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Every day is a new beginning to start again. Happy Friday!<br /><br />Shared with love ~<3~ debs
Every morning we are born again. What we do today matters most. ~Buddha~

Shared by “Michael”

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, has always been the way that I have dealt with each new day as it comes along for many years.

This statement “every morning we are born again” now adds even more to each day for me as it gives me a connection with spirit that was not there before.  Being born again in all ways:

  • mentally,
  • physically,
  • emotionally and
  • spiritually

is very clearing for me!  

This statement assists me to remove self judgement from my life, and I know that I can easily let go of many of my less desirable human traits just by knowing that it is a new today and not only is the day new, I am too!
I am leaving behind all of the self judging thoughts  that hold  me back and keep me from becoming all that I am in all ways!
Good Morning!
What does your self judgement stop you from doing?
Peace, love, light and blessings
“White Eagle”

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~As you open your door to this day…. remember… you deserve all the riches of this world!

You deserve all the glory that the Heavenly world has to give to you.Open your day to this day..walk through it knowing, you are doing the best you can, with the tools you have with the lessons you were taught. Forgive yourself for any unnecessary judgement towards yourself.

  • You were only taught what you were taught.
  • You only did what you thought was right. as your door opens to this day..this NEW day…
  • begin it with a smile,
  • greet it with open arms, run with it, bask in it its glory….
  • Know that today is the day, you are going to start living..for the first day, in your entire life… this is YOUR NEW DAY… Your day, of becoming one… forgiving yourself forgiving others.
  • Start growing today. Today is your day. Your day, to change what it is you wish to change, let go of those who bring you down, make you sad, give you unwanted negative energy.

Open this door to your brand new begining… walk through it, and look straight ahead, remember where you came from for it made you..who you are today…. but then let it go……and walk through the door that is opened for you!!!

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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I bless the past with love, take a deep breath, and move gently into the new.

– Louise L. Hay-
Shared by “Kari”

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Every day you wake up is one more page in your book of life!

It is like a new begining or a fresh start and you never know what to expect.   If we did would you always want to get up. lol   We always do get up to be part of the adventure and  to be counted in our world.  So get up the world needs you!.  Yes this means you !!!!!

Have a great day of adventure!

“Wandering Eagle”

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The world as you know it is changing rapidly. You will notice that there are many who are now coming forward with the information that you need to have included in your life and in your conscious understanding. It is all about consciously understanding your world and how you create your own world through your thoughts, actions, beliefs and the structure of the world changing to accommodate the thoughts that you have.

Many you know are right when they say it’s not what you think but how you think that is the key to changing your world for you when you become aware of those things that you wish to change.

Others who do not understand what needs to go out into your world will learn. It is not complex, it is only simple, and needs to be kept simple for all to understand. Please remember dear one, that all you encounter are brain trained through indoctrinated teaching to do things in their own way, in their own time. You too, carry this indoctrination, however, you are becoming more and more conscious and aware of how this parochial thinking affects you and your world as you create it for you.

Be still, and keep moving through this stillness, taking steps of surety towards whatever exists for you in each precious moment. This is what life is about now. Small steps, not knowing where they are leading you but having the trust and faith that all will be as it is to be leading you towards fulfilling your life purpose and achieving your dreams.

Peace , love and light be with you on glorious day. We are with you as we are you and welcome you back to intuitively knowing that we are here.




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