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The Witchy Way To Celebrate

Shared by “Muriel”

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What an atrocity when sinners come to pray
you must stand inside the lines if God will hear you plea

sorry you have not the rite doctrine
and hey remove your hat
but I just want the simple rite to pray
no wonder the sinners get chased away

every church wants to raise their flag
like phrases of old
yet kicking and angry christ became bold
it’s not the building or who’s inside
its not the robes or the ring
its a simple thing the man has made into a big production thing
now I believe a simple thing and I believe it’s true
about a savior that came for me and you
no fancy cloths or surroundings just a gathering of friends
no dress code or incense to hold
all common folk were there
and miracles did happen all along the way

now there is so many rules and sects that say they are the true church
yet caught up in the details so many sinners are left in the lurch
now Jesus was hated by those choosing to control
and its still the same today, so many options exist
and if you were to pick a faith
you’d be overpowered by the list
seems sort of funny when it started with friends and gods only son
we let our pride and control lose the lesson, become undone
we miss the truth in two simple words and try to control the plan


Light Keeper Many Feathers

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