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Shared by Veronique
In my life I have lived many places, done many things, met many people and I have always wondered where friendship fit into my life.  The people who have remained in my life are many, however, a lot of them I have not communicated with for a very long time.  I began to question whether or not these people were still my friends even though there has been no communication and this morning this is the answer I have been looking for.
   I send  my friendship to those in my life in my through caring thoughts, remembering, and communicating my love through sharing  every day!
Friendship comes from my heart and begins within me, it is called love!
Thank you for being a part of me,  my thoughts and a part of my life!
Good Morning my friends
How many friends stay in your life today?
Peace, love, light and blessings
“White Eagle”

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