integrated the mind will recognize that we are all free. Every person journeying through life has this one common goal.

The unfortunate occurrence which exists today is that the outside social conditioning has become restrictive in allowing us the freedom to be who it is that we are, and has unknowingly removed our rights as a human being free to express ourselves outside of the rules which govern us through social conditioning.

This creates worry! In relationships, there are accepted rules, in the work we do, with our families, with our leisure activities and mostly the human being places restrictions on themselves in the name of being accepted and acceptable from the outside.

Inside of every human being today exists a freedom that most human beings do not recognize because of the constraints, which they place upon themselves. They become locked up so to speak and governed by sets of rules, expectations, regulations, fears, indoctrination and outside forces, which blind them to their own personal abilities and needs.

This freedom, which exists, comes from inside of oneself and the ability of our brain to register this freedom has been temporarily shut down. Every Human Being will find this freedom within themselves provided that they have an understanding of what this word means to them, and start on the process of understanding when it is your brain that is telling you through the outside social conditioning that your true freedom is being shut down.

Every human being who is integrated will have an understanding of freedom, which is unique to only themselves!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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It is important everyday to be grateful for me , my health, my family, my friends, the earth, all who inhabit the earth, all that I have and all that I am a part of!

When I am not being grateful I tend to worry and want to fix it all!

Today,I will now let my everyday worries slip away and be grateful knowing that my thoughts create my reality and my reality today is this worry free day.

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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