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365 Days of Inspiration – by Impact

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When we change the way we think about things or people , we can change our world for the better!

For  example:

When we look at people going through our garbage bins for bottles; the old way of thinking was

look at that bum and say things that where mean and hurtful about him.

For me now with my new way of thinking for myself , I look at how much these people care about our world to go and recycle our bottles, that other people chose not to do themselves .

So thank you all for trading the rat race in, for caring and just living for the moment and the day.

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‎”Any circumstance you find yourself in is only temporary and can change in an instant. Your attitude and state of mind is the steering wheel of your life, what you think about and project into a situation intensifies and eventually manifests in real life. Meet every circumstance with a positive outlook and when setbacks come – hold the course! The dawn WILL break!”

by Steve Haines

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What do you do when you’re not getting what you desire?

Change what you’re doing (and thinking)!

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Align Your Energy

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