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It started 3 years ago,  I saw an iris, it was the only one in the forest!  It seemed to me that this flower was crying.
It was beautiful, like a jewel compared to any others I had seen, so got a great picture only one plant and flower.
The next year I returned to see how the flower made out over the winter and there were two flowers!
The long weekend in May I slipped and broke my arm before these two flowers were in bloom. At that time because of my broken arm I physically I couldn’t do much, so every day would go by the plant, enjoy it, become one with it and watch it grow and thrive in its special place in the forest.
I took my camera with a small lens but the camera just could not capture the wonder and beauty of the two flowers that were now there.
These two flowers gave me the incentive to work on my broken arm so I could build my muscle in order to carry the 8lb lens attached to the camera but I just couldn’t do it.
I relaxed and  just admired the plant instead of taking photographs!.
One day I went to admire the plant and someone had cut  the flowers, I was shattered!
Out of all of the flowers that exist what would be the reason  they had to pick this special flower that I had become so connected to?
A very important part of my connection to these flowers was that my brother in law had passed away  four years before the appearance of these flowers and his ashes were scattered in the same area that the flowers appeared in.  These flowers to me were and still are  a special message to all of us who remain here on earth !  A very special and spiritual gift for all of us from him!
The next year (last year) when I returned there no flowers at all.  I wondered if  the plant would ever flower again.
This year when I returned this picture will tell the rest of the story.
Always remember that those who pass on will come to us through spirit in many different ways, and by honoring all of those that have passed on before us, it is important to honor Mother Nature and all of her creations.  The Creations are a message to us all!
 Donald Piller with Angela.

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