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Farewell to my little friend who I gave no name, for she was a fish!

I  came home this morning from a night of work to find that my fish had moved on from this world some time in the night!

I find myself feeling sad, for just a fish,  she was a fighter!

From the day I found two of them left behind to starve in a apartment,  I couldn’t just leave them, and they became my friends.  One passed on two years ago now, however,  the last one. I seemed to have  given her a new lease on life!  She traveled to a few new spots with me and my small family.   At times we would play and that made her more special to me!

I find it kind of funny that I shed a tear for this little fish and at times I can’t find tears for others, but thats another story!

I only want to say to my fish, may your stream be wide and clear, enjoy the friends that have been waiting for you, and thank you for being that glow that made me feel like a good human.

I can’t believe how sad I feel and I know  I will see you again and when that happens that little glow in my heart will return to me.

Farewell my fish!

By: Wandering Eagle (Dean)

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