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Today on my way home from work, I stopped at a corner store to buy gum…I didn`t need any..lol…but as I walked in the store there was a woman in tears, she was from out of town and her bank card was stuck in the bank machine…the cashiers could not do anything…I offered her my help, grabbed something flat and removed her card!
I got the biggest hug in the world and more tears! Poor thing! It was beautiful to see her straighten up her back and I watched her walk to her vehicle to gas up with the most beautiful smile in the world!
I am thankful the the world is still full of good people and that we live in a country that is war free.   I am also thankful that I am surrounded with these beautiful human beings!

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Don’t forget to LOVE your beautiful, gorgeous,
amazing self.
Light up the world around you with your beautiful SMILE ♥

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