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~Being thankful can disolve all negativity~


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Do not let depression or anxiety hold you back in your growth.

Depression is losing perspective, forgetting, and taking things for granted. Sharpen your focus. Reset your values. REMEMBER what should not be taken for granted. Shift your perspective, and remember what is important and what is less important. Get out of the rut. Remember to hope.”
~ Brian Weiss MD~

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Being a helper at this time can be challenging. In this moment physically there is very little that I can do to help with the devastation in world, mentally my thoughts are with them, emotionally my feelings are with them, and spiritually my beliefs are guiding me to a place of peace within me that will radiate to them………Think it, feel it, believe it and be it.

Peace, love, light and blessings to us all!

“White Eagle”

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Helping other people to help themselves is the most wonderful profession there is in this world!

When I look back on my life, all of the difficulties, losses, miracles, wonderful times, fun and challenges Mentally, Physically Emotionally, and Spiritually that I have encountered it is no surprise that I had to learn what needed to learn and do what I did, to do what I do today!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

‘”White Eagle”

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Today there is a very strong movement towards healing, health and harmony in our world!

Many people in my  life are now moving forward with love, compassion, support and caring for all of Mother Earth and her family.

Much healing is taking place now from the inside and is radiating to all of  our world.  For this I am truly grateful!

Thank you Creator, we are all one, we are all related!

In healing, health and harmony!

“White Eagle”

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Listen to the clues!

The next time you feel real joy, stop and think. Pay attention. Because joy is the universe’s way of knocking on your mind’s door. Hello in there.

Is anyone home?

Can I leave a message?

Yes? Good!

The message is that you are happy, and that means that you are in touch with your purpose. ~Steve Chandler

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The tranquility of Nature nurtures even the most active mind…it soothes the soul & opens our heart to fully helping us understand what it Truly means to be ONE with ALL of Creation! ♥

“Red Feather”

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I think so much my head hurts!

Have you ever had one of those days where your head just won’t shut off?

Maybe a better question for us all to ask ourselves is how many hours a day am I thinking?

Lately I am working a lot with people who have high stress in their lives that seems to be brought on by all of the pressures that come from having to think 24 hours a day in order to keep up with what they perceive that society needs in order to be a part of our fast moving world today.

Wow, that sure is a whole lot of hard work!

I have found that the best place to begin to work with these people is to do a relaxation exercise and center them in their body.  Once they are grounded and centered, I then start to work on how to focus them based on what they need or require in their life!  I have found that everyone requires love, and this is what Jo Ann sent to me based on a Masters Wisdom!

“The important thing is not to think much, but to love much, and so to do whatever best awakens us to love.” —St. Teresa of Avila

There is so much to love in our world today, and for me I have learned to start with what is right in front of me in the moment.  For example:

  • I love me
  • I love my family
  • I love my friends
  • I love this moment, the peace,and the quiet
and when I have difficulty loving all of the people I will move to:
  • I love my dog
  • I love my cats
  • I love the trees
  • I love the ground I walk on
We all can find what it is that we love, that we can immerse ourselves in at this moment of our lives.
When I immerse myself in this love, my brain shuts down and my thought processes stop.
Thank you my friend, Jo Ann, for sharing this information with me!
Peace, love, light and blessings!
“White Eagle”

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A traveler am I, and a navigator, and every day I discover a new region within my soul. ~Kahlil Gibran~

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True bravery is having the courage to take responsibility for your life, the strength to make changes, and the wisdom to let others own their own lives…

Source Unknown

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