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The Recycled Mind,  Meditation is a beautiful gift to give to yourself!
It can be done sitting, laying down, standing or even while you’re walking. Start with just a few minutes a day and you will begin to see a difference in how you feel.
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Health Benefits of Butternut Squash

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Did You Know…

… that laughter (even “fake” laughter or just thinking about laughter!) lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, boosts the immune system—and has even been useful in integrative cancer treatment?

Everyone loves to laugh, but few people know that according to research, laughter truly is “the best medicine.” Laughing confers such outstanding benefits for physical and mental wellbeing that it’s even being applied towards the treatment of serious health conditions such as cancer.

Just some of the functions of laughter include its ability to:

Boost the immune system and circulatory system
Enhance oxygen intake
Stimulate the heart and lungs
Relax muscles throughout the body
Trigger the release of endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers)
Ease digestion/soothe stomach aches
Relieve pain
Balance blood pressure
Improve mental functions (i.e., alertness, memory, creativity)

I have often wondered about the statement “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE” and this sure seems to confirm everything that I have found, so today remember to LIGHTEN UP have a good laugh and notice how you will feel better in seconds.

Peace, love, light, laughter and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Jeff Mullan

“There are no prizes in life for being miserable and negative and unhappy. There are amazing benefits for being positive and appreciative and hopeful. As you celebrate an optimistic view about life, you engage the power of the Universe that helps you make your life worth living.”

– Dr Jeff Mullan

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