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Today I wake to….

  • Thank the Creator, my maker and mother earth….
  • Choose to walk in love and peace…
  • Connect to the Earth,other spiritual beings and embrace my family.

Today I choose to…

  • discover and embrace my roots, my people, my ancestors and my saulteaux culture.
  • seek traditional knowledge and to learn the ways of the ancestors.
  • go to a sweat instead of a hospital.
  • seek and find healing through our medecine men &women instead of ‘doctors’.
  • acknowledge there is a Creator with no religion attached.
  • smudge instead of pray to a God in a church.
  • call on upon the ancestors and animal spirit guides instead of the saints
  • carry sweetgrass instead of prayer beads.
  • believe and live by the medecine wheel instead of the cross.
  • believe our greatest treasure is found within, in our creation..and not outside of ourselves.

Today I wish to…..

  • walk and dance to the beat of my own drum
  • sing my inner Song
  • give thanks to my spiritual family and for who I am
  • celebrate that I am loved,I am precious,I am free to be Me…

Thank You for Today!

All My Relations – Hai Hai

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