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The betrayal had been complete
It tore their home apart,
He mourned in silent misery
She drowned in raging despair.
Until one day a friend came by,
To Whitebird they did go,
And the healing began.

Willow Branch was always there
Warm arms and heart prepared
To give support and courage
To those so badly scarred
A Medicine Wheel was built with love
The family worked as one.
A healing in itself.

Soft Heather told a story
Of faith and ways of old
Stories of Creator,
Earth Mother’s strong embrace.
Lessons learned long ago
Returned with strength and truth
The healing continued.

A Feather of Red next appeared
With Wolf…….a Magic pair
And so the layers slowly peeled
Away, with Whitebird’s care.
The family’s home has been rebuilt
Laughter and Love to share
There’s healing everywhere.

Redberry came to learn and teach
A Circle has been formed
Raven Wing was born.
A Silver Cloud came floating by
And brought along a Crow,
A Rainbow and some others
Together they all grow.

The Whitebird became an Eagle
Now Raven sings her Song
Each day is better than the last
As Knowledge is reborn
Strength and Power fill the night
As souls relight the fire
And Healing is reborn.

Thank’s to all who helped me home,
May you all walk in peace.

Love you………..Raven Song


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It is always amazing how human beings tend to jump on issues when there is chaos involved! I have done this many times, however, starting right here, right now, in this moment I will choose less chaos and more involvement in peaceful resolutions! Peace, love, light and blessings on this peaceful day! I create it all!

“White Eagle”

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I no longer choose to hurt me!

  • When I am critical of me
  • When I am hard on myself
  • When I beat up on myself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Or talk negatively about myself

These things may seem insignificant to others,  but they  are a true test of self love for me.  Dropping these behaviors means I am no longer living in the past!

Today, I like me and I am kind to me now!  I am self love!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Integrity is regarded as the quality of having an intuitive sense of honesty and truthfulness in regard to the motivations for one’s actions. Wikipedia

The Channel says:

Integrity is the knowing and truth that comes from the core of the inner being. Your personal ability to integrate all that is coming to you from the outside world becomes your challenge for as it hits the core of being it is at this time that the deciding factors are matched with your knowing which is the base of your personal integrity. This word has been used in the context of integrity being that which belongs to someone or something outside of you. For example, Integrity within an organization means to not pass judgment and remain true to an outside structure, being the organization of humans and things. It is this belief that is creating human conflict within ones self. Integrity is the human’s defense against the outside and it is the knowing that the inside is working in alignment with all that is. It has nothing to do with the systems by which the earth people are governed from the outside. When a person is spoken of, as “having integrity and the human is not being, where is the integrity in that? A human who is being, in the present moment, “now” and who is coming from the inside of their personal being has integrity and is integrity. Integrity is a natural function of the human being.

Dear ones, is it a natural function of you?

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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I am aware of the dilemma society faces with our youth and young adults today. Many seem to have given up on life and future. What can I do to provide support, love, clarity and understanding starting right now in this moment? Our children are our future!

Love, light and support!
“White Eagle”

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I need to be conscious of my generosity and love so it does not over ride the reality of my financial well being!

Peace, love, light and blessings!
“White Eagle”

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So much emphasis today is placed on material reality, and this material reality becomes the doorway for human beings to go into to explore what the material reality is all about, however, there has never been a human to leave earth plane with their material reality. You leave the plane with your personal reality and the beauty, which is created from within yourself. When you reach a doorway where your access is being denied, it only means that your life lessons are not in tact, and that you may need to explore other doorways to find what it is that you are truly seeking.

“As I was channelling this message I received a telephone call from a friend who had lost his briefcase with all of his work in it. He was very upset, because he viewed his work as his source of being in the world today. After reading this information to him he was able to visualize leaving the earth plane with his briefcase in his hand, we burst into gales of laughter. To have this lesson put into this picture was truly a life lesson. After our laughter, it was evident that we are our own personal briefcase. The creations in our briefcase come from the inside, not from the outside as we had initially believed it to be. The material reality is within oneself, we are all a wealth of knowledge and what better material is there than being human, carrying all that you are inside of yourself”.

“White Eagle”

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The more I learn about myself, the more I seem to truly accept and like me; therefore, would it not make sense to learn everything I possibly can about me?
“White Eagle”

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Is there any child in their lifetime who has not been bullied at some level or should I say on some level?

This is my story and today I understand how important it is to share this story with the world!

We are always told to protect ourselves, but how many of us actually know how to?

When I was a small child I was blessed with the gift of memory. My memory allows me to remember back to a very young age, and by being able to remember I have learned much in my lifetime that I keep with me. This information to me is sacred!

Some of my most sacred learning has to do with the appearance of what I will call Boogie Persons who entered into my life at the strangest times. These Boogie Persons today I know as spirit who are choosing to enter into life through me!

As a child, because I was so open, I spent many hours petrified with fear, frozen in time while some of the more negative spirits played havoc with my lack of knowing. For many years going to bed was not an enjoyable exercise to go through. I began to make a ritual out of my bedtime. My parents would say goodnight, I would pretend to be asleep, put the covers over my face, leaving only my nose sticking out in the belief that these gestures would protect me from those who have gone before me who were choosing to be me in that moment. The more I wrapped myself up in the blanket the more protection I believed I had from these somewhat negative entities who were entering my world in spirit! These visitations left me drained, irritable, and having great difficulty with functioning in my day to day world. Very simply, in my little life, no one thought to teach me about setting boundaries! I was busy learning to be socially acceptable, polite, and agreeable and in some ways totally dysfunctional to meet the need of removing my nightly and daily visitors. They stayed with me while I remained hidden under my covers until I was a young adult.

One night after having an extremely difficult day, I laid down, went into a very deep sleep when they appeared! My whole being had to go through the antics of sorting and understanding who they are, what they are doing and what they are doing it for. Messages come in the strangest forms at times! This appearance includes all of my senses, Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell, color, black and white and the list goes on. These appearances are what I have called dreams when I am sleeping, when I am awake I just call them Messages and Visions!

Back to the night, I woke up in the middle of sorting all of these things and realized that I did not need to be pushed, prodded, and threatened by those who have gone before me who are me in the middle of the night! I set my boundary very clearly by telling them to leave, in not nice terms I just told them to F–k off, and they did! I have had to use this means of removing the negative entities from my being, my bedroom, and my life many times, and it amazes me today that so many of us live with the nuisance and control of those who are choosing to come back and create havoc in our lives in the attempt to carry us over to what they perceive is the right way to be as they are caught in the polarity of their time on earth.

I went on dealing with entities in this way and got into understanding my dreams through courses on Dream Therapy, Hypnosis training, and anything else that I believed would assist me in understanding the coming and going of spiritual entities through my belief systems.

From my perspective today I understand the following and know it to be true for me:

Dreams are 90% clearing and 10% pre-cognitive. When I receive a message through dreaming that showing me that something is going to become a reality, I intuitively know that this is one of the 10% I need to pay attention to! The 90% I know are clearing the more negative aspects of my life, and are in reality allowing me to be.  Today I know that:

  • It is perfectly O.K. to remove any entities from my realm of being that I choose to not have around me, and they do listen in spirit, just as they listened in human form.
  • There is no need for me to be bullied by spirit, and my beliefs do create my reality!
  • When I am being polite to negative spirit, I am not taking care of me!
  • Using ritual, talisman, sweet grass, sage, smoke, Sweat Lodge, bells, gems, and all other rituals including covering your head with a blanket if it works for you is O.K.
  • Being able to reach out and ask for assistance is great as there is strength in numbers!

May peace, love, light and blessings be with you!

“White Eagle”

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In this world there are four ways I can be bullied!

Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually!

I choose now to be free from bullying as I move forward on my journey through life!

Peace, love, light, blessings and freedom to us all!

“White Eagle”

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