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‎”Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.

And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them!”

~Tenzin Gyatso
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Love is pure when it shines openly with light!

 If the light can’t shine through, it isn’t mine to hold.

“Speaks with Wings”

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One of the greatest problems that exists today is our inability to focus on what we need to focus on in order to create the life that we wish to live!

How easy it is to turn our focus completely over to the outside world and have to focus on 26 things at once instead of 1.  When I focus on too many things at once I become scattered and unable to complete anything that I start.

In our fast moving world I need to always remember the following words that were written by a wonderful friend!

“When you are beginning to create intentionally, it is often better to focus on one thing at a time – harness your energy so you can explore more”! Speaks with Wings

For me to create intentionally, I know that I can only focus on one thing at a time, in this moment, now, and by doing that my life will be constant manifestations of all that I desire and dream of in my world for me and for my world!

Thank you my friend!  I love you and your writings!

Peace, love, light and blessings as we move forward with focus!

White Eagle”

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There is so much to, “Actions speak louder than words…” Many years ago before text, computers, phones what do you think our ancestors did? I bet they built love, friendships, families, faith, inner growth/strength, passions, learnings, connections by speaking louder than their words. The beauty of Creator and families is found outside of the electrical box..just saying…

“Speaks with Wings”

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Attitude is everything, and it is my lesson today!

“Speaks with Wings”

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Directional Movement

The wind that blows from each direction gives me a true sign I must be in harmony from within.  Journey forward and be conscious of all that surrounds you.

Life doesn’t move from one location; it travels near and far to interact with our sensing spirits.  It travels to create movement, shifts, changes and to alter its contacts.  It surely alters the state of being or the hardness of a rock.

Warm gushes from the south – cold breeze from the north and lateral sway from east and west.

Sculpting the landscape, adjusting temperatures on its arrival and creating the most panicked hairstyles.

Quick introductions or I simply call them headaches.

Our winged ones take breaks from flying and now let the jet streams carry them to new adventures.

When the wind blows so strong, I can either let it clear the fog in my pressured head or I can learn to interact with the pressing directions.

Embrace new beginnings because the wind will clearly bring an awakening; embraced or not.

More often than not, I tend to muddle myself in confused tension and brush against the swift breath from the atmosphere.

And this is where my headache lies.

My breath and voice swept away to new directions with my stressed being remaining lost in the shuffle.


Speaks With Wings

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Over the years I’ve learned a few things about my life. I’ve learned that even with the greatest intentions, I still try to avoid difficulty by living captured moments like a bird in a cage.

I’ve learned it’s important to have sight within my spiritual self, as I explore my mental teachings, and to embrace the feelings that accompany my journey through my physical discovery of well being. I strive to be positive but I’m learning it’s important to appreciate the moments that don’t make me feel as great – it’s within those moments, I learn to re-adjust and honor that I am still learning about myself, others and the environment around me.

I am learning to take chances, risks and to walk within my fear. Sometimes my journey walks me through a labyrinth; uncertain to which direction to go or where to imprint my footing. However, this labyrinth leads me through new scenery and increasingly improves my problem solving abilities.

I have been taught we all came into this world with no belongings but equipped to grow as a human being. And I have been taught we all leave this world with no belongings but allow for others to grow from what we’ve equipped ourselves with to live within our environments.

I am continually learning that money and wanted belongings are disposable; as it is no wonder some communities have endured historical survival without either of them. It is a tough lesson, but I am learning it is my ego that has been defining quality of life and the subtle value of happiness.

I still have much to learn throughout my days of breath and movement. Each day will be a time of survival as I strive for moments of comfort. Whatever comfort may mean for that moment. But I am learning to not give my ego the ability to decide what that is – as the foundation of survival is not disposable and it will carry forward even after my last breath.

Speaks With Wings

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Everyday we live our lives to the fullest!

We know that we are here on this earth to learn some of life’s lessons. Whatever your expectations, aspirations and experiences are, living your life may be difficult, full of problems, fun or wonder filled.

The Earth is a shared environment with all that is living within its space. Our space within it may be small, in our physical eyes, but we are playing a great part in its systems of living and growth. We are apart of something so much greater than we can fathom in the consciousness of Earth teachings. We simply can’t be conscious of all that is occurring. We are not meant to understand it all at once. This is why it’s a journey. It’s a journey of discovery. What a sad moment it will be when we lose our sense of discovery. A robot we will be – simply going through the movements only to be shut off when our purpose is accomplished. Humans are not meant to be so mechanical.

This moment is what is the most important. It is this moment that leads us to the next. It is this moment that our life being can be altered, can be celebrated and also can be completed. It is important to remember that we are not above the natural cycle of dying. Our journey as a human on this Earth is limited. The moments are not forever. So what is our purpose? What is your purpose? Our purpose is simply this moment. Anything beyond it doesn’t matter because that’s not our destination to control it. That is the bigger picture and we’re not the painter of it. Our art is this moment only. Stroke your brush assertively and be prepared to let it go when needed. Our destination and our purpose are to fulfill the greater destination that we may not understand at this moment. That is the gift of this moment, we are being guided to the greater understanding and all will be revealed when the moment is right.

Anticipate this moment. Anything beyond this moment we can’t be conscious of. We never know when our gifts of moments will be no longer in this reality. Understand that we’ll always be consciously unconscious, and it’s a beautiful mystery that is revealed to us each moment.

You are your own guide, you make the decisions and learn the lessons you need to learn in each precious moment of travel through your life.

Travel safely, wisely and enjoy your trip.

“Speaks with Wings and White Eagle”

Everything you perceive creates what you believe; everything you believe creates what you receive; everything you receive creates what you experience in this moment! This moment continues on to be all that is you in this lifetime.

When you change your perception, your beliefs change, by changing your beliefs, your choices change and your experiences change to create another precious moment in your life!

  • An affirmation for on your journey

I am free to be me, because my perception of me is real, I believe in me, and I am free to experience me every moment of my life just being me! I receive all of the lessons I provide for myself through my perceptions, beliefs and experience!

If I wish to change my experience I only need to change my perception, which in turn will change my belief, which in turn will change what I wish to receive, which in turn will change my experience in life.

I create it all! I am me, free and O.K.

“White Eagle”

Does it feel good to smile – you bet! Does it feel good to feel adverse feelings? – Absolutely!
Nothing is occurring shallowly. Our shallow being is simply our unconscious conscious. It’s unfolding; it’s purposeful; it’s necessary, and it’s relevant.
Being conscious is key. Vital to the balance. It is how we change the misunderstandings of the unknown. What we are conscious of, is no longer unconscious, it is simply known in this minute!

  • Another Affirmation:

Waking up to all that I am and all that I have from my unconscious inside to my conscious outside will serve me well on my journey through life.

Feeling what I feel, knowing what I know and being who I am moves me forward with my life. With every feeling I feel and every thought I have I am waking up to all that I am.

I am me, I am real and I am ready to change my thoughts and feelings to create each moment in my life as I wish it to be.

“Speaks with Wings”

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Sit down comfortably. Notice how you are feeling, and now relax your entire body. When you have relaxed your whole body, then relax it some more.

Now relax it some more. And relax it more! Repeat often, each time relaxing as much as you can.

When you have finished, notice the difference in how you are feeling, compared to with how you felt when you began.

Now you are more in harmony with the Universe.

Speaks With Wings

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Look for the gifts in everything, it is within our situations we grow.

“Speaks with Wings”

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