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This writing was previously posted and was brought forward again by someone who sees the world through the eyes of  sensitivity and understanding .

What is happening in our world to understanding, listening, compassion and love through human contact today?  For me it sure is an interesting question.

I know I sure am human, I will listen, care, love and make a point of being real, alive and I have emotional warmth for people in our world today in ways other than the internet.

What about you?


My voice goes unheard, rhaspy and strained against the cold night not unlike the souls of those oppressed; slowly ebbing away to oblivion. Like a quantity of dust left to the whim of the wind tossed this way and that, my voice goes unheard.

As tears fall like the bricks in my wall, you realize I am Human and the Human condition is not pretty, not everyone is happy and to believe so is laughable. An exercise in ignorance, which ironically, makes me smile.


I think the lonely world that I live in was perhaps self imposed at the beginning but has now become the invisible prison that I can never escape. When all we yearn for is a single soul to understand our own, the greatest pain is realizing it will never be. There is no one around me that I can feel that connected to, or share my heart with and in the absence of that emotional warmth, I only have the cold expanse of the Internet to document my human condition.

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Sleep is for the weak but love is for the open minded. It takes a broad perspective to truly appreciate one person despite the flaws of humanity; I suppose this means I am weak as I find myself nearer to sleep, but as you dream remember this: My weakness is in my voice and knees when you are near. But why speak when we know that no words describe my appreciation, and why walk when I find that all I need is here ♥

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A Random Thought

My ears keep ringin’ from this silence, wish you were here so you could feel all the feelings that’ve been singin’ in my head. The emotion and care that I know we want to share, see our embrace, I keep seein’ in my dreams and your glowing face, that makes all bad thoughts wither, don’t you see? I only want to hold you and keep you by my side, you make me happy and it’s your smile that makes me feel alive. I want you to be mine, and this embrace to be undying so hold me near, have no fear cause I’m trying to be the best for you. I care, so bare with me here, times are tough but one thing makes life worth living.

And that’s love. ❤

~ Dylan

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Living in the past, I’m constantly looking back with discontent. Living in the present, here, with you I feel love; without concern for the past. Looking towards the future is frightening and uncertain but here I am living in the middle of these realities, taking small steps towards my future. So when you see me ask yourself in which reality you wish to be in, because if you approach me with the slightest will to pause my march towards betterment I’ll leave you in the past without so much as a glance backwards. And as you realize the certainty of my future and the righteousness in my step you’ll be left in the dust, the reality of my past. Forgotten. Thus, with the loved ones in my present, held near and tight, past will become ash; a swirling pattern of what used to be, burned up in the passion of my will to survive.

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