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The betrayal had been complete
It tore their home apart,
He mourned in silent misery
She drowned in raging despair.
Until one day a friend came by,
To Whitebird they did go,
And the healing began.

Willow Branch was always there
Warm arms and heart prepared
To give support and courage
To those so badly scarred
A Medicine Wheel was built with love
The family worked as one.
A healing in itself.

Soft Heather told a story
Of faith and ways of old
Stories of Creator,
Earth Mother’s strong embrace.
Lessons learned long ago
Returned with strength and truth
The healing continued.

A Feather of Red next appeared
With Wolf…….a Magic pair
And so the layers slowly peeled
Away, with Whitebird’s care.
The family’s home has been rebuilt
Laughter and Love to share
There’s healing everywhere.

Redberry came to learn and teach
A Circle has been formed
Raven Wing was born.
A Silver Cloud came floating by
And brought along a Crow,
A Rainbow and some others
Together they all grow.

The Whitebird became an Eagle
Now Raven sings her Song
Each day is better than the last
As Knowledge is reborn
Strength and Power fill the night
As souls relight the fire
And Healing is reborn.

Thank’s to all who helped me home,
May you all walk in peace.

Love you………..Raven Song


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As Fall and Winter
In the misty rain transforming,
And the trees slowly fall asleep,
Reaching deep into the Earth to regenerate,
So it is with my soul.
The longed for silence
And becoming one with the Earth,
No longer searching for Source,
But being one with Source.
Protecting Creator’s paradise.
Ever aware of the destruction,
By chemicals and garbage.
Everyone longs to go back
To basics and their roots,
And longing further

To have the clean air and pristine waters
Now devastatingly poluted by greed.
Oh, to walk on clean beaches
To hear the healthy call of the gulls,
As they fish for healthy food.
Not to have them wash up at your feet
In the sand,
Soaked with reddish,black sludge,
Intelligent eyes bulging, screaming for help.
For those who think Global Warming is not happening,
Take a walk in Nature’
Look at the scum everywhere,
On rivers, ponds and marshes.
It now falls with the rains.
We live in critical times.
Disease is rampant.
Genetically altered food, chemical medications,
Plastic,polluted water bought in bottles.
See the red wall that comes toward you.
The Pheonix is rising rapidly.
May we protect our plants and animals.
As it is with your soul,
So be it with your Mother……Earth.
From Earth we come…….to Earth we shall return.

“Willow Branch”




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