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I love you

Was a summer day worlds apart
Radar love empty heart
Confusion of senses
Time to mend the fences
Melt the snow

How to project a feeling
Others protect no believing
Ya I been there to
But this rhyme is time
As I think of you
Flowers showers
Like birds in paradise
What once were habits
Can be a vice
Old lady gathering
Scraps for the mice
Under the rainbow we all
Must live
In a emonition never forgotten
Mistakes many
Feeling rotten
I said love will find a way
And I know it’s true
So here’s a prayer
Tailored for you
May your children laugh
At the days to come
May your plants grow strong
Like the person you have to be
I think of you
What will be will be
But like the pounding
Passion in your heart
We never finished
What we start
To bad the world
Has choked us inside
Yet I guess was much to handle
Bruised pride
Yet the situation pulled your family
I did my job
For worse or better
So like the wind that blows warm
From the south
Feel the love and replace the doubt
It’s a day to remember the love

Passion and the call
Now it’s said
I love you
Once and for all

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I can see your game

Whats it all about ?

Always ends the same


When words are many

The meaning is lost

Monitions aplenty

A statement

Like a video

Fast forward



Elastic wound

Too tight

Curse the day

Embrace the night

Open eye

One day get it right


Like a cup of gravel

Given to those

That thirst


World unravel

As if a curse


Spiritual guide

Or dust in your purse


Third eye cry

Beginning to


Pride goes before


Yet truth



Rose cul-lured glasses

Disguise the ruse

Still third eye cry

What’s the use….?

Wash it clean

Waters from the shamans


Clouded vision

Many fell.


Light Keeper Many Feathers

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At first it seemed scary

Teeth and scars galore

Open wounds

Open sores


Chained to tight

Many a masters’ hand

Ready to fight

Survival understand?

Eyes tired

Wanting inner peace


A soft word

Calmed the beast

What set it off?

So hard to gain trust?


Hearts of lions

Also bust


Was a word to few to understand?

Was an emotion replaced?

Savage land

To eat or be eaten?

Stay alive


Lost the compassion

Lost the drive

But the loving puppy

Buried deep inside


It’s the same with our hearts

And condition

Can old Pit Bulls

Still dream ?


Or do they replace compassion

A savage roar?

Do they bolt from

The fight for the door?

Can they ever change?

The need to survive?

Yet in the moment

More dead then alive.


Sometimes a Pit Bull

Bites the hand

That  feeds it

A little blood

Must be shed


Bleeding hands

Pat scarred head


Light Keeper Many Feathers

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I wish I could take the pain
Away that hurts us each day
Bout things said
Things that came undone
Spirits and long days without the SON

Shattered dreams others schemes
Need to measure up
Is life half full ?
Or half empty bitter cup?
Measure change your fate
Embrace each new day
What will be will be
So why hurting today ?
Is a paring so rare to find?
Is it because to vast the conscience mind?
Need for realize in another’s arms?
No words spoken no alarms

Nothing evil goes in to man
What comes out?
Sometimes we don’t understand?
Strife disagreement battle to win
Is the opium of self?
Start of sin ?
How can we turn the other check?
When at times we act like a freak?
All the cosmic energy we can’t grasp in our hand
Cause at night we close our eyes
Astro travel or dream but mortal man
We get a notion that we are special
An enlightened one ?
Pass out our opinion for free?
Yet trust a    e-motion?
Or set it free ?
Explain it all away
Silent mystery

A pairing a sharing
Fate or to late?
Just a traveler
Woke up too late
Give it to God
Cause surly we assume
what we
Don’t know ?
Yes the confines
Mortal man
Infinite soul

So do we pass the test on this
Proving ground?
Or take the excuse
Another round?
Past lives?
Or great lies?
Whets your sign?
Yet all falls short
Divine mind
We don’t have the capacity
To live in harmony?
Confusions of opinion options
Just a man
Ya that’s me …..


Light Keeper Many Feathers

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Once apron a time at the dawn of creation

There were infinite voices a grand celebration

It seemed the grand wizard had a plan

He was to give body to soul

And call it man

There were so many things to create on his list

And all needed to intertwine in creation

As all things would coexist

First things first a body a space

A portion for the existing place

Hot cold dark and light

So much to consider

Gotta be perfect

Gotta be right

Check the list check em twice

No bad reaction

Only Harmony

No need for vice After a while things took shape

Why there stars and sun Moon and sky

And a place called earth

For some lucky guy

Then came flowing water

Colours galore

All spread out on earth

Mountains and shore

The air was filled with song

And things on wings

Right down to critters

Great and small

The wizard’s hand

Touched them all

World in a world

Of the microscopic kind

Life was everywhere

Death you could not find

It was finished this living place

Last on the list

Human race

Man was the master stoke

Everything worked in harmony

Nothing broke

He was to govern and rule

All this creation

The heavenly host

Held there breath

In anticipation

From the dust he created man

In the wizards likeness

So all would know and understand

This is harmony

Life working together

No snow rain or bad weather

A warm sunny day to frolic

With your animal friends

All sorts of goodies to eat

Sunsets that never end

But something was missing

As if overlooked

A mate a friend

A spirit to become one

A small contribution

A rib

Create a soft gentle one

So a weaker one with hips to bear

As happy children should be everywhere

Besides the heavens were awful full

And wanting a ticket to the spa everyone wanted to go

She arrived and he was glad

A best friend

First man ever had

Now was the reason to multiply

Two are company

But the third was the apprentice

Hiding in the tree.


Light Keeper Many Feathers

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What an atrocity when sinners come to pray
you must stand inside the lines if God will hear you plea

sorry you have not the rite doctrine
and hey remove your hat
but I just want the simple rite to pray
no wonder the sinners get chased away

every church wants to raise their flag
like phrases of old
yet kicking and angry christ became bold
it’s not the building or who’s inside
its not the robes or the ring
its a simple thing the man has made into a big production thing
now I believe a simple thing and I believe it’s true
about a savior that came for me and you
no fancy cloths or surroundings just a gathering of friends
no dress code or incense to hold
all common folk were there
and miracles did happen all along the way

now there is so many rules and sects that say they are the true church
yet caught up in the details so many sinners are left in the lurch
now Jesus was hated by those choosing to control
and its still the same today, so many options exist
and if you were to pick a faith
you’d be overpowered by the list
seems sort of funny when it started with friends and gods only son
we let our pride and control lose the lesson, become undone
we miss the truth in two simple words and try to control the plan


Light Keeper Many Feathers

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Medicine dress given to heal unworthy recipient trapped in deceit sad so sad:

It started when the moon was full

voices on the wind

crystal skies and on the ground

hope in eyes looking to be found

a lonely traveler thru earth and time

going to meet a kindred spirit

tho we never met face to face

journey was hurried like a race

things had to be put in order

for the spell to set

two lost souls searching

so much pain to forget

it wasnt the fact that the

cycles of heaven were clear

it wasnt an accident

the light keeper was near

she welcomed him into

her chalice pestol bowl

she open the wounds

deep in his soul

a crone a goddess all rolled into one

a soul a novice poweress on the run

this dude was different

he had eyes to penetrate

he had jesus on his lips

and a heart that flowed with love

she tried to trick him

trip him up

she was full of her bitter cup

she spoke in tongues long forgotten

she had visions of dead folks

better forgotten

all the support

could hide her ruse

as she gave up on her self

whats the use

he wanted to love her

and help here belive in her dreams

but she was a child and caught in her schemes

the medicine came in a form of a sacred dress prayed over  each bead by the dancers hand chanted and sang by elders of the clan

it was a gift far more spiritual

then she would ever know

all the light keeper wanted was truth

the child hid or said she didn’t know

the medicine dress had a special glow

the long journey today was the day

the lives they held in the balance

the time of year plus a day

everything was well thought thru

to chase the light away

it shone  so bright

the medicine fell

it tingled her skin

when she touched it

so  she hid it away

when she searched for it

the light the dress

were gone away

then a family  death

the very next day

is she frightened of

the keeper of light

could she ever tell truth

and not repeat the mistake of the past

they say life are memories

well this one all

happened so fast

the light keeper was punished by his own hand but the medicine dress is still here in a far away land if she should grow beyond what she can’t control leave it up to the creator on that night he came to heal her soul if she hides and washes it all away I guess just another  story told her way …

Light Keeper Many Feathers

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