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Good Morning

As I woke up this morning, I was feeling totally connected to it all!

I felt the earth that I walk on, the air that I breath, the trees, bushes, shrubs, plants, people, animals, birds, and what a wonderful feeling this is, the feeling of connection!


I will honor my feeling of connection and understand that we are all one, we are all a part of this wonderful world and universe.  I know that as I honor this connection it will radiate from me to all others I encounter as I move through my day!

Good Morning

How connected are you to our Mother Earth?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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We are connected to Mother Earth, touch, enjoy and conserve her beauty, inspiration and healing qualities. All life comes from the Mother and All life returns, appreciate the purpose and power of creation. Be a good steward of her and she will work with you.

Shared by “White Eagle”

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The word love has become to be different from every human being who encounters this word. Love was intended to be a word, which represents the human beings undefined wholeness, which is being connected to all that is. This word has changed in it’s meaning with the evolution of the human. Every human understands this word in a different way from the outside of ones being. Love to one human may mean pain; love to another human being may mean happiness, to another joy, to another caring, to another anger, to another completeness. This word in it’s purest sense should be to be at one with, however it is through the outside conditioning in the world that this word is not definable at this time. The word love is being misused to define the relationships, which exist between two individuals.
What is your love language?

What were the messages that were given to you throughout your life, which led you to adopt the beliefs that you hold about love?

Love as it is defined today is simply an individual definition, which is registered in the brain of every human on the face of the earth.
When you see this word in this way, what does this word mean to you. Does it mean that you enjoy being a part of all that is; does it mean that there is an accepted belief about what it is to every human on earth? This word is one of the most un definable words that there is today, however, it is also one of the most frequently used words today, that is supposed to mean the same thing to every person who encounters another living being today. It is through this word that many of the social problems of today have developed and the structure of your society today is breaking down because of it.

  • There is a love for you,
  • a love for your parents,
  • a love for your children,
  • a love for your friends,
  • a love for your life partner,
  • a love for the earth,
  • a love of animals and
  • a love for life.

This word has not even the same meaning to everyone who encounters it when speaking of self-love. When the word love is used in the context of today’s social conditioning the problems which you will encounter are insurmountable, and this word is leaving doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and every person who walks the earth plane in a helping capacity stupefied.

In polarity, is love hate, and hate love?

The uniqueness of this word comes not from the inside of oneself, but from the social conditioning which exists in the world today. When the earth plane came to be to the word love meant only to honor the unique self, to be at one with and connected to and to honor all of those who were a part of the earth plane for being unique and wondrous entities who inhabit the planet. Such a long way the earth has come in the definition of one word, which in its truest sense was one, which the mind registered at one with. This word created the direction and provided response able decisions to come from the uniqueness of every living thing, and provided the mind with the ability to censor individually what was spontaneous in this life. This word is no longer representative of the inner self and sensing, it is only representative today of what social conditioning defines it as. We are very concerned about the state of the earth at this time, and the disguise of all that has come to be under the illusion of love. Love has now become a word of manipulation, conditioning and control over the earth and other human beings. In order to get back to the true definition of this word, it needs to come from within every human being, and the honor which is bestowed on yourself, can then be bestowed on all of the earth’s creations which will create what the world was intended to be; a true, and loving planet where all can sustain in beauty and life. This concept of love is a difficult one to write about, due to the fact that the conditioning of this word comes from a place which is outside of oneself and it is difficult to have people understand that there is not one definition for this word today that will fit with every unique individual who is on the earth plane. This word needs to be examined from an individual perspective, not from the outside of oneself, in order to determine how you fit in with the social conditioning of today, but to first acknowledge and define how this word fits with your uniqueness in life. In the case of the word love, so many of the human’s today are experiencing the pain of the brain creating interference with their precious unique understanding of the word love. When you remove all of the social conditioning and outside meanings of this word, you will find that there is a pureness, and innocence which exists within us all, and it is through this pureness and innocence that the true meaning of the word love will surface and lead you towards your purpose and a stronger unique self on the earth.

When the word love is no longer synonymous with ownership, control and domination the earth will become a place of peace and compassion beyond what the human being has knowledge of in the now.

Love will then be able to flow easily through every human being and the earth will flourish and sustain itself through the energy of the human beings who truly recognize their importance to the earth minus the social conditioning and brain training which is so accepted by the earth today.

Peace, light, blessings and much love

“White Eagle”

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Judging others, is judging self
For we are the mirror image of one another
We can see the reflection of ourself in someone else
Whether we realize it or not we are all connected
The Creator made us to be as One
Judging others is only allowing “ego” to take over, holding us back
Instead of analyzing another, have acceptance of self first
then you will come to the realization that another is exactly where they need to be at this time, send them love, understanding & pray
for their growth, if we want Our World to be safe, loving & free
we need to release judgement & expectations we have of one another for sometimes we think others should meet our standards
We all grow at different rates, this was Our Creators plan all along
so we can help one another, so sometimes we are the student, next time we are the teacher, we are all equal in the eyes of Our Creator..So, let’s walk together with a open heart & set judgement aside..ALL together we can walk this path of life, shining our lights for each other to see more clearly the road ahead, or lend a hand when someone falls to help them back up so we can be on our way
We can be the Voice to give encouragement when someones too tired to continue on..for together is the Way to be the change
To make Our world be as it was long ago..Peaceful, Loving & Full of Breathtaking Light! Stand with me & ALL together we can all become Our True Authentic Selves!

Many Blessings

“Red Feather”

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As I open and connect to everything that exists around me, an overwhelming emotion emerges within my body. This emotion is the total connection of love and peace that comes from within me and surges out from me to all within my reality at this moment in this space and time.

It’s all here, right now!

The expansion from myself through emotion to everything existing on earth plane provides me with an overwhelming sense of connection, harmony and gratitude, for every living creature on earth. I know that it is time for all to come together in peace and harmony with all that exists in our world. This peace and harmony will begin with me finding it within myself, as you find it within yourself. It is called coming from the “heart” or the inner being. This is our spiritual connection to the universe and beyond or “all that is”.

Mass consciousness, as it is understood from the outside of me, has a strong mental, physical, emotional and spiritual link to what I personally require in my world as I create it for me. Expansion of me, “a human”, assists me to understand that I am the key through my personal wellness to the wellness of my earth and all that exists in my world for me. My continual presence mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually is my present, a gift to me, to my earth, and to all that exists in this moment with me NOW. This gift has been left dormant within my being for a very long time.

I am now awakening to the valuable insights that are provided to me through those who have gone before me, who are me. This is the “Silent Knowledge of the Channel Within,” “The Gift of Mind, Body, Emotion and Spirit,” that is me, that I now give to you.

Peace, love, light and blessings be with you in this monumental moment which is NOW.

It is from this “Channel Within,” that these messages are forwarded to you and to your world as you create it in the eternal now.

This has appeared on this blog as the “Silent Knowledge of the Channel Within” in October……It was fitting for me to remind myself and others of the importance of writing our stories and connecting with ourselves and others!

From my channel to yours:

“White Eagle”

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To You from Those Who Have Gone Before You Who Are You

This time is crucial, as the world we have all created through mass consciousness is in a state of disarray due to the indoctrinated belief systems of each precious human. These belief systems are creating many of the difficulties that are arising in our world at this time. These difficulties are not just within we humans, the difficulties are within all that we are connected to. All that we are connected to is all that exists on earth and beyond.
 The air that we breathe
 The water that sustains us
 The earth that we walk on
 The sky, the moon, the sun, the stars and other galaxies
 All other human beings, the animals, plants insects, the birds, the fish and all animate inhabitants of earth plane
 All that exists beyond our reality of conscious understanding.
The shifting and changing of the earth are monumental and in line with the changes that are taking place within us. Our thought patterns are creating much of the upheaval that exists in the world at this time. Political unrest environmental issues, family discord and disharmony, relationship difficulties, social unrest and all of the other facets of your life are undergoing rapid transformation.
When we are aligned and centered within, our unrest is eased and we are in tune with I, as self. This alignment then goes forth into all that exists consciously and unconsciously in your world as it is created by you.
Many are now coming forward and doing work to assist the earth and all on the earth in human and animate form. Those who are assisting are risking much as there are others who do not wish to see their earth change and grow. The time for this change is now. As you live in the eternal moment, know that changes are taking place within all humans who are ready to see their world in an exciting and improved state of being. This improved state of being is the natural condition of universal order. This universal order is not new, it is ancient and we from ancient times understand this change. We encourage all on earth plane to be who you are. It is through self truths and inner knowing that you will move forward.

When you speak of Creator, God, or whatever title you wish to place on the entity of your creation it is relevant. These Creator’s, are coming through you, as they are coming through each individual and creature that exists on earth plane today. We are all connected through creation. Creation is the conscious understanding of your thought processes and how these thoughts create your experiences and reality. There are many in your world, that talk of intent and beliefs. This intent tends to come from knowledge gained from the outside of the human being. This knowledge that is obtained from the outside is valuable, provided that it does not set, and form the beliefs and experiences of those who are listening only to the outside.
 It is important to take the time to journey inside.
 Determine how this information from the inside affects your outer intent and structures your beliefs.
 This will in turn affect your world and how you choose to live.
 You are all a part of the wonder of the universe and you are creating it as it is meant to be not only for you, but for all who exist on earth plane.
All human beings on earth today have gifts and abilities of which you are not consciously aware of!
These gifts and abilities have been covered by indoctrinated beliefs, social conditioning, parochial thinking or brain training. The lack of knowledge and integration of what we know outside of this brain training keeps us from being who we truly are:
Simply a Human Being who is learning life lessons to move you forward, moment by moment in the eternal now!

“White Eagle”    

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