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The process of coming into being with oneself requires the confidence and ability to first understand who you are.

When you understand you, your abilities, limitations and are able to accept all that is from within you, you will then find that confidence is simply a word to describe what it is that you are gifted in and you will know that you have the ability to portray this in your world.

When all is measured from the outside and the opinions, abilities, and gifts of others are used as the device or measuring stick of your abilities, all can become lost, and becomes a means for the humans to hide that it is that they are.

No two human beings who walk the earth plane are the same, no two humans have the same abilities, and no two humans have the same purpose!

If you sit and watch two plants of the same species grow, do either of the plants grow exactly the same way?

Do they have the exact leaf structure; do they produce exactly the same number of flowers? Do they provide the exact amount of nutrients for the human being to consume?

No! It is the same for the human being, we may all be of the same species, however, at no time on earth plane do we do the same things, produce the same amount of children, eat the same quantity of food, or require the exact nutrients that another human being requires. All has been categorized on earth plane and the result of this categorization has created a measuring stick, which you are carrying through a lifetime.

This measuring stick is what is creating the lack of confidence in the human being today. All humans carry a gift and ability, which is unique to them. This cannot be measured from the outside; the measuring stick for you is you and is designed specifically for you by you from the inside out. Having the confidence to do what you need to do comes from within, without judgment, knowing who you are and knowing your purpose, your mind and brain will then be able to integrate your information with that from outside and you will ensure your success and be confident in doing what you know to do.

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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