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What are you fighting in your life?

Fighting anything causes resistance…making life a struggle, it doesn’t need to be that way, we fight out of fear..if we want a win, win situation, no matter if it is good health, mentally stable, spiritually connected & so forth…we need to realize the first step to making a positive change is acceptance, then anything that we consider to be a problem that has manifested out of fear can be healed & dissolved by sending it Love….There is only one Power, the Power of Love..which lies within you…
So no matter what problem may rise in your life remembering fighting it is based on fear of not knowing how to fix it..so release that feeling & idea…move forward & believe ALL can be healed in the name of Love which comes from Our Creator of all that is Living!

Many Blessings

“Red Feather”

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I go deep into the core of my True Being. There I see astonishing light, shimmering and flickering so bright, many colors of Aura surrounding the true essence of who I came to be!

Vibrating, flowing outwardly, blanketing me with a sense of calmness I send love out to the Universe so all can feels it’s breathtaking healing for it will dissolve the largest of problems that have been formed in the name of fear.

There is only one Power, the Power of Love which lies within us all. A gift given to us from our Creator, so awaken to your souls my brothers and sisters. Then we will stand side by side in the circle, for the shape of our world is our example to follow….it is our guide; The circle is our strength to stand together, and become one; never alone again.  As one we make the choices together to leave our fears behind.  For Love is what will set us all free, to truly just be.  This is our true purpose to bring light back into our lives, and lives of others so our paths can be seen clearly which leads us to a world full of Love and Peace….Come with me and join the circle for we have been called to bring hope back to all of mankind.  We have been asked to be part of the change.  Let’s raise our energy vibrations and feel the Power of Love so we can create a world once again that flows gracefully…..creating the world we all desire that is filled with purpose, peace, love and light.

Many blessings

“Red Feather”

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Dear Ones,
At this time, we are finding many of you are struggling with your beliefs.

What truly works for you?

Is it your own unique individual beliefs or are you following what others have told you the right way to believe is, so you feel you need to obey to be saved.

Do you have an inner battle within not sure which way to turn?

Spirituality comes from within you, it is part of you. Reaching Our Creator is not meant to be an endless battle of searching outside of ourselves. He is never far, he is in our hearts. That amazing, loving feeling you get when you feel such great happiness is him. He is present in our lives, he never leaves us. It is us that abandon him, he gives us Free Will.

Spirituality is not about someone else telling us how we have to live to be able to have a relationship with Our Creator. We have been taught to think to have a connection with Our Creator we must try to be good & obey or we will be punished.

The creator never punishes us, we punish ourselves.

When we decide we don’t need him, he just waits till we are ready to let him in, never leaving our sides. When we are on our own we no longer feel that security & love we had when he was in our life. We become fearful of everything & feel so alone. Negative thinking takes over & our lives spiral out of control. Many signs come into our life that we need change but it takes awhile till we can’t take it anymore. Most of us it takes us to be humbled to our knees before A Great Awakening takes place within us. We then are finally willing to realize the lessons we needed to learn, we aren’t victims, things happen to us to realize the bigger picture of life. Then we can once again open our hearts, release past hurts, and forgive others & ourselves. Life then starts to make sense; we start to take responsibility for our lives & our own actions.
We become better people without trying, for we have found our purpose to just be our own unique selves. Life is not about striving to be the best, or who has the most money to define who they are. This rat race we have lived in for so long is not what the Creator wants for us. He wants us to look within ourselves & find the answers we need & seek to feel fulfilled in our lives. We were created to learn to live as One. Everyone & everything in life is equal, we must learn to live life through are hearts. We are related, my friend. When we live life through our hearts, we drop prejudices’, we drop are need to feel in control of everything &others, we drop judging of others & self, we then live life with love in our hearts, a light within shines bright to help us all see more clearly, so then we can ALL walk together as ONE on the path of life, never feeling alone again, making our world a place full of PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT!!

Many Blessings to all of you My Brothers & Sisters,
Red Feather

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Our Journey to becoming our Totems

“Red Berry” and myself, “Red Feather” went on a journey into the unknown yesterday!

We went in with no expectations and came out with true feelings of fulfillment, pure gratitude towards the Creator and his creation of us all!

When we returned we both immediately sat down to write our experience. It is beautiful how the two writings intertwined; truly proving we were together in that moment…Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.

I saw and felt my Guides and a Mayan Shaman asking me to follow them. Next I was sitting in a circle with the tribe; we were all partaking in smoking the peace pipe. Then I felt like I was back into this reality. A few minutes later I was running in the jungle, chasing the Panther, I then saw a Mayan Shaman moving his hands to the beat of the drums scanning Red Berry’s body up and down. It looked to me like he was releasing poison. We both drank something he offered us, snake medicine (transformation) he says it will help us become ONE with creation.
Then I was dancing with a Buffalo skin draped over me and was fed the heart of the Buffalo, this is to give me wisdom from the Ancestors to be able to make decisions for mankind in the near future. I saw Red berry dancing with the Panther twisting & swirling around her…then becoming her! I too was dancing with Wolf and  he was twisting & swirling around me…becoming me!
The Panther came out of the darkness into the Light, All has been healed!

May your inner light shine, to help yourself and others see the Path more clearly that we walk together as ONE, bring back the “Old Ways” that will become the” New Ways!”
The time is coming for the change is taking place…
Many Blessings,
“Red Feather”

I was dancing to the beat of the drum, drumming in the jungle with the huts everywhere. Chanting and releasing shame, guilt and fear into the universe. I was giving it to the sky. Ridding myself of hurt and with every beat of the drum, my body, my mind and soul got lighter. There was shape-shifting, from two-legged to our totems, playing, laughing and dancing living light heartedly. There was a Shaman drumming and guiding us through our spiritual journey. By the fire, this Being stood with a drum, a feather and sacred herbs. Time stood still, our connection to the plants, the trees, the animals, the guides was intense & vivid. It was like seeing every creation for the first time, through a different set of eyes, from the heart & soul. Giving thanks for the healing and to heal others became clear. I had to heal, love and accept myself, as I am.
The Panther came into it’s Being, with the love, safety and security of the Wolf.

All My relations -Hai Hai

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“Kaw- Kaw” Raven Wing called out
Sit my sisters and listen to the lessons of the day, says our dear wise White Eagle
Hear the messages of those before us, for Redberry writes their words
Willow Branch’s concern and love for Mother Earth, awakens something in us All
The words of Truth, come forth through the Voice of Red Feather
Together our strength and bond feels unexplainable
For we are sisters of the “Soul”

For the circle now has been formed!


Many Blessings,

“Red Feather”

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We are ONE race, the HUMAN RACE!!!


“Red Feather”

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Empathy vs. Pity

When we learn to release ego (which is allowing negative thoughts in our head to control us) and we start to live through our hearts, Empathy really starts to shine through.

From the heart: Empathy- The ability to understand another’s emotions, thoughts, or feelings, but not taking it all on ourselves!

From the mind (ego): Pity- Sorrow for another’s suffering or misfortune, getting lost in other people’s experiences, causing extra drama.

So having empathy for others rather than pity shows them you have compassion for what they are going through. We can give advice and support, but the person can then decide what they do with it, they can do the work or choose to stay where they are at.

Having pity for another holds the person in the situation back, plus the observer because you get caught up in the drama as well. The ego then overtakes and makes the observer over feel, overanalyze, over think, and live in their head… so pity holds people back giving no room for change. It just leaves them feeling like a victim and stuck.

I believe that we, as human beings, need to all start learning to live through our hearts and not live in our heads. Then we can all be so much more compassionate for each other, willing to do our part. There is no wrong way; there are no mistakes, just lessons to help us grow. Let “Our World” become full of light, let’s move forward together… My heart is full of hope and a belief that “Our World” can be healed if we choose to stand together for we are the change for the “New Beginnings”.

Much Love, Peace, Light & Many Blessings,

“Red Feather”

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