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Heart to Heart Thoughts

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Be like the child <3
Be like the child

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Angels do come to you; they come when you ask them to. Angels that are aligned with your desire will be attracted to you, but if you have no desire, then asking will be of little use, for angels dwell in well-being, and it is in your own well-being that you will find them. If you wonder who the angels are, they are ALL that you see living at the same time with you and when you hold a desire, you attract like-minded people to you, and they for their part, become your angels. Everything stems from your “desire,” and THEN life flows letting angels do what they are here to do. “One”

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By:Observing Sounds of the World

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This morning I woke up in a bad mood and  it seemed that nothing I did felt right.  I was having great difficulty deciding what to do for the blog this morning, and when my mood is down, I sometimes really have trouble grasping the reality of life around me.  It was one of those days!

Just as I began to get really frustrated I quietly whispered that I sure wish something would just show up out of the blue for the blog so that I can rest all day today.

Within minutes entries for the blog began to show up from some very dear people who are in my life.

Thank you creator for hearing me and thank you to everyone who also heard and provided the wonderful and meaningful writings for today.

Peace, love, light and blessings
“White Eagle”

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I always need to be careful of what I ask for! What I ask for I receive!

Peace, love and light!


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