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  1. Perfection is a process that changes rapidly and is never fully achieved.
  2. When I learn to listen to myself, it sure is easier to hear other people.
  3. I am what I believe I am and my beliefs change moment to moment.
  4. What I ask for I receive, so I really need to know what I am asking for  so I know what I will receive.
  5. My perception is my reality, and it changes moment to moment.
  6. Setting boundaries is like building bridges so conscious awareness of my boundaries ensures that I don’t need to jump too far to change my boundaries if I need to.
  7. Every moment of my life is precious and real so being aware of this moment is a gift to be cherished.
  8. Judging others is really judging myself so what I say is about me, not about anyone else.
  9. Life is a process of unlearning many of the things I have learned in my life that no longer work for me.
  10. My happiness is all about me and how I respond to everything in my world for me.

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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When you focus less on “knowing” and “creating” and more on “noticing”  and ” allowing” you give the Universe permission to blow your mind.

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Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
– George Bernard Shaw~
Human Empowerment

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Today I believe I will create the opportunity to see or experience something magical in my life!  Yesterday it was an Eagle cloud formation!

I have no idea what it will be today,however, I will recognize it when it arrives and I know that living my life in the moment will provide me with many magical moments throughout my day!

I wonder which moment today will be the greatest with the most magic?  Maybe it was this one!

Peace, love, light and blessings on this magical day of magical moments!

“White Eagle”

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‎”Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw ~

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When I am human I am into my thoughts and creating only from my thoughts!

When I am being I am into the reality of my life and creating what is real for me in this moment!

The ideal for me is to create every second of every day in thoughtful reality.

When I am into thoughtful reality I am the unique human being that I am  creating all that is real for me in this moment!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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For many years of my life I tended to blame others for who I was, where I was at in my life, and what I could and could not become.  All of these things were not up to me, it was in fact for other people to decide based on their issues and their problem…..Not mine!

In a strange way, someplace within me I knew that this was a smokescreen meant to keep me safe and secure in old behaviors and ways of being that I believed were comfortable for me!  I couldn’t have been more wrong for me in that moment!

One day I had the realization that time was going by and I had not shifted, readjusted my needs, wants, feelings and beliefs to fit with where I was on that day!

What a realization, I was 20 years behind myself!

It was time to change but how on earth was I to do that?

I worked and worked at attempting to come up with a plan and finally I got it!  Just be me, but I certainly had no idea of what that meant and who I was!  That is the day I began to live in the moment and be really focused in that moment as it arose!

I learned that:

  • Being in the moment is being me
  • No one really knows themselves unless they do live in the moment
  • My thoughts change momentarily
  • My behaviors change momentarily
  • My feelings change in an instant
  • No two situations are identical, nor have they ever been identical
  • My beliefs change with me as I learn and grow
  • I am totally responsible for me
  • I am response able for my actions, I decide
  • My thoughts create my reality
  • I choose it all in my life
  • THEREFORE, I create it all ….my thoughts, behaviors, feelings and beliefs!

Knowing these things today has freed me from having to put up smokescreens with my behaviors and actions to keep me safe…..I have learned to be safe, just as I am, in this moment, right here, right now and I do have the choice in this moment to be me, real, alive and move from moment to moment with or without any preconceived beliefs and outcomes.

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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I have never been what could be called a patient person!

People around me have always laughed because when it comes to me having to wait for anything, patience is a swear word and is not a word or action that fits into my reality.

Today my reality has shifted so much that patience is no longer an issue for me. Now that I live in the present moment and create in the present moment there is nothing to be patient about. It is knowing that I have created it now and let it go knowing  it will become reality when the time is right. That requires no patience at all, it just is!

Peace, love, light and blessings while we live in the present moment!

“White Eagle”

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Life can be serious or life can be!

Today is a day for being, accepting, creating, deciding, laughter, tears, joy, love, excitement and buying a new bathtub!

Amazing how my thoughts and creations change moment to moment and by staying in the moment and creating what I need and want right here, right now, I will get the new bathtub I need and want today.

What a creation!

Happiness in this moment is a new bathtub. Gotta love life!

Peace, love, light, blessings and happiness in this moment!

“White Eagle”

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It is a new day of beginnings now that you know to dis-create what you choose to not have in your life.

You now have a broader perspective and clearer intent because you have been learning lessons that assist you to remain clear and focused on being in your world as you create it for you. This world that you create will become your own utopia of experiences that are meant only to enlighten you to be all that you are from your inside to the outside of you.

Dear one, the lack of knowing and intent comes from your inability to get in touch with the inside of you through what is known as intuition or knowing. Intuition is one of the greatest gifts that is given to all who walk earth plane today!

Intuition is you!  Intuition is what provides the energy to link into the thoughts that create the manifestation of all that occurs in your world today.  There are some questions to consider that help you to become consciously aware of what it is that you manifest in your life.

  • What is it that you are manifesting?
  • How is it that you manifest through intuition the thoughts that create the energy that move you forward into the creation and co-creation of all that is?
  • It has been stated that we are all one, and if your intuitive ability not be in sync with all that is in your world today, What will you end up manifesting for you, your world, your universe and all that exists for you.

Intuition is the base for thought, thought is the base for creation, creation is the flow of energy from you that becomes all that is!

You are now asking “What is manifest?”

  • obvious: clear to see or understand
  • show something clearly: to make something evident by showing or demonstrating it very clearly
  • appear: to appear or be revealed

Manifestation simply begins from intuition, your inner knowing, that is your humanly right to be all that you are.  In being all that you are dear ones, know that your thought patterns create the waves of energy that bring forward exactly what it is that you are asking for!

Peace, love, light and blessings as you create and dis-create in your life on earth!

“White Eagle”

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