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Bonne nuit à tous <3

There are times in life when my learning has been great that I just feel like a little puppy running around and around to the point of exhaustion.

Today I was chasing around after an invisible belief system that I took on as a part of my values when I was approximately 10 years old.  What an amazing learning, and what a lot of digging went into to determining where I had picked up this life value!


I am tired  and I am ready to let the information I learned today  settle in with ease knowing that  my inner being will guide me through this very important process as I sleep!  

I will wake up with clarity and completion in the morning!

What will you sort as you sleep tonight?

Good Night

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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A Message from the Channel on change!


This time is crucial, as the world we have all created through mass consciousness is in a state of disarray due to the indoctrinated belief systems of each precious human.  These belief systems are creating many of the difficulties that are arising in our world at this time.  These difficulties are not just within we humans, the difficulties are within all that we are connected to.  All that we are connected to is all that exists on earth and beyond.

  • Ÿ  The air that we breathe
  • Ÿ  The water that sustains us
  • Ÿ  The earth that we walk on
  • Ÿ  The sky, the moon, the sun, the stars and other galaxies
  • Ÿ  All other human beings, the animals, plants insects, the birds, the fish and all animate inhabitants of earth plane
  • Ÿ  All that exists beyond our reality of conscious understanding.

The shifting and changing of the earth are monumental and in line with the changes that are taking place within us.  Our thought patterns are creating much of the upheaval that exists in the world at this time.  Political unrest environmental issues, family discord and disharmony, relationship difficulties, social unrest and all of the other facets of your life are undergoing rapid transformation.

When we are aligned and centered within, our unrest is eased and we are in tune with I, as self.  This alignment then goes forth into all that exists consciously and unconsciously in your world as it is created by you.

It is important today to stay consciously aware of the changes that are existing within you, so that these changes may go forward in a way to assist all of earth plane and those who inhabit her, to grow and move into all that we may be,  in harmony with all that exists today.

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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There are so many things in life that I need to let go of !

My lack of conscious awareness, my stubborn behaviors and the belief systems that I carry can sure get in my way of me moving forward  in life!

This is what happens:

  • Conscious Awareness I sure am missing when it comes to doing the same things over and over again, especially when it has to do with the area’s of  my life that are of great value to me.  For example, I tend to do the same things over and over again with my family, friends and work without being consciously aware of what these things are and the affect this has on my life and the lives of those who are value to me in my life.  Many years ago I received some really valuable information while I was taking a course in life skills……It was, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it…..today I have to be consciously aware of this information that I carry, so that I can at least be consciously aware of what it is that I am choosing not to fix.  Conscious awareness allows me to live in the moment, not to recreate problems, however, I need to be aware of me, my behaviors and beliefs in this moment especially when I am running into problems, with being stubborn.
  • Stubborn Behavior.  This behavior tends to work for me at times and can sure work against me at other times in my life.  When I am being stubborn a lot of times I really have no idea that I am being stubborn and because of this lack of awareness on my part it is amazing how I tend to not realize when it is time to stop something, especially something that is hurting me or hurting those that I care about.  This again comes down to being consciously aware of what I am doing and when I am doing it especially when it comes to problem solving with myself or those I care about.  Conscious Awareness of this allows me to break free and let go of taking on or creating other peoples problems and take care of my own!
  • Belief Systems are so deeply ingrained in every human being and they tend to be a big part of  my learning process and the indoctrinated belief systems that I am choosing to maintain in my life.  The key for me to be aware of to bring me to conscious awareness of my beliefs  is to notice when I am expecting someone to change their beliefs so that they can believe what I believe.  When I am doing this I am always wanting another person or system to drop their values and beliefs so that they can be just like me, and certainly not be the unique human beings /organizations or systems they are with their own unique value and belief systems.

When I become consciously aware of these three important issues in my life, it sure is easier to let go of all of those things that tend to hold me back from moving forward in my life with my life lessons, learning and growth.

With all of this information being put out today, I also always need to be consciously aware of these things that I need to let go of in this moment, and through my conscious awareness I will also know when these things need to be used to help me grow, help others to grow, and we will all be able to move forward in our lives.

Life is full of polarities and in working with myself, this conscious awareness is a great part of the polarities that I have to have in my life to move forward.  Knowing when it is appropriate to use these things and when it is not will let me know when it is APPROPRIATE to LET GO for myself and for those I care about.

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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