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A lovely woman with a far away look in her eyes came to me, looking to see past me to and to see through me! “Who are you Medicine Woman”, are you truly what they say” she silently asks?

I could feel her presence so strongly, the sadness that had been in her life, that was in her life—only to know who she was as I touched her body, I knew that she slipped in and out of her body looking for the existence that just lingered there.

I knew I had to be gentle with my healing work, gentle because energy was so powerful and so there.  I asked the old spirit Raven to help me, along with her Father.  Her journey started with her name, a name that she had never liked.  I wasn’t surprised, I seem to bring this transformation out in those who come to me.  I asked her to name herself, who she felt that she was, and immediately her body strengthened and I could proceed to work.

Our connection to the Raven’s were powerful, as they gathered all around us.  She had always been with them.  I channeled in my language while tears streamed down her face, only then to see a part of Creator’s beauty.  Someone finding her soul for the first time, and for the first time feeling the delight of knowing its O.K., It’s O.K. to be me!

As I sit and ponder what I feel I’m touched deep in my heart. Through this journey I am just one more step closer to my own soul————and what a journey that is!

Thank you Creator.

Willow Raven Sage

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