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About your routines!

We have talked with you before about your need for spontaniety, and the importance of it in your lifetime on earth to you.  When you are spontaneous  You are a hand to the entire universe.  When you reach out and touch your hand to the hand of another being you will find that you are always in the perfect place and that each encounter is meant to be.  It is in this way that we influence each other, the earth and the universe, not by trying to be like another but only in examining what it is that fits with who it is that we are.   When it is learned that nothing in this life is accidental that we do meet ourselves in each person, place or thing that we encounter on earth plane, it becomes easy to understand our life experiences.  You have learned this lesson through being able to cross over into all lines of beingness!

We have used this as an example for you, should you only be following your routines, what happens to the spontaniety and the magic of meeting those who you meet in order to have the life experiences that you have.  If you are always maintaining the same routines, coming up with the same situations and knowing all of the answers only from one perspective, does it allow for spontaneous happenings in your life?

That dear one is a question that only you can answer!

Always remember that every human being is unique, and that there are those who require routines in order to function and live their life on earth plane, and there is many who need a combination of routine and spontainety, and there are those who only require spontaneous being.

Where is it that you fit…do you need to fit, or is that a part of being in a routine?

Peace, love, light and blessings as you work it through!

Channeled by “White Eagle”

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