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Shared by “Redberry” Chantal
This morning I woke up with this question in my head!
What is wisdom???????????
over and over again
Finally the question stopped and the answer began to appear.
Wisdom comes from what you experience, observe , hear and feel in life.
Wisdom is asking questions, just as this is a question, and it is knowing the question you need to ask to get the answer that works for you right now!
When you receive the answer to the question, you  need to really listen, not just with your ears but with your whole being!
Then decide how it all fits with what you are questioning, and know how it feels for you inside, right here and right now!
This is wisdom and wisdom comes to you when you ask the question and put it all together for you!
I will ask questions when I need answers!  
I will listen in all ways and know that the universe is always sending me messages.  I am now aware of the coincidences, experiences that take place and I will know what fits and feels good for me now! 
Good Morning
What questions will you ask today?
Peace, love, light and blessings
“White Eagle”

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