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Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.
~ Rumi ♥

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If you can control your own life

  • to be free,
  • to share,
  • love all that there is,
  • be one with your world  and
  • to know truly that you are a great spiritual being and
  • know you can do wonderful things if you want to.

You will then  know that you can change the way you live or change the world that you are in with just your kindness for others and yourself!

This will then bring in more freedom for acceptance and love to flow into you.

This love will then shine from you to the rest  who are in your life and  will then be passed from them to the next person .

The feeling of true love and happiness when felt can never be kept to oneself, so pass it on!

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~GOd….. Grant me the SERENITY….TO ACCEPT…the things I CAN NOT Change
the COURAGE to CHANGE the things I CAN and the

When times are dark, and you feel no way out, hold this tiny little prayer close to your heart!! Your days will brighten, it will give you the strength to forge forward to another day and give you light, at the end of that seemingly long dark tunnel.

It will help you to understand… you can only change whats in you and with YOU.

NO ONE else.

Its their stuff. You will understand, and know the difference. You change a little at time, one minute at a time….. But you can do it…..Change is within and all aroud you. Hold this prayer close to your heart, and know… you are not alone, we walk with you every step of the way…..
Your Loving Guides
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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As we grow in this life there are stop signs in the way!

This is where we make changes, some good and some not so good, its all up to the person that is at that stop sign in that moment.
This is one of my stop signs:
As I was growing up, I was in a place that had total control of me.  I was pretty much not welcomed, abused mentally and was abused  physically hit by my caregiver, who I grew great anger towards (and still to this day, but not as much).  I am still working on this one.  I was a child and I was to small to fight back so I took my revenge out on the boys in my class at school  I was a bully!

I was like this for 7 years until one day I ran into my first stop sign.  This came to me one day as I was thinking to myself and I realized that I was mad at my caregiver and not my friends!

At that moment I made my decision to stop fighting!
Let me tell you when you live one way for so long its hard to change overnight, anyway as word got out I had to fight almost everyday to get home to prove I was not a coward. (Sorry to those who made that mistake then)!  My point is that it was time to change myself or I was doing what my caregiver wanted me to do and my world and life would have been a waste .
So at times it sure is nice to realize that there are stop signs that we can’t see until its time for change.

That was one of the stop signs in my life!
When you have a moment, stop, think of a time you made a change in your life and maybe you will see the stop sign that was there waiting for you or you might just find one that is coming.  It all depends on you!

Do you want to change the road your on now?

If so watch for the stop signs:

  • Stop,
  • Think and
  • Move on with your life the way you want it to be!

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‎”Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
~Harriet Tubman~
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 As I ride my horse through the cold field, I wonder where will we end up?

The snow has hidden the road. The road that leads to the happy ever after!

I can’t see it from here, maybe its over in the next world, but am not ready for that yet.

Once apon a time we were free , really free.   We had no bills and if you were thirsty you drank from any stream, if you were hungry you grew your own food, hunted and your friends were real friends. People cared about people, however, that was 5oo years ago, and it makes me wonder about this civilization.   Now we can’t drink from the streams,  grow food or hunt !

We all have to wait for our so called leaders to throw us their scraps, then to top it off ,we are not allowed to speak about these things or you can be accused of being a terrorist.

Yes, I know you are probably thinking that I am being mean but it is just a fact.  Prove me wrong if you can.

I fear the road that goes nowhere is full of good people that won’t say what they need to say,or put a stop to this crazy ride that everyone is on .  In the end we will all meet our fate together.on this path.

How do we get off this road ?

  • by being real ,
  • not believing the lies that are told to you
  • making the leaders accountable for all there mistakes  (even the ones that control our governments) the behind the scenes government and yes they are real.

however that may never happen.   If what I write makes you upset and angry with me thats just fine,  because it means that now your waking up because it’s in your head and it will stay with you.

In time we  will all put 2 and 2 together!

I hope it won’t be too late !

One world is all we have so lets try and keep it safe for us all !

“Wandering Eagle” (Dean)

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I was pondering and this thought came to me.  ” They say home is where the heart is and when we talk of home we think good things like:

  • love,
  • comfort,
  • acceptance,
  • a safe place,
  • makes us feel awesome,
  • and what a nice place it is”!

These times we live in now are so full of negative energy, so we get wars, everyone is fighting and you know the only way to kill or vanish these negative energies( its so easy we miss it ) is by just being happy ,and giving and receiving love, or just by giving a helping hand to anyone who needs it.  Even the smallest gesture of kindness and “bam” a good feeling comes over you.   What a feeling it is!

From that moment on you just put a stop to the negative energy.

Like a candle in the dark, you maybe surrounded by darkness but we will see your light from faraway and this will bring more light from the rest of us.   The more light ,the more the darkness fades and the negative energy is gone because as you know, evil or negative energy never wins period!   So enjoy because you can’t put a stop to forever and forever is you.

By: Wandering Eagle “Dean”

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