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Color your own rainbow

I have been through many storms
Some too dark for the world to see,
With battle scars I stood my ground
But each storm took a piece of me.
Are you waiting for your rainbow?
Or has your rainbow turned to gray?
Are the dark clouds never ending?
Is there more thunder on its way?
Let your soul paint you a rainbow
Watch all your clouds just disappear,
Your thunder becomes a whisper
And your storm is about to clear.
Color the sky with your laughter
Let your smile be pure and true,
A pot of gold is waiting there
It is the rainbow that found you.

Troy Snyder

Shared by “Troy”

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Just Be!
Be as big as the universe
Not just a shining star,
Make your dream a reality
Be more than who you are.
Think bigger than a tidal wave
Stand strong and be the shore,
Hold your breath and always believe
Your soul is so much more.
Never forget where you came from
Your roots are very deep,
Just live your life the best you can
Have courage when you leap.
There is uniqueness in us all
Just let yourself be free,
No matter what, never give up
Remember just to be.
Shared by “Troy Snyder”

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Celestial flight

When you sit alone in silence can you feel the flow?
Can you hear the music play deep inside your soul?
Does the rhythm carry you to places never been?
Does it bring back memories of things way back when?

When the music whispers let your spirit take control
It will make you do things you never done before,
Listen to the sound and let the music move your feet
Sing with all your heart as you sit there in your seat.

So, Get your lighters out fire up and close your eyes
Listen for the thunder as clouds go surfing by,
You will stroll through heaven as you rock into the night
Please come and join me on a celestial flight.

Say hello to old friends and some strangers flying high
Hang with them and chill and meditate to the vibe,
Play your favorite song as you strum the air guitar
Watch the sky sparkle as they chase a shooting star.

Just relax and marvel the light shows about to groove
Free your mind let the music put in the mood,
‘Cause when the song is over you will not hear a sound
But find yourself back on earth and feet on the ground.

Written and Shared by “Troy Snyder”

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