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Our Journey to becoming our Totems

“Red Berry” and myself, “Red Feather” went on a journey into the unknown yesterday!

We went in with no expectations and came out with true feelings of fulfillment, pure gratitude towards the Creator and his creation of us all!

When we returned we both immediately sat down to write our experience. It is beautiful how the two writings intertwined; truly proving we were together in that moment…Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.

I saw and felt my Guides and a Mayan Shaman asking me to follow them. Next I was sitting in a circle with the tribe; we were all partaking in smoking the peace pipe. Then I felt like I was back into this reality. A few minutes later I was running in the jungle, chasing the Panther, I then saw a Mayan Shaman moving his hands to the beat of the drums scanning Red Berry’s body up and down. It looked to me like he was releasing poison. We both drank something he offered us, snake medicine (transformation) he says it will help us become ONE with creation.
Then I was dancing with a Buffalo skin draped over me and was fed the heart of the Buffalo, this is to give me wisdom from the Ancestors to be able to make decisions for mankind in the near future. I saw Red berry dancing with the Panther twisting & swirling around her…then becoming her! I too was dancing with Wolf and  he was twisting & swirling around me…becoming me!
The Panther came out of the darkness into the Light, All has been healed!

May your inner light shine, to help yourself and others see the Path more clearly that we walk together as ONE, bring back the “Old Ways” that will become the” New Ways!”
The time is coming for the change is taking place…
Many Blessings,
“Red Feather”

I was dancing to the beat of the drum, drumming in the jungle with the huts everywhere. Chanting and releasing shame, guilt and fear into the universe. I was giving it to the sky. Ridding myself of hurt and with every beat of the drum, my body, my mind and soul got lighter. There was shape-shifting, from two-legged to our totems, playing, laughing and dancing living light heartedly. There was a Shaman drumming and guiding us through our spiritual journey. By the fire, this Being stood with a drum, a feather and sacred herbs. Time stood still, our connection to the plants, the trees, the animals, the guides was intense & vivid. It was like seeing every creation for the first time, through a different set of eyes, from the heart & soul. Giving thanks for the healing and to heal others became clear. I had to heal, love and accept myself, as I am.
The Panther came into it’s Being, with the love, safety and security of the Wolf.

All My relations -Hai Hai

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“Kaw- Kaw” Raven Wing called out
Sit my sisters and listen to the lessons of the day, says our dear wise White Eagle
Hear the messages of those before us, for Redberry writes their words
Willow Branch’s concern and love for Mother Earth, awakens something in us All
The words of Truth, come forth through the Voice of Red Feather
Together our strength and bond feels unexplainable
For we are sisters of the “Soul”

For the circle now has been formed!


Many Blessings,

“Red Feather”

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We are ONE race, the HUMAN RACE!!!


“Red Feather”

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Empathy vs. Pity

When we learn to release ego (which is allowing negative thoughts in our head to control us) and we start to live through our hearts, Empathy really starts to shine through.

From the heart: Empathy- The ability to understand another’s emotions, thoughts, or feelings, but not taking it all on ourselves!

From the mind (ego): Pity- Sorrow for another’s suffering or misfortune, getting lost in other people’s experiences, causing extra drama.

So having empathy for others rather than pity shows them you have compassion for what they are going through. We can give advice and support, but the person can then decide what they do with it, they can do the work or choose to stay where they are at.

Having pity for another holds the person in the situation back, plus the observer because you get caught up in the drama as well. The ego then overtakes and makes the observer over feel, overanalyze, over think, and live in their head… so pity holds people back giving no room for change. It just leaves them feeling like a victim and stuck.

I believe that we, as human beings, need to all start learning to live through our hearts and not live in our heads. Then we can all be so much more compassionate for each other, willing to do our part. There is no wrong way; there are no mistakes, just lessons to help us grow. Let “Our World” become full of light, let’s move forward together… My heart is full of hope and a belief that “Our World” can be healed if we choose to stand together for we are the change for the “New Beginnings”.

Much Love, Peace, Light & Many Blessings,

“Red Feather”

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Judging others, is judging self
For we are the mirror image of one another
We can see the reflection of ourself in someone else
Whether we realize it or not we are all connected
The Creator made us to be as One
Judging others is only allowing “ego” to take over, holding us back
Instead of analyzing another, have acceptance of self first
then you will come to the realization that another is exactly where they need to be at this time, send them love, understanding & pray
for their growth, if we want Our World to be safe, loving & free
we need to release judgement & expectations we have of one another for sometimes we think others should meet our standards
We all grow at different rates, this was Our Creators plan all along
so we can help one another, so sometimes we are the student, next time we are the teacher, we are all equal in the eyes of Our Creator..So, let’s walk together with a open heart & set judgement aside..ALL together we can walk this path of life, shining our lights for each other to see more clearly the road ahead, or lend a hand when someone falls to help them back up so we can be on our way
We can be the Voice to give encouragement when someones too tired to continue on..for together is the Way to be the change
To make Our world be as it was long ago..Peaceful, Loving & Full of Breathtaking Light! Stand with me & ALL together we can all become Our True Authentic Selves!

Many Blessings

“Red Feather”

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Sometimes in the spring when the snow is melting & we are showered with rain, our dirt roads around here become a real mess. So, for some reason or another we are trying to get from point A to point B & we feel at the time we don’t have a choice so we choose the dirt road, taking a chance. Having a feeling it might not be the right route, but the heck with it..we go for it.

When we start out out all is fine, a few slippery spots here & there, a few pot holes, but the further we go down the road we start to regret we took this rutted up, slippery mess of a so call road. We tell ourselves we went this far, no sense turning back now. We continue on our way and there it is, a huge”washout” to go through!

We speed up trying to get through it but no matter the skills we possess we hit the ditch! Here we are in the ditch, no matter how we look at it we need to ask for help, we need someone that has the equipment to get us out of this situation. There is no way of dealing with this on our own because we are thigh deep in mud, so we can get someone to pull us out or sit & be stuck.

So, whether we like it, we have to backtrack to explain where we hit the ditch, so they can come assist us, so we can focus on the situation that we are in at this moment. While we are getting a pull we can either feel humilated, pride wounded, think well next time I won’t need anyone’s assistance because I can do on my own..I don’t need anybody, or you have a choice to feel grateful & accept you have gotten the help you needed at the time, you move on & decide not to take that messed up road ever again & take a new route from now on.. and you learned a valuable lesson!!

I feel you get the point of what I’m trying to get across.   In our lives we may take some routes that don’t honour who we truly are, but if we let go of pride, are willing to look at our journey, accept responsibility for our own lives, forgive ourselves for mistakes we’ve made & forgive others… we can then get the assistance from others who understand you & have the tools to help!

We sometimes have to look back just for a bit to heal the wounds then we are on our way continuing to grow & evolve! I believe we all need to take time for ourselves to heal and then embrace or own special gifts that we ALL possess to help assist others and Our World so we can live a more Peaceful, loving Life…it’s all about choice..

Choose to stand alone or Stand together as One!!

Be the Change!

Sending Peace,Love,Light and Many Blessings

“Red Feather”

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In this time of change & shifting taking place many are asking themselves

  • “What is my purpose?”
  • What is it that I’m here to do?

So people search outside of themselves..looking for answers in all kinds of places…some travel to other countries, some hunt for the right teacher, we try many different jobs but still don’t feel satisfied, What is truly my purpose many keep asking?…the answer my friend..is not in a country..it’s not from a teacher..it’s not in a job..it comes from “within” you! Your purpose is to BE..BE YOURSELF…Live in the Moment, leave the past behind, let the future form as time let’s it..for Living In The Moment takes you to a place of your own creativity, peacefulness that then causes a chain reaction to help you expand into becoming your true authentic self..which then you find your gifts within, given to us by Our Creator to help ourselves evolve & along the way help each other grow then we reach our full potential as being loving, peaceful & full of light!

Many blessings

“Red Feather”

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Acceptance does not come from our mind (your brain) as we been taught…for the mind is only a tool. Acceptance comes from the soul. To fully accept self which is a challenge of mine & I’m sure for many others as well, it is to dig deep & feel what is truly holding you back from appreciation of one’s self. Opening up to your soul is like turning the key of a attic door that has been locked up for a century. Without opening it up you may never know the treasures that you might encounter. By taking the plunge into the unknown, it can feel frightening but yet so very exciting & rewarding at the sametime. Facing our fears can be quite the challenge but this is what gets us closer to understanding ourselves & others, coming to terms with our true purpose for being here. I find many of us choose to self-sabotage ourselves first off because we are so fearful of others judging us first, so we slip into the habit of self-doubting ourselves. So we allow ourselves to feel failure before anyone has had a chance to know us or why we are in their lives. So then we feel no appreciation of our own uniqueness & gifts that we hold. If we’d only realize we don’t only hurt ourselves by holding back, we affect others that could be benefiting from our uniqueness! Once again self-sabatoging comes from the mind..we need to realize it is a tool, not meant to be our controller.
To truly have balance in our lives we need to follow our inner wisdom “Our Soul”, which then lets us feel emotions, that triggers our minds which then leads us to our physical being. For we have layers that continuously need nurturing & time. If we look around us, we see how so many have forgotten about balance. Us human beings we are so busy striving for sucess outside of ourselves & our inner starts to suffer, than we wonder why our world in front of us crumbles. Our inner world needs the work done first so we can have that peacefulness, that we all so do desire whether we all realize it or not.
How can we learn to accept things as they are if we can’t accept ourselves? For the change needs to come to from within us first, so we can continue healing “Our World” together as ONE!!
So, today I take a stand & accept who I am by letting go of fear of what others might think of me..I set myself FREE..I truly am a unique, loving individual that is a spirit having a human experience here to grow & process life as it comes. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a reflexologist & a aromatherapist but most of all..I am a Being of pure light, I came to shine my aura of golden light onto others which awakens their gifts, bringing us all closer to “Our New Beginnings”. I am a teacher, a student, a healer from our Dear Creator, I’m highly intuitive, I connect with spirit guides on a daily bases, I am a spiritual truth speaker, I am one of the chosen Pathfinders…I now let my soul be my guide..for deep within all the answers I desire are embedded into my truebeing. By acceptance of who I am & by writing these words down today, may I feel & hear the presence of all who came before me & those who stand beside me for we ALL have our special place in Our World. Today, I allow me to just be!
If you feel a desire at this time to write who you truly are & let yourself be freed, PLEASE do so!! For we all deserve Acceptance!

Sending you ALL, Love, Peace, Light
& Many Blessings

“Red Feather”

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The Beauty of a Human Being, is watching the growth that takes place in many stages.
When a child is born into this world you don’t instantly expect him/her to talk, walk, or take care of themselves.
Physical growth takes time, patience & years to mature..it’s very gradual..

So why is it Spiritually, Human Beings expect instant results?
Why should it be any different than physical growth? Well, you came into this World confused because you had just left a place of Pure Light, Peacefulness & Love thrown into a unknown place to you. You all are Spirits but the memories have to be triggered, so some know from the start who they are..& they grow with leaps & bounds..the next take longer, what does it matter about time? As long as you all use the methods as above by being patience with yourselves & others, with time you all mature & reach your growth..you all end up reaching your destination! Why should you struggle alone, you all need to support one another & help each other along!

A example I’d like to share:

This summer I was out enjoying my stroll along the railroad tracks with my camera in hand..just breathing in all of God’s Beautiful Creation..when I came across two Gorgeous Trees standing side by side..these two trees represented to me, companionship, spiritual growth & inner beauty… for as all three take time to reach their full potential. We all grow at different rates but in the end we stand together & become One!

Love, Light, Peace & Many Blessings
to All
Red Feather

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Do you understand what creative beings we are?
We are capable of manifesting anything we desire.
For we create “Our World” we live in.
From the inside-out. My view of the World I created could be totally different then your, but again it could be very similar. We have become so attracted to things, but truly do they serve our purpose?..we get caught up in the shuffle of live..striving for more & more materialistic things..driving ourselves to meet our desire & when we do..does it truly fulfill us? Or do we continue to look for more..this answer my friend is picture clear..we have fogotten who we really are..we have been distracted by worldly objects..this doesn’t define who we are..do we take these things with us when are time comes to pass on..no, we take with us, our spirit & soar to the other side with our memories in hand…so let embrace our “Power within” & realize we are spiritual beings having a human experience, here to learn & evolve back into what/who we truly are & feel that fulfillment that we all so desire! Together we can all then raise our energy vibrations & bring positivity into Our World…so we can all have Many blessings come pouring into our lives, showering us with Love, Peace & Light!

One of my spiritual guides not so long ago had said, Human Beings would maybe have not forgotten so quickly who they truly are if you all had of been called Being Human instead! I thought how true is that!

Luv to All

Red Feather

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