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You do not have to let yourself be terrorized by other people’s expectations of you.

Have the courage to be yourself!


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A few years ago I was doing a lot of training programs within industry and with people from all walks of life.

I always enjoy working with people and meeting new people especially when I am immersed in facilitating training programs.  I have learned through many experiences to expect the unexpected when you least expect it, and this situation certainly fit into that category.

A young lady walked up to me and was quite excited about meeting me.  She stated that she had heard many good things about me, that I was very wise, and she knew that I had all of the answers that she was looking for her in life!

At that point I felt extremely uncomfortable and uneasy, so I began to look for the reasons that I would be experiencing these feelings.  When I am looking for information I always end up asking questions of myself, so I started my search through asking me questions!

  • Where would this person get this information from?
  • I’m wise, what have I done to make someone believe that I am wise?
  • I have all of the answers to questions that she needs answered to get her life together!  What could I possibly know about her life?
  • How could I possibly have the answers that she needs for her life?

Although I was asking these questions I was still becoming more and more uncomfortable with this whole situation and put it down to the appearance of low self worth and nervousness in this moment, but something was still not sitting right for me!

At this point I stopped, examined my thoughts, checked out my beliefs and did a quick run through on how each of my thoughts create a belief, and how those beliefs will create an experience and this is when I came up with the understanding of what I call today THE PEDESTAL SYNDROME!

This syndrome can be very easily explained through this example and these definitions.

The woman in this example placed me in the position where I had all of the answers that she needed to get her life together.  She was viewing me as the expert which can be considered a compliment in the highest regard, however, this compliment placed me in the position through her perception, of being on a pedestal.

The definition of pedestal really applies here:

  • Position of being exalted or admired a position which somebody admires another person so much that he r she thinks that person is perfect.  Encarta

Syndrome is:

  • Things that form a pattern a group of things or events that form a recognizable pattern especially of something that isundesirable. Encarta

This is when I quickly realized how my thoughts, beliefs and experiences have taught me that:

  • When someone places me on a pedestal it’s a long way to fall from the pedestal to the ground.
  • I will never have the answers from my perspective that another person may want to hear from their perspective.
  • What I know is no better that what another person knows!
  • These points keep me from falling or being pushed from the major heights of the imaginary pedestal that others place me on.
  • I look forward to stumbling and tripping over myself, my thoughts, beliefs and experiences rather than falling from the pedestal that some one else has created for me.
  • I am not perfect, but I am perfectly O.K. the way I am right now!
  • No one is perfect but they are perfectly O.K. the way they are right now!
  • I am me, a unique and gifted human being!

Every human being sees or observes their world through their own personal eyes, listens to or hears their world through their own person ears, and feels or senses their world through their personal knowledge, touch and intuition!

I therefore, can only assist people to find their own personal answers within them, and in this way I can stay away from Ego and Pedestal issues!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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  • Is one person more important than another person on earth?
  • Who do you place on a pedestal in your life?
  • What happens to a person when they fall off of the pedestal?
  • Where does equality fit in your life?

I believe that Equality is one of most valuable gifts that I can give to  myself in my lifetime here on earth!

Equality needs to be given to me by me first!

When you feel equal to everyone you encounter on your life journey, no matter who they are or where they are, you will have discovered the true, compassionate, loving  and valuable you!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Many have asked me about the process of creating in life and how to get what you choose!

The Steps to Create are:

  • Think it!
  • Imagine it!
  • Feel it!
  • Believe it!
  • Know that it is created!
  • Let it go!
  • Stay open to receiving it!
  • Receive it!
  • Achieve it!
  • Be grateful for it!
  • Enjoy your creation!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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There are times in life when I wish  a nice quiet day would magically appear and it just doesn’t happen!

Wishes are great, however, it is the creation of the wishes by me that counts.

I have learned through life that wishes are exactly that, WISHES!

Creation is CREATION, so which one do I choose today?

I create for myself a quiet day for contemplation, self care and self love !

Peace, love, light and blessings to us all as we choose the day we wish to create…..Oops, be careful with the wishes!

“White Eagle”

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Many years ago I was talking with a young woman about relationships, partnership, marriage and what she wanted in her life. Her thoughts were totally clear, she knew what she wanted and intuitively knew how her life would be for her.

She wanted to find a partner, get married, raise a family, work part time, be involved in the community and be happy. She was specific about the qualities that she was looking for in a life partner, how she would raise the children, the number of children she would have, the type of job that would provide her with all she required from a job, what she could do in the community that would be valuable to the community and what would bring happiness to her in her life. She believed that she was worthy, attractive, intelligent and desirable. She knew that if people did not understand her intent that they would not be considered an important connection in her life!

Her intent was clear, she believed it was up to her to create her life the way she knew it was to be. In hearing from her years later, she has it all!

What is fascinating for me today, is what I learned from this unique human being. When I first met her, my outside perspective and judmental way of living told me that none of this would become reality for her. I made my judgments based on the following information:

  • She was approximately 60 pounds overweight
  • Her outward appearance was plain, ordinary, not outwardly attractive and she was not a person who would stand out in a crowd.
  • She moved with the flow of life easily, was calm, quiet and observant
  • She was not active or enthusiastic and was never involved in projects or physical activity
  • She struggled with academics in school and dropped out of school when she was in Grade 10.
  • She came from a poor lower class family, he mother had passed away and she was responsible for taking care of the family household for her father and her younger brother.

After I saw her again and heard about her life today, I questioned myself as to “How it is that she was able to obtain all that she intended to have in her life”?

Now I know that her intention and thoughts were clear, her beliefs were strong and she was not dictated from the outside of her being through socially conditioned experiences.

This young lady taught me much about my relationship with myself!

  • I began to question me and how I had become so far removed from my relationship with myself.
  • I examined and clarified my own personal intentions
  • I became consciously aware that most of the thoughts I had were come from the outside of me.
  • I recognized the brain trained, socially conditioned and judgmental responses that came from experiences I had created for myself from the outside of my being thinking that these experiences created my beliefs.
  • I learned that my thoughts create my beliefs and my beliefs create my experiences
  • I set up a meaningful relationship with me with clear intent, thoughts, beliefs and experiences with a conscious awareness of all that she taught me by being her.

It is important to know that we are all connected, and with this connectedness, know that your relationship with all others in this world begins with you.  It is important to understand that when you are more consciously aware of you, your thoughts, beliefs and how they create your experiences, all relationships will be much simpler!

Thank you my friend for all you provided for me to learn and grow!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Every relationship that I have is unique!

I hear so much from many people who are confused about their relationships today:

  • Marriages,
  • Intimate relationships,
  • Friendships,
  • Acquaintances,
  • Family members,
  • Working relationships,
  • Partnerships

and the list grows, but at this time relationship issues sure are surfacing big time!

What can we do differently to ensure that these relationships are of value to us in our lives?

The Channel speaks:

Where relationship begins is within you.  The relationship that you have with you is the starting point for all relationships that exist in your world through you.

Begin by examining how it is that you relate to yourself.  At this time on earth the major shifting and changing that is taking place is opening you up t all that you are from the inside of your precious being.  You may notice others changing rapidly but are you aware of the changes that are beginning to unfold within you?

When the relationship within you is not consciously understood it may become more difficult to relate to and have a relationship with someone or something that is outside of you.

“The relationship that you have with you is simply the way that you relate to you”!

Remember that a relationship in your definitions is:

  • Connection
  • Behavior or feelings towards somebody else
  • Friendship
  • Connection by family (as defined by Encarta)

Also remember that relate is:

  • Having a connection with something
  • Finding or showing connection
  • Involve somebody or something
  • Form Friendly Association
  • Respond to somebody or something
  • Tell or describe something

To understand the relationship you have with others you first need to understand the connection that you have to you!
Peace, love, light and blessings as we learn from ourselves and one another!

“White Eagle”

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In the work I do  I have many people coming to me to work through Relationship Issues!

Most people today have preconceived idealistic images of what a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, husband or wife should be.

One thing that I always explain to people is that even our fairy tale figures like Cinderalla and Prince Charming  fart! This is reality unless you do not have a digestive system.

How realistic are you with the  expectations you have of  the relationships in your life?

Peace, love, light and blessings as we learn about life’s realities!

“White Eagle”

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Spontaniety and being in the now, the present is the gift of independence!

On earth plane, humans learn at birth to be dependent on others in order to survive. Their survival comes from the mother, father, family, friends, relationships and all those who are significant in their lives. The systems that exist are all based on dependency rather than the inner dependence, which every living human possesses.   Without the integration of the mind, the body and the brain, humans today exist reliant on all that is outside of themselves, rather than all that is inside of themselves, relying on their own being process to guide them through their lives.

Every living human being needs to be in touch with what it is that they know, and have the ability to sort the information that comes to them from the outside to determine which direction they will take with their lives. Defining direction from the outside combined with who you are from the inside is known as interdependency, defining your life from outside of your human is known as co-dependency.

Independance is simply being you, reliant on who you are and what you know.

What do you need right now, and how does it fit for you based on what the outside world requires of you?

Peace, love, light and blessings.

“White Eagle”

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Life can be serious or life can be!

Today is a day for being, accepting, creating, deciding, laughter, tears, joy, love, excitement and buying a new bathtub!

Amazing how my thoughts and creations change moment to moment and by staying in the moment and creating what I need and want right here, right now, I will get the new bathtub I need and want today.

What a creation!

Happiness in this moment is a new bathtub. Gotta love life!

Peace, love, light, blessings and happiness in this moment!

“White Eagle”

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