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Nothing is nicer than having someone who appreciate you in the smallest things. Accepts you in times nhardshipe, comforts you when you are troubled, loves you no matter what and is simply happy for having you in their life.
Shared by “Sarah”

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A poor man asked the Buddha, “Why am I so poor?”

The Buddha said, “you do not learn to give.”

So the poor man said, “If I’m not having anything?”

Buddha said: “You have a few things: The Face, which can give a smile; Mouth: you can praise or comfort others; The Heart: it can open up to others; Eyes: who can look the other with the eyes of goodness; Body: which can be used to help others.”

So, actually we are not poor at all, poverty of spirit is the real poverty….

Shared by “Missr Holland”

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Spiritual Bliss

Shared by “Michael”

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Somewhere along my journey, I have come to learn that a vision is a calling of the Great Spirit…. The Old Ones say that when you are given a vision, it becomes your way of life… It puts the pieces together and allows you to know what it so, for you… A vision is not just sight, nor thoughts alone, or spirit only…
When a vision comes to you, it’s like a butterfly floating in the sky. It is the miracle of transformation. Following your vision is a choice that allows you to discover who you are, to get to know yourself in a precious and meaningful way… To discover your truth and sing the song that was written in your heart…
As you unlock the doors of your vision, a self-dedication grows… You grow into the unique and precious being you were created to be… Some of us travel many moons in search of our purpose, for others it comes earlier… sometimes we find IT, and sometimes IT finds us…
No matter how it happens… when that time comes and you get hit with great insight in your life, always remember to honor this gift and give thanks… by living the wisdom with which you have been gifted… May you find the courage to let go of old patterns and mindsets that no longer serve you…
You came from a place where life was based on Doing… You have now found your place where life is based on Being… May you find comfort in knowing that this way of life is rooted in a sense of belonging and connectedness to All of Creation… and that simply Being is enough, ideal and sacred…
We are all One, we are all related… Yet at the same time, we are each unique; blessed with our own visions, purposes and medicines…. May you learn to trust in yourself, in the Great Spirit that lives withIn you… and in the wisdom you were given… it came to you for a reason… and along your journey my girl, always remember, You define a life well lived… You are loved… You are precious. You do not walk alone…
For these words I give thanks to our Ancestors, my spirit guides, elders, teachers and my nikawi…. Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) hiy hiy – Redberry

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You are the light of my heart and
the comfort of my soul.~ Rumi

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Nature heals … and Soothes and Comforts.
In the Silence of its rich tranquility;
You often Find yourself.
Shared by “Kalika”

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When you wear what fits, the information that you carry from the inside out, you will find the comfort, confidence, and knowledge to be who it is that you are a precious and gifted human who is being in this world and you will wear your knowing with pride, which is unique only to you.
The confidence to do what you need to do comes from within, without judgment, knowing who you are and knowing your purpose, your mind and brain will then be able to integrate your information with that from outside and you will ensure your success and be CONFIDENCE:

The process of coming into being with oneself requires the confidence and ability to first understand who you are.

When you understand you, your abilities, limitations and are able to accept all that is from within you, you will then find that confidence is simply a word to describe what it is that you are gifted in and you will know that you have the ability to portray this in your world. When all is measured from the outside and the opinions, abilities, and gifts of others are used as the device or measuring stick of your abilities, all can become lost, and becomes a means for the humans to hide what it is that they are. No two human beings who walk the earth plane are the same, no two humans have the same abilities, and no two humans have the same purpose!

If you sit and watch two plants of the same species grow,

  • Do either of the plants grow exactly the same way?
  • Do they have the exact leaf structure;
  • Do they produce exactly the same number of flowers?
  • Do they provide the exact amount of nutrients for the human being to consume?


It is the same for the human being, we may all be of the same species, however, at no time on earth plane do we do the same things, produce the same amount of children, eat the same quantity of food, or require the exact nutrients that another human being requires. All has been categorized on earth plane and the result of this categorization has created a measuring stick, which you are carrying through a lifetime. This measuring stick is what is creating the lack of confidence in the human being today.

All humans carry a gift and ability, which is unique to them. This cannot be measured from the outside; the measuring stick for you is you and is designed specifically for you by you from the inside out. Having the confidence to do what you need to do comes from within, without judgment, knowing who you are and knowing your purpose, your mind and brain will then be able to integrate your information with that from outside and you will ensure your success with you from the inside out!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Change is like trying on a new pair of shoes!

When you first stick your foot in them you feel restrained, tight, and like something just doesn’t feel quite right.  As you walk around the store with them on, you begin to sense the ground that you are walking on from a new, different and sometimes refreshing perspective, or sometimes they just are totally uncomfortable and do not fit for you.  You may try on another size, a different pair, or decide at this time to go without new shoes and stay in the same ones because of the comfort you feel in them.  Eventually you know you will need to get new shoes, but the choice that you have in this moment is strictly yours dependent on your own comfort zone.

As a counselor I am always asking others to try on new behaviors, make changes and it is so important for me today to remember the shoe story, eventually all shoes wear out and so do behaviors that need to be changed!  It for sure is up to the person making the changes to decide what they feel in any given moment.

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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I was pondering and this thought came to me.  ” They say home is where the heart is and when we talk of home we think good things like:

  • love,
  • comfort,
  • acceptance,
  • a safe place,
  • makes us feel awesome,
  • and what a nice place it is”!

These times we live in now are so full of negative energy, so we get wars, everyone is fighting and you know the only way to kill or vanish these negative energies( its so easy we miss it ) is by just being happy ,and giving and receiving love, or just by giving a helping hand to anyone who needs it.  Even the smallest gesture of kindness and “bam” a good feeling comes over you.   What a feeling it is!

From that moment on you just put a stop to the negative energy.

Like a candle in the dark, you maybe surrounded by darkness but we will see your light from faraway and this will bring more light from the rest of us.   The more light ,the more the darkness fades and the negative energy is gone because as you know, evil or negative energy never wins period!   So enjoy because you can’t put a stop to forever and forever is you.

By: Wandering Eagle “Dean”

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Close your eyes:

Imagine the wall in front of you, the wall behind you

Bring yourself back to your center (Whatever that means to you)

Imagine the wall on the left, the wall on the right

Now Bring yourself back to center.

Imagine the floor beneath you, the ceiling above you.

Bring yourself back to your center!

Now do a progressive relaxation meditation to relieve all stress, all tension, and instill confidence, calmness and total relaxation.

Close your eyes and let your eyelids go loose, limp and totally calm.

Take that calmness and move it down through your cheeks, your nose, and into your mouth.

Notice how your tongue is resting on the roof of your mouth, and let that relaxed and calm feeling move down through your chin, your neck and down to your shoulders.

From your shoulders move the relaxed and calm feeling through your upper arms, your elbows and down into your forearms and your hands.

Notice that your hands are loose, limp and totally calm, let all tension and stress move out through your fingertips, moving out of your body, freely and easily.

Take that calm, relaxed feeling and move it into your chest, and into your diaphragm which controls your breathing.

Notice how your breathing is easy, and clear.

Breath in calmness, relaxation, and healing……..Breathe out all tension, and dis…..ease that exists in your body,………..

Breathing in healing and health, breathing out tension and stress, Breathing in calmness and relaxation, Breathing out all tension and stress………………..

Breathe in and breathe out moving that calm, relaxed feeling through your stomach, your pelvis, and down to your thighs, from your thighs to your knees, from your knees to the calves of your legs, from your legs to the tops of your feet, from the tops of your feet down to your toes.

Notice how all tension, stress and uncertainty leave your body through your feet and enter into the floor, all tension and stress gone as you move that calm relaxed feeling from your feet to the back of your legs, your thighs and through your buttock.

Now imagine a magic set of fingers gently massaging all tension and stress from your back as you allow the fingers to move vertebra, by vertebra, by vertebra, by vertebra up to your shoulder blades, notice how the magic fingers massage, and gently move all tension, stress and uptightness out of your body, massaging and moving, massaging and moving, and now gently massaging your neck, moving vertebra, by vertebra right to the base of your skull, and then let the magic fingers gently move over your head, massaging in clarity, confidence and relaxation as they dance across your head, into your forehead and back to your eyes, now opening your eyes, feeling, calm, relaxed and confident to move through the rest of the day, free of tension, gaining clarity, health and wellness with each step forward during your day.

A Positive Affirmation:

I know that I am loved, safe and protected as I journey through life.  I have comfort and joy in my life.  I embrace success and I am open and ready to manifest this now as I move forward cherishing each moment in the eternal now.

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