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Today is the beginning of clarity in your world for you!

The clarity which you possess comes from within you and it has existed within for a very long time. This time is not what you would think of in psychological time, but it comes from time which expands through many lifetimes. This is a very important part of your journey through earthplane and as you gain this clarity and understanding of yourself, it will provide you with the vehicle to understand others who are travelling through this time with you now. Now is where it all exists within you and the access that you provide for yourself will be the access that others will gain from understanding how it is that you access you. Be clear, be patient and as you journey those who are not clear are on their own journey and will only learn what they need to know through journeying through their personal existence in earth space at their own unique speed, through being now.

The lessons that you are providing are your means of entering to a new realm of being, and we are with you as we are you.

Peace, love, light and blessings in this the eternal moment of now!

“White Eagle”

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I have just learned the value of dis-creating all of the things that I choose to no longer have as a part of my life!

The more I focus on what I choose to not have, the more I seem to attract it into my life.

I now know that I need to acknowledge it being in my life, own it and know that I  have learned what I need to learn from it being there and let it go!

The more I focus on wanting or not wanting something the more I seem to create it being with me. Dis-creation is:

  • acknowledging it,
  • feeling it,
  • becoming it and
  • letting it go!

Peace, love, light, blessings and clarity to us all as we dis-create and re-create our reality!
“White Eagle”

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“Sometimes you have to make clear to the universe what you DON’T want, before it can bring to you what you DO want!”

Blessings and Love

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In life there are two really important things that we do in making decisions!

The simplicity of this process usually escapes me and I tend to ignore this most valuable way of deciding and learning. I decide:

  • What I don’t want in life.
  • What I do want in life

To compound this process for me I usually have to go through all of the  don’t wants before I come to up with what I want.  For example:  I don’t want bread, I don’t want pasta, I don’t want rice, but I do want potatoes.

These don’t and do decisions can be quite difficult to arrive at, but once we’ve got it and are consciously aware of what we do want,  our lives sure can change!

Peace, love, light and blessings while you make your decisions today!

“White Eagle”

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Everyday is a day of making memories!

On this special day I wonder what memories I can create and what meaning they will have for me in the coming years?

How exciting!

One of the greatest memories I have in my life is the memory of my mother teaching me that life is to make memories.

When I first heard that statement  it did not have the same significance for me then that it has for me today.

With all of the NOW age movement, talking about living in the moment, that we create our moments right here, right now, my mind became confused with how memories fit into the creation in the present moment!

I was so excited when I finally got it last evening!

I have always been just like the elephant who never forgets, however, what it is that I was missing in the memory department was the fact that I can re-create memories right here, right now, into what I wish them to be and what they are and become today.

In my lifetime I have done many things that I am not proud of, many parts of my life have been full of sorrow, heartbreak, pain and degradation, however, each of these situations through memory can be called back and changed because of what I have learned from those experiences in my life.

Right here, right now, is where I call back  the old memory, add in the changes that I wish for now and re-create my life by living these changes in the eternal now.

When I understand living in the now, and the message that was forwarded to me from my Mother so many years ago, the two are meshing and I know that I am the person that I am today because of the memories and the recreation of the memories in this moment.

Peace, love, light and blessings on this wonderful day of re-creating all that you choose to change NOW!

“White Eagle”

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Have you ever noticed that when your day is chaotic, confusion follows and from this chaos and confusion clarity will automatically appear when you least expect it to?   Many times the clarity requires change, and change happens every moment of the day! I believe I need to be more open to change, and accept it as a major part of my personal growth and learning.
Peace, love, light and blessings during these times of chaos, confusion, clarity and change.
“White Eagle”

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Silently I sit
Trying to find the words
The source is so deep
It’s hard to understand
Why it’s taken so long to explode
I’m so strong,
I’ve led us all to suppose
And all because
I never could expose
The weakness I have felt
Or the rage I’ve had buried
So deep I did not even realize
I owned it.
The lies I’ve told myself
So no one else would know
That underneith it all is
A little girl who’s innocence
Was stolen and never had the chance
To just play and be a child
But was given the role of Woman
Long before her time.
And has carried that facade
Till the image cracked
And underneith it I discovered
A whole person
Who can really just
Be herself
To simply be
ME !

“Raven Wing”

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Close your eyes:

Imagine the wall in front of you, the wall behind you

Bring yourself back to your center (Whatever that means to you)

Imagine the wall on the left, the wall on the right

Now Bring yourself back to center.

Imagine the floor beneath you, the ceiling above you.

Bring yourself back to your center!

Now do a progressive relaxation meditation to relieve all stress, all tension, and instill confidence, calmness and total relaxation.

Close your eyes and let your eyelids go loose, limp and totally calm.

Take that calmness and move it down through your cheeks, your nose, and into your mouth.

Notice how your tongue is resting on the roof of your mouth, and let that relaxed and calm feeling move down through your chin, your neck and down to your shoulders.

From your shoulders move the relaxed and calm feeling through your upper arms, your elbows and down into your forearms and your hands.

Notice that your hands are loose, limp and totally calm, let all tension and stress move out through your fingertips, moving out of your body, freely and easily.

Take that calm, relaxed feeling and move it into your chest, and into your diaphragm which controls your breathing.

Notice how your breathing is easy, and clear.

Breath in calmness, relaxation, and healing……..Breathe out all tension, and dis…..ease that exists in your body,………..

Breathing in healing and health, breathing out tension and stress, Breathing in calmness and relaxation, Breathing out all tension and stress………………..

Breathe in and breathe out moving that calm, relaxed feeling through your stomach, your pelvis, and down to your thighs, from your thighs to your knees, from your knees to the calves of your legs, from your legs to the tops of your feet, from the tops of your feet down to your toes.

Notice how all tension, stress and uncertainty leave your body through your feet and enter into the floor, all tension and stress gone as you move that calm relaxed feeling from your feet to the back of your legs, your thighs and through your buttock.

Now imagine a magic set of fingers gently massaging all tension and stress from your back as you allow the fingers to move vertebra, by vertebra, by vertebra, by vertebra up to your shoulder blades, notice how the magic fingers massage, and gently move all tension, stress and uptightness out of your body, massaging and moving, massaging and moving, and now gently massaging your neck, moving vertebra, by vertebra right to the base of your skull, and then let the magic fingers gently move over your head, massaging in clarity, confidence and relaxation as they dance across your head, into your forehead and back to your eyes, now opening your eyes, feeling, calm, relaxed and confident to move through the rest of the day, free of tension, gaining clarity, health and wellness with each step forward during your day.

A Positive Affirmation:

I know that I am loved, safe and protected as I journey through life.  I have comfort and joy in my life.  I embrace success and I am open and ready to manifest this now as I move forward cherishing each moment in the eternal now.

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