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I’m human, I make mistakes. I’ve been hurt, I learn, I fall, I rise, I’m alive. I am what I am. Perfect or otherwise, I’m thankful for this life…♥~
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by Violet Vibrations

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Everyday we live our lives to the fullest!

We know that we are here on this earth to learn some of life’s lessons. Whatever your expectations, aspirations and experiences are, living your life may be difficult, full of problems, fun or wonder filled.

The Earth is a shared environment with all that is living within its space. Our space within it may be small, in our physical eyes, but we are playing a great part in its systems of living and growth. We are apart of something so much greater than we can fathom in the consciousness of Earth teachings. We simply can’t be conscious of all that is occurring. We are not meant to understand it all at once. This is why it’s a journey. It’s a journey of discovery. What a sad moment it will be when we lose our sense of discovery. A robot we will be – simply going through the movements only to be shut off when our purpose is accomplished. Humans are not meant to be so mechanical.

This moment is what is the most important. It is this moment that leads us to the next. It is this moment that our life being can be altered, can be celebrated and also can be completed. It is important to remember that we are not above the natural cycle of dying. Our journey as a human on this Earth is limited. The moments are not forever. So what is our purpose? What is your purpose? Our purpose is simply this moment. Anything beyond it doesn’t matter because that’s not our destination to control it. That is the bigger picture and we’re not the painter of it. Our art is this moment only. Stroke your brush assertively and be prepared to let it go when needed. Our destination and our purpose are to fulfill the greater destination that we may not understand at this moment. That is the gift of this moment, we are being guided to the greater understanding and all will be revealed when the moment is right.

Anticipate this moment. Anything beyond this moment we can’t be conscious of. We never know when our gifts of moments will be no longer in this reality. Understand that we’ll always be consciously unconscious, and it’s a beautiful mystery that is revealed to us each moment.

You are your own guide, you make the decisions and learn the lessons you need to learn in each precious moment of travel through your life.

Travel safely, wisely and enjoy your trip.

“Speaks with Wings and White Eagle”

Everything you perceive creates what you believe; everything you believe creates what you receive; everything you receive creates what you experience in this moment! This moment continues on to be all that is you in this lifetime.

When you change your perception, your beliefs change, by changing your beliefs, your choices change and your experiences change to create another precious moment in your life!

  • An affirmation for on your journey

I am free to be me, because my perception of me is real, I believe in me, and I am free to experience me every moment of my life just being me! I receive all of the lessons I provide for myself through my perceptions, beliefs and experience!

If I wish to change my experience I only need to change my perception, which in turn will change my belief, which in turn will change what I wish to receive, which in turn will change my experience in life.

I create it all! I am me, free and O.K.

“White Eagle”

Does it feel good to smile – you bet! Does it feel good to feel adverse feelings? – Absolutely!
Nothing is occurring shallowly. Our shallow being is simply our unconscious conscious. It’s unfolding; it’s purposeful; it’s necessary, and it’s relevant.
Being conscious is key. Vital to the balance. It is how we change the misunderstandings of the unknown. What we are conscious of, is no longer unconscious, it is simply known in this minute!

  • Another Affirmation:

Waking up to all that I am and all that I have from my unconscious inside to my conscious outside will serve me well on my journey through life.

Feeling what I feel, knowing what I know and being who I am moves me forward with my life. With every feeling I feel and every thought I have I am waking up to all that I am.

I am me, I am real and I am ready to change my thoughts and feelings to create each moment in my life as I wish it to be.

“Speaks with Wings”

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The wonder and the mystery of secrets!

Do we all have secrets?

Secrets are a wonderful way to embrace our individual uniqueness and be O.K. being who you are, and doing what you do!

Secrets are usually born in fear…the fear of not being understood, fear of rejection by not being accepted or doing what someone else would want you to do or be!

How sad in today’s society that we have to hide who we are and maintain secrets in order to not feel judged by others!

Peace, love, light and blessings to us all remembering that we all have unique ability to be!  (secrets or no secrets)

“White Eagle”

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Every human being, being who and what they are is moving towards  the achievement their own personal life purpose!

When this purpose and understanding is clear every human being on earth will recognize the importance of being who they are and will assist with the of creation and re-creation of our earth plane so that it becomes the way it was intended to be.  AT ONE MENT!

Dictionary Definition:

atone·ment (-mənt)


  • the act of atoning
  • satisfaction given for wrongdoing, injury, etc.; amends; expiation
  • OBSOLETE agreement or reconciliation

for this purpose it is:

At oneness or in a state of at one with everything that is within your realm of being!

This realm of being consists of all that is and is created only for you by you. This understanding will then become the electrical charge, so to speak, that will spark the universe and the earth into action and will create the ability for all humans to be without fear and retribution while they move forward to achieve their purpose in life.

Humans who are not being tend to categorize everything.

Your living has become a major filing system where everything and everyone has a number, code, letter, it has been broken down so that if it doesn’t fit into a system, it will be discarded. Even worse than being discarded it may have become misplaced into a category which may not fit for whatever it is and then the molding and forming by the systems which it functions in can take place.  The reality of the “now” has been replaced so human beings who do not fit into the categories may become the lost souls who are leaving earth school prematurely, unable to find what it is that they are supposed to be searching for from the outside driving forces.

It is these souls who have to repeat, and be re classified within the earth school system until they finally evolve into what it is they were all the time. “Simply a human being” in the now with purpose, focus, clarity and understanding of all that is.

The reconstruction of the earth is now underway, and it is time for every human being to understand that your purpose is clear. It is not meant for you to leave the earth plane, in order to come back to learn the same lessons over and over and over again.

It is the purpose of each human being to live their life, which will go on indefinitely as this is the life purpose that is the core of human evolution. Each lesson and purpose is clear to each unique human. It is when the purpose is provided for us through outside systems that the problems become insurmountable, and the human looses sight of who they are and what they are to do.

Clarity comes from the present, and the present is where you can find the harmony and peace that each of you are seeking.

The present to the earth is you being present attending the School of Life, The University of Life, securing your Masters Degree and continuing through with your Doctorate Degree until you have completed your life purpose on Earth Plane.

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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The most important resource I receive information from is me! I learn what I need to know from the information I gather every second and determine how it applies to me from the inside of me to my outside world. I am my greatest resource!

There are  times in my life that I need to dig out from what has been built so I can rebuild what I choose to have now!

“White Eagle”

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Do you understand what creative beings we are?
We are capable of manifesting anything we desire.
For we create “Our World” we live in.
From the inside-out. My view of the World I created could be totally different then your, but again it could be very similar. We have become so attracted to things, but truly do they serve our purpose?..we get caught up in the shuffle of live..striving for more & more materialistic things..driving ourselves to meet our desire & when we do..does it truly fulfill us? Or do we continue to look for more..this answer my friend is picture clear..we have fogotten who we really are..we have been distracted by worldly objects..this doesn’t define who we are..do we take these things with us when are time comes to pass on..no, we take with us, our spirit & soar to the other side with our memories in hand…so let embrace our “Power within” & realize we are spiritual beings having a human experience, here to learn & evolve back into what/who we truly are & feel that fulfillment that we all so desire! Together we can all then raise our energy vibrations & bring positivity into Our World…so we can all have Many blessings come pouring into our lives, showering us with Love, Peace & Light!

One of my spiritual guides not so long ago had said, Human Beings would maybe have not forgotten so quickly who they truly are if you all had of been called Being Human instead! I thought how true is that!

Luv to All

Red Feather

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There was a small community nestled in the foothills with an extraordinary view of the countryside. The people who lived here were extremely proud of their community and the beautiful scenery that could be viewed from their doorsteps. It was a simple place where everyone had a role and they all worked hard to keep the community beautiful.

Living in this community was a man who one day went from house to house, yard to yard and all over the countryside looking for something. This was his role, he was creative and was able to find many objects to sell and trade because everything was useful.

When a community member needed a unique item, tool, clothing, or useful object this man knew where to find it. He liked to find treasures and re=cycle them back into the community. He could always find a use for things that others no longer required. This man knew where everything was, and was considered to be very good at what he did.

This was an ordinary day and the community people watched this man as he searched, searched, searched and searched, however, this day he seemed to be looking for something he just couldn’t find. The people waited in anticipation for him to find an extremely rare find, but as the time passed, the man was still in search. One of he neighbours stopped to ask him what he was looking for, thinking that he might be able to help with the search.

When the neighbour asked the man what he was looking for the man replied “I’m looking for my horse! The neighbour thought he must have got the information wrong so he asked him again what he was looking for, and the man again replied only this time louder:


The neighbour scratched his head and quietly replied!

“Your sitting on it”!

The man thanked him, laughed nervously and rode away!

This story was shared with me by my dear friend and Medicine Man “Phil”

What are you looking for in your life that you cannot find?

Today many of us scurry through life searching and searching for something that we need or want, when in actual face we may already have it, but just not be aware of what we have.

It is important to become consciously aware because the horse that you are riding may be invisible to you!

Peace, love, light and blessings
“White Eagle”

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