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When the world says, “Give up,”
Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”


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There are times in life when standing up for oneself will create disharmony with others in your world, however, it is wonderful when everyone involved turns the disharmony into harmony and we all begin to operate as one with clear direction and focus.

Harmony is Strength, there is Strength in numbers which creates harmony in our universe!

Peace, Love, light and Blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Today is one of those days when everything I have to do requires me to be super strong, disagree with others who are attempting to lead me in a direction that does not at all match with who I am!

I really dislike having these kind of days, so I have been keeping my thoughts positive, and the most positive thing that keeps coming forth to me is that I need to take care of me, stand up for the beliefs that are coming from my perception of the situations that I am involved with and create a positive reality for all of the community that is very important to me at this time in my life!

The old saying “When the going gets tough the tough get going”! really does apply to me today, and within me is the strength to stand up to what I need to in order to create a win/win situation for everyone who is involved.

Peace, love, light, luck and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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It is sure amazing how people will stay in your life when all is well in your world!

It’s equally amazing the ones who just leave as quickly as they entered when you are stuck and struggling with issues!

What happened to the old saying that “We will stick together through thick and thin”!  I Guess people must think that means weight only today!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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I am a strong person but every now and again I would like someone to take my hand and say everything will be alright….


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Anger is a means for every individual to express the lack of alignment from within themselves!

In your earth school you have learned that anger is not O.K., that anger is a means to exercise control over other living beings, and that anger is not accepted in the social conditioning of the world today. Anger is a feeling, which every human being has, and this anger, which comes forth, is simply the mind attempting to protect itself against all of the forces, which are attempting to change the unique human being today. These changes that are expected of you again come from the outside of ones self, rather than from the inside of ones being. It is through these changes that the human being is becoming more and more locked within the defines of the society, rather than being able to openly express themselves from the inside out. The expression of anger, is simple, it is an expression of anger, which is based on the social conditioning of the earth. When a human being cannot meet all of the demands, which are placed on them today, they in turn loose sight of who they are from the inside and the demands of the outside world take over.
Can anyone ever meet with all of the demands, rules, and stresses placed on them today?

The brain attempts to sort all of the information coming in from the outside of oneself and it is this sorting process that creates the feeling of anger, based on the fact that you are not smart enough, not good enough, not strong enough, not respectful, not flexible, not resilient, not pretty, not attractive, not wise, not knowledgeable, and the list continues to infinity. When you are placed in the position of having to measure up to all of the outside requirements of the world, the self defence that is needed to sustain your being is that of anger, however, it is the social conditioning of this word, that creates a body response which is seen as negative. The Human being’s of today are walking around as exploding time bombs, waiting for the opportunity for the body to clear itself of all of these unwanted feelings and emotions. The body is taking the fall, so to speak, for all of those unrealistic social demands that create the knots that tie every human up inside, and do not allow you to express freely who you are. Anger is only one means of expression through feeling and the ability to express anger without harming your precious being or others is truly freeing for the human mind.

In earth school you are taught that anger needs to be managed. That it is threatening for other human beings and anger expressed is only a means to control others. In fact anger is a means to control yourself, and anger, which is expressed freely, is freeing for the human being. When the knots disappear, the channel to express the inside of you is freed knowing that you are taking care of yourself, and this free expression verbally handled, creates safety for you and all who are around you.

Do you agree?

Peace, Love, Light and Blessings!

“White Eagle”


This was previously posted on this blog, however, many human beings today seem to be  struggling with Anger Issues and because of this it is timely to repost the article!  

May you be happy and well!  

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Ok, right now… think of one person that has angered you, tried to destroy you, or just really, really pissed you off!

See them in your mind.

See them as a 3-year old child.

Send them love, and release your expectations of anything.

Let it all go!


“Soul2Soul Treasures”

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Have you ever noticed how it can be the simpliest things in life that create the greatest impact and will stay in your memory forever?

Something as simple as sitting and watching the stars at night, the touch of a lover, or a child reaching for a rainbow!

It will be exciting to observe what impacts me today!

Peace, love, light and blessings on this day of beauty and simplicity!

“White Eagle”

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There is so much to, “Actions speak louder than words…” Many years ago before text, computers, phones what do you think our ancestors did? I bet they built love, friendships, families, faith, inner growth/strength, passions, learnings, connections by speaking louder than their words. The beauty of Creator and families is found outside of the electrical box..just saying…

“Speaks with Wings”

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Easter Bunny

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