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If  I was to leave this thing called life , I would like to say a few things first!

Thank you to mother earth for the home she gave me ,the trees, mountains, her many lakes and oceans, for the sun sets of color,the clouds that dance in the sky, for everything she gives wanting nothing but love in return!

For this I thank her.

For all the good and bad people I have  encountered along the road,  for the lessons you taught me ,even if they where bad , it was still a good lesson to be learned and  for this I thank you.

Now, if I ever fly away , leave this earth of ours, you will all know I cared!  Always Remember That!  Go now, someone or something that is apart of our wonderful earth needs your love today!

“Wandering Eagle”


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Talking about our Ego is certainly a touchy subject with many today!

Many of us hunger for validation and positive feedback on what we do and who we are, however, we have become socially programmed to not accept any of these positive things in our lives, told not to let our Ego’s get in our way and definitely to not blow your own horn or talk about your own personal accomplishments because that is your ego talking which is not allowed in our socially conditioned world today.

Many years ago a mentor asked me…….Is it better to have a strong ego or a weak ego?

What do you think that you need to survive in our world today?

  • Sitting quietly observing our world and not saying anything that will disrupt the status quo!
  • Verbally addressing issues as they arise using your personal knowledge and perspectives as a base to assist in clarifying information to come up with workable solutions to problems.
  • Putting your energy out into to the world for the collective good of all.
  • Validating others for the gifts and skills that they possess.
  • Self validation for who you are and what you do.
How does Ego fit into to all of those points.  I think today will be a day of self validation for me.  I will blow my own horn and be sure to put a muffle on it when I am around those who are strongly socially conditioned to not accept the positives in themselves or others.  This is also a part of self love, knowing that I am not perfect, but I do love me just as I am!  Today my ego will be strong!
Peace, love, light and blessings, we are all gifted and wonderful human beings!
“White Eagle”

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Common-sense to an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom!


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In our life time we go through changes ,we all do, some are good and alot are bad!

I wish I was kidding on that one, but we know that to be true, or we and our world wouldn’t be in this mess that we are in now .
However, life isn’t about pointing fingers, simply put we are all to blame .

The real world is about all you have done or what your going to do.  Be it good or bad it makes no difference.

It’s all about the experience you are going through to learn to share ,even the bad things are to be shared , so others don’t go down that same bad path.

When you get to that point in your life where you understand why your world is the way it is
it will make sense.  You  will be able to see the road you walk on and where you are headed.
Always make sure that you remember you can change your world a heart beat , thats if you don’t like the world your in now.  When the time is right, you will find the power to be able to change all the negitive energy that is sucking the life from you.

For example:

I was an active  alcoholic, and I loved that booze made me feel like I was a King,it didn’t matter who I hurt,  pushed away or hit not realizing that I was not the one in control of me .

When we are drunk we open ourselves up to be led by negative thoughts that we have no control over because of the booze.  After a night of drinking by myself  I woke up the next morning still drunk.   I got up, went outside,  barfed and when I was done and still standing there I asked myself, “what the hell am I doing?  It was then I realized that all of the crap in my world I created  because of  my drinking!  I understood that my life was about to make its first step from the  shadow I had been living under.

It has been two years since I walked away from my own prison.  The prison of my addiction to alcohol!  I did not go to program as I felt  I did not need someone to support me or carry me .I just simply knew that it was my time to let go.

For any of you out there when your ready to let go of crap in your life you will just know that your ready from inside you ,  listen to your heart, it knows you better then you know yourself!

When you are ready to take that first step towards the new you (well, its still you!  just upgraded)
you will begin to see more of whats going on, to be able to make the better judgments
and you will see more options in life that were once  hidden from you.

In other words you just take off a blindfold of addictions and thats one less to worry about.

I hope this helps you to be stronger in spirit, it has helped me and now I see that it is  just another tool to fight the prison of darkness that covers us all.

Thanks for reading what I have to share and please remember to spread love from yourself to the people that share your world with you!

P.S. Don’t forget the animals, they need love too!

“Wandering Eagle”  (Dean)

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Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. By and by, love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. Not that you are ‘in’ love – now you are love.

“April” via Mystic Yoga

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What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

So get back up and keep going! You are not the same person you were yesterday, you are stronger…


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I have spent many years attempting to understand human memory and recall!

I know all of the theory of the mind, that the mind is both conscious and subconscious, the fight and flight syndrome but what I was looking for came to me this morning while I was watching the fairy tale wedding on TV at 3:00 a.m.

Very simply memory is choice and choice is Recall or Not!

We always have choice with everything we do including remembering, how freeing is that!  When we need to remember we do!

Will I remember the Royal Wedding?  If I choose to or need to!

Peace, love, light and blessings as we choose to remember from moment to moment or not!

“White Eagle”

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One of the greatest problems that exists today is our inability to focus on what we need to focus on in order to create the life that we wish to live!

How easy it is to turn our focus completely over to the outside world and have to focus on 26 things at once instead of 1.  When I focus on too many things at once I become scattered and unable to complete anything that I start.

In our fast moving world I need to always remember the following words that were written by a wonderful friend!

“When you are beginning to create intentionally, it is often better to focus on one thing at a time – harness your energy so you can explore more”! Speaks with Wings

For me to create intentionally, I know that I can only focus on one thing at a time, in this moment, now, and by doing that my life will be constant manifestations of all that I desire and dream of in my world for me and for my world!

Thank you my friend!  I love you and your writings!

Peace, love, light and blessings as we move forward with focus!

White Eagle”

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Having confidence in myself can be tricky business!

The outside world of judgement tends to put me into a position to negate what my inner self  knows from the core of my being.

When I am able to articulate my needs based on my inner self,  the outside world seems  much less important to me and my confidence becomes stronger!

As my confidence grows I know personally what is important for me and my world.

Being honest with myself and knowing what I like about me, in this moment, can sure build my somewhat shaky confidence .

Peace, love, light and blessings.

“White Eagle”

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Come everyone , come sit by my fire and let me tell you a story!

It all starts back , when we as a people were still young,we were met by relatives not from here. They didn’t look like us but did in some ways seem like us.   They saw us as they flew by in the night sky and saw our fires from the stars , so they stopped in to see how we were doing on the road of life.  We invited them in to sit for tea and to eat for that is truly the human way!

As we sat I asked a being at the fire how are we doing so far as people and to see where we might go from here.  The being sat there for a bit and turned to me and said ,”I am not sure for its still a mystery that your world has to figure out!   What do you mean I asked, and the reply was “well you know the saying that there are two roads in life you can walk on” , one road leads to darkness where you can’t move any farther and the other one that is full of light, wonder and excitement, where every feeling you would like to feel is at your beck and call , the one where we see your world reach out into the stars and to be counted as one of teachers and students.   As I felt my heart sink knowing that we are nowhere near that road, I asked “how can we fix this as a world”?

I was told that we need to understand that we are connected to the universe and all things that live in it and we have a role to play in the universe.   Realize that we are not alone and we never were, and also understand that being human is not to be trapped in a cell without a key but to find the key that hides in our hearts.  We have a master key called “love”  that will open up all doors when we as a race can stand together in the doorway and say we are ready to come in from the outside now.   Our friends went back home or as they say back to their neighberhood, they thanked us for the drink and smiled at us and said “have no fear for there is still hope for you all”! , as you now see ,your world has the key(love) you have had it all the time ,its just in the wrong hands thats all and with that off they went .   As we sat there I realized that they didn’t tell us what road we were on.   Well I guess thats one mystery that we still have to find out.  I hope its the good one !  Hopefully you like my story and it makes you wonder about our life here on earth.  Also, remember that the creator just didn’t make us , he or she made lots of everything!   “More then we can imagine”!

I am now done with my story so go and spread love, it is the only thing that is still free!

“Wandering Eagle”


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