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Peace, love, light and blessings on your personal Journey to Enlightenment!

“White Eagle”

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I am always needing to remind myself  of how important my boundaries are to me in every realm.

  • Mentally,
  • Physically,
  • Emotionally and
  • Spiritually.

In order to maintain my boundaries I need to be consciously aware when things, situations, people, and feelings are not fitting with who I am from the inside to the outside.  Today my favorite words when I am setting my boundaries with myself and others are NO and YES, I WOULD LOVE TO BUT I CAN’T.

I need to use both because I have been socially conditioned to be polite…….never to say NO…..Wow, what a world I live in and create moment to moment!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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‎”The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.”
~ Linus Pauling~

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‎” Positive action to make the future better is the best solution to forget negative results of the past! Take initiative to realize having the ability to rise above adversity is an awesome talent! Set your goals! Utilize your talents to reach above and beyond your goals! Choose to make a difference in your life! Always stay a strong encourager and guide others to do the same! Do it every day!!!”
Jimmy Hagewood

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♥ Negative thoughts are like birds, you can’t keep them from flying around your head but it sure helps when you  keep them from building a nest in your hair. ♥

Author Unknown

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There is no boundary between you and those around you, yet we do not need to take in the drama others may generate. Keep true to your essence of loving intention, don’t let someone else’s ego pull you away from mindfulness. Feel the flow of those around you, touch them gently with your love and assist in positive, empowering goals. With assistance we can help others break free from the confines of the ego and live more in harmony with universal oneness.
“Dharma Talks”
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Difficult times are the greatest opportunities in disguise!

The Secret

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