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~Please don’t be sad…..Please don’t cry any longer…..Your tears falling down your cheeks, so soft and gentle.. dont blame yourself any longer, you couldn’t save him…. it’s not your fault!!!…You have been running through this forest long enough, it is time to come out to the edge of the forest hold your head high…and know in your heart of hearts.. you did what you could do!!

They were not to be saved, you have to remember you can’t save everyone.. you need to take care of yourself now.. now is the time to come out to edge and walk brightly into the sunlight.. letting my light form a tube engulfing all of you in it…he was in a terribkle terrible dark place, and there was no coming back for him. He is doing so much better now!!  He is working through all of the things that were caging him on the arth plane. he sees his wrongs, he sees what he did and how he hurt you, but he to wants you to know, you couldn’t save him, draw open your cutains this day..and let the sun shine in….
~Our God, Heavenly Father, Our Creator~

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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You are a pillar of strength, a pillar to this earth palne. You have so much to give…don’t let others troubles wear you down.

Ride it out.. lift your head, and let yourself shine!

You are truly magnificent, a beauty, inside and out…

Hold your head high…. with Humilty at your feet. Humble yourself, don’t let others blown out EGO step in take you over! Let them forsake themseves….Its not your job or duty, to do so.

You have been forgiven, your prayers have been heard… they will be answered when the time is right. We see your sorrow, we see your pain, we see your loniness and longing to belong….

Never forget Dear Child, you are  not alone, you do belong….if others don’t accept you…let them go…they do not belong in your life any longer…. send then love and light.. and move on, away from them….you need not be ashamed anylonger…you have paid your dues!! Hold your head high today, knowing… you have done the best you could, with the tools you had, with what you were taught!

You only did what you knew.

Today, is a new day, bright and full of life… embrace it and walk through this day, holding your head high…and proud, with humilty at your feet..keeping you on the straight and narrow…..

Go in Peace Dear Child!!..
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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The steps you have taken, and are about to take, are necessary for your growth!

With-in and around you, these steps will guide you to the ever lasting light. Take them one step at a time, one day at a time.  There is no need to rush your steps, or you may miss something that is very important to your growth.

Slow down, take a breath, and breathe easy.

Life doesn’t have to have 2 speeds all the the time…fast…amd faster… once this has been realized and you take a moment to smell the roses, take that extra sip of coffee before rushing out the door..life will then, be more easily grasped.

That is like taking that 5 -15 mins a day to meditate, do Reiki on yourself, to just sit in prayer…take these little momnets in life that are given to you…see them, feel them, embrace them…The time spent in quietness is what your body, mind and soul needs for nourishment…to get you through troubled times…it makes them easier to handle.

These steps you are taking are the new resolutions that you have decided to put forth, they are exactly what you need.. To conquer all of lifes troubles and sorrows.

Today, sit back, breathe easy, then go forward today  knowing, you are at peace..

Your Loving Guides..
© Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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When there are times you feel alone, as though, there is no one left, to help you, give you compassion, love ,and nurturing……To help you through these times of troubles… I am there!

I am carrying to you brighter days… Brighter days, for you to walk with ease, to see the light.. to show you the love you so longingly have waited for. Just ask, and you shall recieve… I am there.

Carrying you through the times of darkness, the times of sorrow.. the times of despair…. I am there. You are not alone!  Hold on to me.. as we walk with ease.

Place your arms around my neck…. hold on… I shall take you to safety.

When you feel as though there is no one to listen to your troubles, to lend you and ear…. I am there.

To wipe your sorrows from your face. to wipe your tears as the run down your cheeks….. I am there. Don’t feel sad about the seeming  lonliness, for you are not alone. I am there.

I am your confidant, your ear, your best friend, when no one else is near. I am there. Go today with strength, and fortitude… make today, this day…. in knowing, I am there… I am carrying your through these murky waters, I am the wind across your cheeks that wipes your tears….. and tells you.. the little whispers that you hear….. that there is always tomorrow and today will be the past soon… you can start today in knowing…. I am there….hang onto my shoulders, as I carry you through these times..to a better tomorrow………

Our Creator, God, Heavenly Father~
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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~Remember when you wished for the day that you would be sitting on a bench near your lover…..when you grew older together…. Or how, you hoped and dreamed your parents were together, as they had passed over….or your grandparents….

They are…. they are together..sitting there holding each others hands watching the birds sing, the bunnies play, the deer peaking their noses around the corners out of the trees… they are together…. even if one has passed already, and your loved one, their loved one is still here on the Earth plane.. they are in transition….their bodies are here but their souls have basically left them.. their minds arent here any longer.. they are distant….that is because they are there in the Divne Heavenly world with their loved one.. they are getting ready to make the trasnsiton..the final phase…. Don’t worry about them, for they are fine.. they are happy they are now taking the time to do what the should have done on the Earth plane with each other… they are making up for it in Heaven.   When they are distant, just ask them who is there… ask them if they are with their Loved one who crossed over already…..For some it takes a while for them to make this transition for the unknown is very scary at times….but they will….it will be sometime when you least expect it.

As this Holiday season fast approaches.. your loved ones are saying.. “Don’t cry for me… for I am happier than I had ever been… I hold your mothers hand… I squeeze it gently….she comes with me.. and she sees…..Try not to be so sad… for we will be together very soon…..
Much Love from your Loved ones crossed over..and your Guides..
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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~GOd….. Grant me the SERENITY….TO ACCEPT…the things I CAN NOT Change
the COURAGE to CHANGE the things I CAN and the

When times are dark, and you feel no way out, hold this tiny little prayer close to your heart!! Your days will brighten, it will give you the strength to forge forward to another day and give you light, at the end of that seemingly long dark tunnel.

It will help you to understand… you can only change whats in you and with YOU.

NO ONE else.

Its their stuff. You will understand, and know the difference. You change a little at time, one minute at a time….. But you can do it…..Change is within and all aroud you. Hold this prayer close to your heart, and know… you are not alone, we walk with you every step of the way…..
Your Loving Guides
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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~When you are standing among the crowd, and feeling as though you aren’t tall enough, big enough, or worthy enough… Remember…..Your light is shining  just as big as those others, if not more.

Your light beams from the heavens to the earth. You sparkle brightly for all to see. Those that seem bigger or stronger, their lights maybe  just as dim. You dont have to be 6ft tall, or 100lbs to you like a model, or radiate beauty.

You can be 5’5ft and 150lbs or 250lbs and be a gorgeous as ever. Your lights shine, so brightly as you are coming into yourself  for the world to see.

Those that seem to stand or hover over you, may have a lot of insecurities within themselves and may want  to make others feel small so that they can feel bigger and stronger.

That is their stuff!   Try not to take it on. It is theirs, they own it.

You own YOURSELF…and nothing and nobody else.

We see your light, it sparkles brightly,  just like a Christmas Tree, whether it is out in the wilderness all alone, among the crowds,  or among the others, it is your light.

Keep shininng your light,  you are so so bright from the inside out….

Your Loving Guides..♥
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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~Look with-in……Look inside you…what are your guides telling you…what are your guides asking you do…look, hear,see and listen!…..

We know this is a very hard time for some of you right now.. the loss of a loved one, the anniversary of a loved ones loss, caring for someone who is ill, old, even young, and there empending passing… try not to let it wear you down, or get you down.

Your loved ones are safe here..they are right with you… the ones still here on the earth plane that are ill…it will be only a matter of time, left for them… but they dont wnat you to feel sad… we know that is a hard thing to not to do… but it is for the best.. your spending a lot of time with them, trying to create memories to cherish with them forever….cherish the ones, that were before.. before the illness took over them…your young ones, that you didn’t get to say good bye to…your sadness is writtien on your face.. just remember holding them in your arms, the kisses on the cheeks, the cuddles and the snuggles… remember them…they are asking for you to put a picture by your bedside, so that when you fall asleep, and wake up,…they are the first ones you will see…but know.. they are right there with you….look inside yourself today…feel inside yourself today…and let it all go…just remember all the good times that were before, not now…when you visit yor loved ones today… take a book and read to them..the elderly who are suffering from dementia, read them a christmas book..help them to remember a time that possibly wasn’t so sad or hard for them.. take them out that moment… for just a moment…your young ones …lying in the beds…read to them as well..put on a chritmas movie.. put up a little Chritmas tree on the side of their beds on the tables…do something very special today to put smiles on their faces, and take them out and yourselves out of  those moments for awhile today….your loved ones here in the Divine Heaven, are helping you to cope with and deal with..these anivesaries, or the memories of what was…today..when you are sitting and looking and just staring into space.. watch for flashes of lights, flashes of colors..that is them.. showing you that you are not alone,  they are with you….giving you hope, giving you peace..to move on and move forward. You have begun to get into a rut, you have lost the Chritmas Spirit….that Spirit lies within your heart, and all around you….Search for it today..and you shall find it…..

Your loving Guides…♥
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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