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I bless the past with love, take a deep breath, and move gently into the new.

– Louise L. Hay-
Shared by “Kari”

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Meditation is a unique process for every unique human being. In order to honor your own personal journey through life. You may want to use the following two suggestions to begin your journey to experience the wisdom and wonder of you. Centering and progressive relaxation can guide you to the peace, love and beauty of the silent mind which is unique to you.

These two processes can be used to ready you for positive affirmations, giving thanks for all that you have, prayers, manifestation of change and movement in your life or whatever you choose for you.

Enjoy your journey.



Exercise for grounding!

Close your eyes:
Imagine the wall in front of you, the wall behind you
Bring yourself back to your center (Whatever that means to you)
Imagine the wall on the left, the wall on the right
Now Bring yourself back to center.
Imagine the floor beneath you, the ceiling above you.
Bring yourself back to your center!

You are now grounded, safe and secure in your physical body!

Peace, love, light and blessings as you travel through your day taking care of you!

Now do a progressive relaxation meditation to relieve all stress, all tension, and instill confidence, calmness and total relaxation.

Close your eyes and let your eyelids go loose, limp and totally calm.
Take that calmness and move it down through your cheeks, your nose, and into your mouth. Notice how your tongue is resting on the roof of your mouth, and let that relaxed and calm feeling move down through your chin, your neck and down to your shoulders. From your shoulders move the relaxed and calm feeling through your upper arms, your elbows and down into your forearms and your hands. Notice that your hands are loose, limp and totally calm, let all tension and stress move out through your fingertips, moving out of your body, freely and easily. Take that calm, relaxed feeling and move it into your chest, and into your diaphram which controls your breathing. Notice how your breathing is easy, and clear. Breath in calmess, relaxation, and healing……..Breathe out all tension, and dis…..ease that exists in your body,………..Breathing in healing and health, breathing out tension and stress, Breathing in calmness and relaxation, Breathing out all tension and stress………………..Breathe in and breathe out moving that calm, relaxed feeling through your stomach, your pelvis, and down to your thighs, from your thighs to your knees, from your knees to the calves of your legs, from your legs to the tops of your feet, from the tops of your feet down to your toes. Notice how all tension, stress and uncertainty leave your body through your feet and enter into the floor, all tension and stress gone as you move that calm relaxed feeling from your feet to the back of your legs, your thighs and through your buttock. Now imagine a magic set of fingers gently massaging all tension and stress from your back as you allow the fingers to move vertebra, by vertebra, by vertebra, by vertebra up to your shoulder blades, notice how the magic fingers massage, and gently move all tension, stress and uptightness out of your body, massaging and moving, massaging and moving, and now gently massaging your neck, moving vertebra, by vertebra right to the base of your skull, and then let the magic fingers gently move over your head, massaging in clarity, confidence and relaxation as they dance across your head, into your forehead and back to your eyes, now opening your eyes, feeling, calm, relaxed and confident to move through the rest of the day, free of tension, gaining clarity, health and wellness with each step forward during your day.

A Positive Affirmation:

I know that I am loved, safe and protected as I journey through life. I have comfort and joy in my life. I embrace success and I am open and ready to manifest this now as I move forward cherishing each moment now.

Peace, love, light, blessings, togetherness and being to us all!

“White Eagle

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Everyday we live our lives to the fullest!

We know that we are here on this earth to learn some of life’s lessons. Whatever your expectations, aspirations and experiences are, living your life may be difficult, full of problems, fun or wonder filled.

The Earth is a shared environment with all that is living within its space. Our space within it may be small, in our physical eyes, but we are playing a great part in its systems of living and growth. We are apart of something so much greater than we can fathom in the consciousness of Earth teachings. We simply can’t be conscious of all that is occurring. We are not meant to understand it all at once. This is why it’s a journey. It’s a journey of discovery. What a sad moment it will be when we lose our sense of discovery. A robot we will be – simply going through the movements only to be shut off when our purpose is accomplished. Humans are not meant to be so mechanical.

This moment is what is the most important. It is this moment that leads us to the next. It is this moment that our life being can be altered, can be celebrated and also can be completed. It is important to remember that we are not above the natural cycle of dying. Our journey as a human on this Earth is limited. The moments are not forever. So what is our purpose? What is your purpose? Our purpose is simply this moment. Anything beyond it doesn’t matter because that’s not our destination to control it. That is the bigger picture and we’re not the painter of it. Our art is this moment only. Stroke your brush assertively and be prepared to let it go when needed. Our destination and our purpose are to fulfill the greater destination that we may not understand at this moment. That is the gift of this moment, we are being guided to the greater understanding and all will be revealed when the moment is right.

Anticipate this moment. Anything beyond this moment we can’t be conscious of. We never know when our gifts of moments will be no longer in this reality. Understand that we’ll always be consciously unconscious, and it’s a beautiful mystery that is revealed to us each moment.

You are your own guide, you make the decisions and learn the lessons you need to learn in each precious moment of travel through your life.

Travel safely, wisely and enjoy your trip.

“Speaks with Wings and White Eagle”

Everything you perceive creates what you believe; everything you believe creates what you receive; everything you receive creates what you experience in this moment! This moment continues on to be all that is you in this lifetime.

When you change your perception, your beliefs change, by changing your beliefs, your choices change and your experiences change to create another precious moment in your life!

  • An affirmation for on your journey

I am free to be me, because my perception of me is real, I believe in me, and I am free to experience me every moment of my life just being me! I receive all of the lessons I provide for myself through my perceptions, beliefs and experience!

If I wish to change my experience I only need to change my perception, which in turn will change my belief, which in turn will change what I wish to receive, which in turn will change my experience in life.

I create it all! I am me, free and O.K.

“White Eagle”

Does it feel good to smile – you bet! Does it feel good to feel adverse feelings? – Absolutely!
Nothing is occurring shallowly. Our shallow being is simply our unconscious conscious. It’s unfolding; it’s purposeful; it’s necessary, and it’s relevant.
Being conscious is key. Vital to the balance. It is how we change the misunderstandings of the unknown. What we are conscious of, is no longer unconscious, it is simply known in this minute!

  • Another Affirmation:

Waking up to all that I am and all that I have from my unconscious inside to my conscious outside will serve me well on my journey through life.

Feeling what I feel, knowing what I know and being who I am moves me forward with my life. With every feeling I feel and every thought I have I am waking up to all that I am.

I am me, I am real and I am ready to change my thoughts and feelings to create each moment in my life as I wish it to be.

“Speaks with Wings”

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Self care is the most important factor in living life!

How often do we stop from our busy schedules to take the time to affirm, who we are, what we are doing and just be within ourselves honoring the wonder of life?

As I take care of myself I am happy and well!  My life is as I choose it to be in this moment!

Peace, love, light and blessings……..

“White Eagle”

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The word trust is a word, which  is used by all of you who inhabit the earth as a blanket word for acceptance through social conditioning.

This word creates much difficulty in the world today because it is registered outside of your being rather than coming from your inside out.

What does trust mean to you?

In asking human beings that question you will find that the responses from each human being vary, trust to one person may mean co-dependency in some area of their life, to another it may mean something to stay removed from, because they have placed their trust in another human being and have felt betrayed, used, manipulated, hurt or compromised.

The word trust when it is registered in the mind, applies only to your own personal ability to know who you are, what is your purpose and be aware of who you are from the inside out.  Some of the greatest problems that come to being in the world deal with the word trust.

Family systems are breaking down, organizational structures are failing, school systems are floundering, all around the word trust and the lack of understanding of what it means to every human being on the earth.

Do you trust your partner, family, friends, the systems that support you, and most importantly do you trust yourself and if so what does that mean to you?

In order to understand the word trust it can be broken down into a simpler word, which is reliability.

What can you rely on you to do?  What can you rely on others in your life to do?

When the word trust is broken down by the brain into the simpler steps of knowing what you can rely on you and others to do it is easier for the brain, the mind, and the body to work in harmony to achieve peace within you, your relationships and your world!

Peace, love, light, harmony and reliability to us all!

“White Eagle”

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I have so much to be thankful for!

Every direction I look in there are many beautiful people, places, beings and things to see, reconnect with and be grateful for.

Mother Earth, Creator have provided me with all I need to create and live a joyous and fulfilled life. I am truly grateful for my life, me and all that is in my life.

Thank you Creator.  We are all one, we are all related.

Peace, love,light, blessings and gratitude in this moment for all that is!

“White Eagle”

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The best things in life . . . are not things!


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Have you ever found yourself wondering about living in the eternal NOW and what that means to you?

I always strive to be in the here and now, not the past or the future, however, I constantly find myself missing much of the valuable information I have gained in the past and end up stuck and unable to move forward and help other people to do the same. I am a counsellor, advocate and trainer of people, and I am constantly having to shift from consciously knowing what experiences I have had in my life that relate to what it is that my clients are going through in order to be effective and responsible with what I do and who I am as a human being.
There are many times in my life that I have wondered about my past and what the reasons were for me having to go through all of the difficult experiences I have gone through in order to arrive in this moment today. In the past I used blame, shame, guilt, pain, and ignorance to cover my reality so that I could maintain what I believed to be my “personal safety“ . This kept me stuck in the muck of my life in order to have situations that were familiar to deal with. When I knew how to deal with all of the negativity, it was challenging, and profoundly simple to stay in the same place. I really did not like me or value me in any way. Today I like who I am, I also treasure many of the experiences I have had in my life, however, there are certainly parts of my life that I have dealt with and I have decided to move beyond, take ownership of my creation of them, and also own the means that I needed to work through the personal changes that have taken place because of the experiences. Amazingly, I have always known that there was a valuable reason for me to have gone through these experiences, and without knowing any different I just put it down to self growth, the evolution of my soul and the unveiling of my life purpose. I had been asking what the reason was once again, and when you ask the question, the teacher usually like magic appears.
My new teacher appeared a few days ago when I met with a wonderful young man who reminded me just how important it is to bring forward the memories from the past, and to relate these memories to where I have moved to today, no matter how negative these memories are!

Although we are all unique human beings there are times that it sure is important to share experiences with another human being, whether they are positive or negative, in order for us all to benefit and move into the realm of being the real, loving, caring and compassionate people that we are today!

Thank you to all of my teachers in the University of Life that I attend every second of every day.

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”  

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In my life I have spent a whole lot of time trying to get a handle on the word love.

What on earth does this word mean?

I have looked up the definition in the dictionaries, I have been in many relationships, have many friendships, worked with many people as a counsellor, and over the years I have found that no one really understands this word, however, we certainly all use it all the time. Here are just a few of the meanings from one dictionary:

1.a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2.a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent,      child, or friend.
3.sexual passion or desire.
4.a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.
5.(used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, or the like): Would you like to see a movie, love?
6.a love affair; an intensely amorous incident; amour.
7.sexual intercourse; copulation.
8.( initial capital letter ) a personification of sexual affection, as Eros or Cupid.
9.affectionate concern for the well-being of others: the love of one’s neighbour.
10.strong predilection, enthusiasm, or liking for anything: her love of books.
11.the object or thing so liked: The theatre was her great love.
12.the benevolent affection of god for His creatures, or the reverent affection due from them to God.
13.Chiefly Tennis . a score of zero; nothing.
14.a word formerly used in communications to represent the letter L.

After seeing all of these meanings I knew it was time to check out this word with Those Who have gone before me who are Me, so I called on the Channel Within! Amazingly, I found the answer that I needed to clear up this mystery word for me and I would like to share it with you!


Dear ones, the word love is different for every human being who encounters this word!

Love is intended to be a word, which represents the human beings undefined wholeness, which is being connected to all that is.

This word has been changed in it’s meaning with the evolution of the human. Every human understands this word in a different way from the outside of ones being. Love to one human may mean pain; love to another human being may mean happiness, to another joy, to another caring, to another anger, to another completeness. This word in it’s purest sense should be to be at one with, however it is through the outside conditioning in the world that this word is not definable at this time. The word love is being misused to define the relationships, which exist between two individuals.

What is your love language?

What were the messages that were given to you throughout your life, which led you to adopt the beliefs that you hold about love?

Love as it is defined today is simply an individual definition, which is registered in the brain of every human on the face of the earth.

There is

  • a love for you,
  • a love for your parents,
  • a love for your children,
  • a love for your friends,
  • a love for your life partner,
  • a love for the earth,
  • a love of animals,
  • a love for plants,
  • a love for trees,
  • a love for life,
  • a love for food,
  • a love for a video game,
  • a love for a rock,

When you see this word in this way, what does this word mean to you?

Does it mean that you enjoy being a part of all that is; does it mean that there is an accepted belief about what it is to every human on earth?

This word is one of the most un definable words that there is today, however, it is also one of the most frequently used words today, that is supposed to mean the same thing to every person who encounters another living being today. It is through this word that many of the social problems of today have developed and the structure of your society today is breaking down because of it. This word has not even the same meaning to everyone who encounters it when speaking of self-love. When the word love is used in the context of today’s social conditioning the problems which you will encounter are insurmountable, and this word is leaving doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and every person who walks the earth plane in a helping capacity stupefied.

In polarity, is love hate, and hate love?

The uniqueness of this word comes not from the inside of oneself, but from the social conditioning which exists in the world today.

When the earth plane came to be to the word love meant only to honour the unique self, to be at one with and connected to and to honour all of those who were a part of the earth plane for being unique and wondrous entities who inhabit the planet. Such a long way the earth has come in the definition of one word, which in its truest sense was one, which the mind registered at one with. This word created the direction and provided response able decisions to come from the uniqueness of every living thing, and provided the mind with the ability to censor individually what was spontaneous in this life. This word is no longer representative of the inner self and sensing, it is only representative today of what social conditioning defines it as.

We are very concerned about the state of the earth at this time, and the disguise of all that has come to be under the illusion of love. Love has now become a word of manipulation, conditioning and control over the earth and other human beings. In order to get back to the true definition of this word, it needs to come from within every human being, and the honour which is bestowed on yourself, can then be bestowed on all of the earth’s creations which will create what the world was intended to be; a true, and loving planet where all can sustain in beauty and life. This concept of love is a difficult one to write about, due to the fact that the conditioning of this word comes from a place which is outside of oneself and it is difficult to have people understand that there is not one definition for this word today that will fit with every unique individual who is on the earth plane. This word needs to be examined from an individual perspective, not from the outside of oneself, in order to determine how you fit in with the social conditioning of today, but to first acknowledge and define how this word fits with your uniqueness in life. In the case of the word love, so many of the human’s today are experiencing the pain of the brain creating interference with their precious unique understanding of the word love. When you remove all of the social conditioning and outside meanings of this word, you will find that there is a pureness, and innocence which exists within us all, and it is through this pureness and innocence that the true meaning of the word love will surface and lead you towards your purpose and a stronger unique self on the earth. When the word love is no longer synonymous with ownership, control and domination the earth will become a place of peace and compassion beyond what the human being has knowledge of in the now. Love will then be able to flow easily through every human being and the earth will flourish and sustain itself through the energy of the human beings who truly recognize their importance to the earth minus the social conditioning and brain training which is so accepted by the earth today. Peace, love, light and blessings to us all on this lovely, loving day!

I love you all, we are all related, we are all one!  Thank you Creator!

“White Eagle”

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When there is too much going on in my life I tend to withdraw and do nothing. Then I begin to feel guilty for doing nothing, and the more guilty I feel, the more nothing I do and I can’t move foward. Guilt is such a useless emotion. It creates no movement, I just get stuck in guilt! Now that I know this I have movement. and no more guilt. Isn’t conscious awareness wonderful!


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