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As I always do when I put my dogs out I go into myself and as I stand there waiting I here from at my feet psst down here and there at my feet is a baby leaf and as I look at this tiny leaf it hit me that no matter the size or color or even shape, the leaf is beautiful because it is unique is here for a purpose. So today I want to pass on to all of you that no matter where you are in your journey you are all beautiful and here for greater purpose.


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Krista’s Rainbows 

Today is an emotional day for me. For Remembrance Day is a day to honour our soldiers who have fought and lost their lives serving our Country. I lost my father when I was a year and half old and he was a sergeant in the Canadian forces. So this morning I went outside to say a prayer and as I closed my eyes all I saw was red. As a tear rolled down my cheek I opened my eyes and as I did on the end of my eyelashes were an abundance of rainbows glistening bright. As I turned to the sun so bright all I saw was my hair completely enwrapped and glistening rainbows bright. I see rainbows everyday in places others do not and I see them in places and on people who are meant to be. So this morning I am reminded that I am here for bigger things and that seeing myself enwrapped in Rainbows I am meant to be ME.


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Light Within 

Today is the beginning

for our dear friends and ancestors are wakening up.
Many are wondering
“Where do I begin”
so my message to them today is
start with your light within.
Take a moment today and stop and see
your light within. 

~Rain“Bow” drifter~

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