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Good Morning

A wonderful morning for an early start on our travels today!


I will keep my eyes open and be consciously aware of the beauty that exists in my life and travels.

Good Morning

What will you be aware of today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Hi miraculous friend, here's a special high vibe tip that has the potential of supporting us in creating even more physical, mental, & emotional well-being.</p><br /><p>Colors have a powerful way of awakening different senses, emotions & feelings within us. If we're feeling stuck or a bit off in some way, it could very well be shifted by simply changing the colors we choose to surround ourselves with. </p><br /><p>The color wheel below outlines how each color can support us on our journey. </p><br /><p>Many of us subconsciously already surround ourselves with colors we love, however it's fun to notice how different colors awaken different energies. </p><br /><p>As always, I love hearing your experiences!</p><br /><p>We are all in this together,<br /><br />Emmanuel
Colors have a powerful way of awakening different senses, emotions & feelings within us. If we’re feeling stuck or a bit off in some way, it could very well be shifted by simply changing the colors we choose to surround ourselves with.
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Indigo Love
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The Creator designed us to learn by trial and error. The path of life we walk is very wide. Everything on the path is sacred – what we do right is sacred – but our mistakes are also sacred. This is the Creator’s way of teaching spiritual people. To criticize ourselves when we make mistakes is not part of the spiritual path. To criticize mistakes is not the Indian way. To learn from our mistakes is the Indian way. The definition of a spiritual person is someone who makes 30-50 mistakes each day and talks to the Creator after each one to see what to do next time. This is the way of the Warrior. Today let me see my mistakes as a positive process. Awaken my awareness so I can see the great learning that You, my Creator, have designed for my life.
“William Windwalker”
Dr. Jeff Mullan
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Today is a day of awakenings.

  • Allow yourselves to see.
  • Allow yourselves to understand.
  • Allow yourselves to grow.

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Let us not look back in ANGER, nor forward in FEAR, but around in AWARENESS…
Simple Truths
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You are the Flame at the Tip of the Candle!

Meditation for the 100th day after the Tsunami.
It was exactly three months ago that the tsunami hit the Northeastern coast of Japan. Let us breathe mindfully, come back to ourselves and be with the direct victims of that gigantic catastrophe. Let us tell our friends there, those who survived the catastrophe, that we are with them, we suffer with them, and we need their courage and their perseverance to maintain our hope. During the war in Vietnam, I myself underwent many moments close to despair. The village of Tra Loc, near the demilitarized zone separating North and South Vietnam, was rebuilt by our Buddhist social workers after it had been destroyed by the American bombing, just because it had been temporarily occupied by the other side of the war. Our young monastic and lay workers rebuilt it, only to see it destroyed a second time. “Shall we rebuild it again?” our workers there asked. “Yes, we have to rebuild it,” I answered. The village of Tra Loc was destroyed five times, and we rebuilt it five times. We had to, because otherwise we could have allowed despair to overtake us. The young people came to me and asked, “Thay, do you think that the war will end someday?” We did not see any sign telling us that the war was ending. We could not yet see the end of the tunnel. But in order to protect us from despair, I said, “Dear ones, the Buddha said everything is impermanent. The war is also impermanent. It cannot last forever. It will end someday. So let us trust in the Buddha.” Dear brothers and sisters, please do not lose hope. We are aware that you are doing your best. Not only for you, but for your children, for your people, and also for us. We also need hope. Your courage and your compassion will help us retain our humanity and our hope. The situation is really difficult. But the world is with you. We are with you. The tsunami hit us all. You are the flame at the tip of the candle. It is hot. That heat reminds us all that mother Earth is calling for help. And you shine the light for all of us. We need the light in order not to be drawn into the realm of darkness and forgetfulness. You are children of the Buddha, children of God. Please allow your compassion and courage to be your guide. We need you. And we try to be present for you in every way we can. Dear brothers and sisters everywhere, please come back to your breath. Let us breathe mindfully to be aware of what is going on, and try our best to preserve our humanness. Thich Nhat Hanh
By: Thich Nhat Hanh

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Your words, your dreams, and your thoughts have power to create conditions in your life!

What you speak about, you can bring about. If you keep saying you can’t stand your job, you might lose your job. If you keep saying you can’t stand your body, your body can become sick. If you keep saying you can’t stand your car, your car could be stolen or just stop operating. If you keep saying you’re broke, guess what? You’ll always be broke.
If you keep saying you can’t trust a man or trust a woman, you will always find someone in your life to hurt and betray you. If you keep saying you can’t find a job, you will remain unemployed. If you keep saying you can’t find someone to love you or believe in you, your very thought will attract more experiences to confirm your beliefs. If you keep talking about a divorce or break up in a relationship, then you might end up with it.  In the search for Me, I discovered Truth.  The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settle for.

  • Watch your Character, for it becomes your Life.
  • Watch your Habits, they become character.
  • Watch your Words, they become actions. Watch your Actions, they become habits.
  • Watch your Thoughts, they become words.
  • Don’t be afraid to believe that you can have what you want and deserve.
  • Turn your thoughts and conversations around to be more positive and power packed with faith, hope, love and action.

In the search for Truth, I discovered Love.

In the search for Love, I discovered All that I am and what I believe in. (ME_

And in ME, I have found Everything.

Watch how your circumstances and situations begin to change when you change the way you speak

Do you agree with this writing ?

Yes___________ No___________

Do you know people who bad mouth other people?

Yes__________ No_______________

Do you know other people who:

  • Put other people down
  • Control others
  • Criticize others
  • Condemn others
  • Are sarcastic
  • Use cruelty as a means of control
  • Are bullies
  • Gossip
  • Are verbally mean
  • Won’t listen
  • Know that their way is the only way to live this life (know it all)
  • Are verbally, mentally, emotionally abusive within what they believe are acceptable limits.

Yes_______          No______

Do you do these things to yourself or other people?

Yes_______           No______

Conscious awareness of using these behaviors helps us to recognize and be responsible for our own behavior, and in turn will help us to stop being critical of others and their behaviors!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Today is a new day of new discoveries! Every day I am thankful for the wonderful experiences that I create in my life!

This morning the information that I received from my inner being was to be “aware of my spiritual pockets”.    This information certainly was an early morning eye opener.  What on earth is a spiritual pocket?

  • Within these spiritual pockets lies the wisdom of all of those who have gone before me who are me!

As I thought about this message I recognized that it is the opening to a spiritual pocket.  I do have many pockets of information that come to me out of what would seem to be nowhere, and these thoughts usually become the precursor to a valuable lesson that follows.  Now I know that today will be a day of spiritual growth and learning for me as I remain conscious of the moments, listening and immersing myself in my whole being (inside and outside).

Lessons like this one are what my guides relate to as being the spiritual pockets that house the valuable information that is needed to live my life fully and full of wonder every moment!

All I need to do is be aware that they exist, and listen with my heart and my mind!

Do you have spiritual pockets of information that show up for you?

Peace, love, light and blessings as you discover the hidden gems that are housed in your pockets!

“White Eagle”

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