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Good Night

What a rainy but wonderful day it was today!

Today was our community Harvest Supper and it was great to see so many people turn out.    I talked with many people I haven’t seen in a long time.


I will sleep well and soundly with thoughts of the wonderful people who are around me in the community I am a part of!  

Good Night

How involved are you in community?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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  • Great compassion makes a peaceful heart.
  • A peaceful heart makes a peaceful person.
  • A peaceful person makes a peaceful family.
  • A peaceful family makes a peaceful community.
  • A peaceful community makes a peaceful nation.
  • A peaceful nation makes a peaceful world.

Maha Ghosananda

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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From DailyOM.com:

When we schedule too much in our lives trying to meet our obligations, we only end up draining our energy.

We all encounter obligations in life, from spending time with family and friends to being present at important functions in the lives of the people who form our community. Many times, the obligations are actually fun and fulfilling, and we want to be there. At the same time, we all sometimes experience resistance to meeting these obligations, especially when they pile up all at once and we begin to feel exhausted, longing for nothing so much as a quiet evening at home. At times like these, we may want to say no but feel too guilty at the idea of not being there. Still, our primary obligation is to take care of ourselves, and if saying no to someone else is what we have to do, then we do not need to feel bad about it.

There is a skill to balancing our obligations, and it starts with simply becoming aware of our schedule. We may notice that three invitations have arisen in one weekend, and we know that we will pay energetically if we attempt to fulfill all three. At this point, we can take the time to weigh the repercussions of not going to each event, considering how we will feel if we miss it and how our absence might affect other people. Most of the time, it will be clear which obligation we can most easily let go and which one we simply can’t miss. Sometimes we have to miss something really important to us, and that can be painful for everyone concerned. At times like this, reaching out with a phone call, a thoughtful card, or a gift lets people know that you are there in spirit and that your absence is by no means a result of you not caring.

Meeting our obligations to others is an important part of being human and not one to take lightly. At the same time, we cannot meet every obligation without neglecting our primary duty to take care of ourselves. We can navigate this quandary by being conscious of what we choose to do and not do and by finding concrete ways to extend our caring when we are not able to be there in person.

Shared by “Jarrod”


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At all levels of society, whether that involves our family, nation or the international community, the key to a better, happier world is greater compassion. It is not necessary to become religious, or to believe in an ideology to bring this about. The important thing is to develop our basic human qualities as much as we can.”
We all have the universal light within us. Some of us choose to acknowledge and nurture our light, while others walk through life oblivious to the power they hold within them.

I believe that with our awareness of this light, we also have the responsibility to recognize it in others, especially when it’s difficult to do so. If everyone spent a few minutes every day making the effort to be more compassionate toward others, what a wonderful transformation would occur!

Author Unknown

Shared by “Veronique” in October 2010

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On the path to spiritual maturity we hear the call of selfless service to humanity.

Strengthen your heart’s receptive qualities and let go of the barriers we built to protect our hearts, so we may feel the needs of others.

There is joy in service, find your strength, your skill, that can benefit the community.

Dharma Talks

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The more contact we have with one another and the more we come to understand each other’s values, the greater will be our mutual respect.-

“Author Unknown”

Shared by “White Eagle”

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I am grateful for my beautiful family and friends, and all the teachers along the way. It takes a community to feel whole.

“Speaks with Wings”

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Lately I have  had the opportunity to become more grounded in myself and because of this I am much more aware of what is happening in my world as I create it for me!

Every day I am in touch with many people who are really floundering with their own personal self awareness and the difficulties that this is creating for them in their lives.

The energy in our world is shifting and it is as if the universe is stating to us…..”grow”, it is time to understand yourself, your perspectives, your beliefs and your thoughts and how they all create your world!

They key for me in understanding my world today is to remain objective with the clear understanding that:

  • No two situations are ever the same
  • No two thoughts are ever the same
  • No two beliefs are ever the same
  • No two perspectives are ever the same
  • No two people are ever the same
  • No two families are the same
  • Nothing that I know of in my world is a total matching duplicate of something else.
Some much of my training and education in this world has been to learn to put everything into categories, boxes, and treat everything as being the same.
In order to be self aware and have autonomy in my world, I need to break from that indoctrinated system and just allow all things to be unique!
This indoctrinated system that I have followed for many years no longer fits for me and has created much of the intensity that I have created in my life for me in this moment.
Being objective moves me into self awareness, self acceptance and the conscious ability to create and re-create what is necessary for me to change or maintain in this moment!
Objectivity in this moment requires that I listen to myself, listen to others and make a decision based on what it is that will work considering both perspectives!  Objectivity works wonders in dealing with:
  • Self
  • Family
  • Business
  • Education
  • Community
  • All situations in life
  • Every moment you create and
  • With every person you create it with!
Peace, love, light and blessings!
“White Eagle”

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Today is one of those days when everything I have to do requires me to be super strong, disagree with others who are attempting to lead me in a direction that does not at all match with who I am!

I really dislike having these kind of days, so I have been keeping my thoughts positive, and the most positive thing that keeps coming forth to me is that I need to take care of me, stand up for the beliefs that are coming from my perception of the situations that I am involved with and create a positive reality for all of the community that is very important to me at this time in my life!

The old saying “When the going gets tough the tough get going”! really does apply to me today, and within me is the strength to stand up to what I need to in order to create a win/win situation for everyone who is involved.

Peace, love, light, luck and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Our world sure is changing rapidly right now!

Every system:

  • Family
  • Work
  • Education
  • Leisure
  • Community

Every sub-system that is apart of these systems and the systems that make up those sub systems and all of the continuing systems and sub systems are all changing in the blink of an eye!

I sure can feel overwhelmed!

How do I manage to stay on top of all of these systems that exist in our society today?

  • Simply be real,
  • Go with the flow
  • Understand that I am not perfect,
  • Do not get lost in the systems,
  • Maintain my balance at all times (Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually) and
  • Learn everything I can in the moment I exist in (what I do want and what I don’t want in my world)!

Peace, love, light, self care, balance and blessings during these quickly moving and changing times!

“White Eagle”

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