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If you judge another, then you just brought judgement to you. If you appreciate others, you will bring appreciation to you.

“Speaks with Wings”

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‎”Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.

And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them!”

~Tenzin Gyatso
Shared by “Speaks with Wings”

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Love is pure when it shines openly with light!

 If the light can’t shine through, it isn’t mine to hold.

“Speaks with Wings”

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One of the greatest problems that exists today is our inability to focus on what we need to focus on in order to create the life that we wish to live!

How easy it is to turn our focus completely over to the outside world and have to focus on 26 things at once instead of 1.  When I focus on too many things at once I become scattered and unable to complete anything that I start.

In our fast moving world I need to always remember the following words that were written by a wonderful friend!

“When you are beginning to create intentionally, it is often better to focus on one thing at a time – harness your energy so you can explore more”! Speaks with Wings

For me to create intentionally, I know that I can only focus on one thing at a time, in this moment, now, and by doing that my life will be constant manifestations of all that I desire and dream of in my world for me and for my world!

Thank you my friend!  I love you and your writings!

Peace, love, light and blessings as we move forward with focus!

White Eagle”

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There is so much to, “Actions speak louder than words…” Many years ago before text, computers, phones what do you think our ancestors did? I bet they built love, friendships, families, faith, inner growth/strength, passions, learnings, connections by speaking louder than their words. The beauty of Creator and families is found outside of the electrical box..just saying…

“Speaks with Wings”

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Attitude is everything, and it is my lesson today!

“Speaks with Wings”

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Who Am I

I’m lover ,loving and loved one
I’ m dear, darling beloved one
and need not share any cause of this
I’ m continuous with no pause of this
Sprinkling myself here and there
and dancing ,blossoming everywhere
No one can touch the glare of me
but feel and carry flare of me
philosophies fails in my description
still my marks in centuries inscriptions
No speech can bind me in explanations
No pen can make my little transcriptions
I’ m fire burning every heart
vice and maladies are my thwart
Lights and shadows are dance of me
seasons and weathers, romance of me
I’m the secret of supreme
you can get me if you dream
I’m the love if you like to feel
just smile and glory in spite of squeal

~ Jagat Prasad

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I love you

Was a summer day worlds apart
Radar love empty heart
Confusion of senses
Time to mend the fences
Melt the snow

How to project a feeling
Others protect no believing
Ya I been there to
But this rhyme is time
As I think of you
Flowers showers
Like birds in paradise
What once were habits
Can be a vice
Old lady gathering
Scraps for the mice
Under the rainbow we all
Must live
In a emonition never forgotten
Mistakes many
Feeling rotten
I said love will find a way
And I know it’s true
So here’s a prayer
Tailored for you
May your children laugh
At the days to come
May your plants grow strong
Like the person you have to be
I think of you
What will be will be
But like the pounding
Passion in your heart
We never finished
What we start
To bad the world
Has choked us inside
Yet I guess was much to handle
Bruised pride
Yet the situation pulled your family
I did my job
For worse or better
So like the wind that blows warm
From the south
Feel the love and replace the doubt
It’s a day to remember the love

Passion and the call
Now it’s said
I love you
Once and for all

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Directional Movement

The wind that blows from each direction gives me a true sign I must be in harmony from within.  Journey forward and be conscious of all that surrounds you.

Life doesn’t move from one location; it travels near and far to interact with our sensing spirits.  It travels to create movement, shifts, changes and to alter its contacts.  It surely alters the state of being or the hardness of a rock.

Warm gushes from the south – cold breeze from the north and lateral sway from east and west.

Sculpting the landscape, adjusting temperatures on its arrival and creating the most panicked hairstyles.

Quick introductions or I simply call them headaches.

Our winged ones take breaks from flying and now let the jet streams carry them to new adventures.

When the wind blows so strong, I can either let it clear the fog in my pressured head or I can learn to interact with the pressing directions.

Embrace new beginnings because the wind will clearly bring an awakening; embraced or not.

More often than not, I tend to muddle myself in confused tension and brush against the swift breath from the atmosphere.

And this is where my headache lies.

My breath and voice swept away to new directions with my stressed being remaining lost in the shuffle.


Speaks With Wings

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I can see your game

Whats it all about ?

Always ends the same


When words are many

The meaning is lost

Monitions aplenty

A statement

Like a video

Fast forward



Elastic wound

Too tight

Curse the day

Embrace the night

Open eye

One day get it right


Like a cup of gravel

Given to those

That thirst


World unravel

As if a curse


Spiritual guide

Or dust in your purse


Third eye cry

Beginning to


Pride goes before


Yet truth



Rose cul-lured glasses

Disguise the ruse

Still third eye cry

What’s the use….?

Wash it clean

Waters from the shamans


Clouded vision

Many fell.


Light Keeper Many Feathers

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