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When a question is asked the answer will appear!

Sometimes waiting for the answer requires patience however, it does appear.

Peace, love, light and blessings as we await the answers……

“White Eagle”

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It always amazes me how the answers to questions arise not when you ask for them but when they are supposed to arrive!

Two days ago I went for breakfast and two people were there that I had never seen before.

For a month or two I had been hearing people talk about miniature horses and I was questioning what they were used for. As I sat at breakfast these two people introduced themselves and we got into a conversation about how they had moved here from a big city and how they now enjoyed a wonderful quiet life on the prairies raising their miniature horses. One of their horses is 29″ high. We talked and talked about what they do with them, how they become pets, and how some people even have them living in their houses. What a wonderful conversation and learning when it was least expected.

How often do these meant to be moments occur for you?

Peace, love, light and blessings
“White Eagle”

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