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~ Imagination is the beginning of creation ~
‎~ Imagination is the beginning of creation ~

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“When you have fear, you are informing the Creator of Existence that you have no trust. You are not respecting the power of the Creator. You do not believe that the Creator loves you and wants for you all that is the best. You do not trust your soul to guide you wisely. You are looking at the face of creation and fearing that creation, that abundant force of manifestation. You doubt yourself worthy of accepting the best, thus you are drawing to yourself that which is painful. And the pain creates even more fear. Fear is a closed door and does not allow either miracles or the power of creation to enter your life. This is the cycle in which Humankind has been immersed. This is the cycle that needs to be broken. The new evolution can begin with you if you will allow yourself to trust the Creator and your soul.”


Lauren Zimmerman
Shared by “Brigitta”

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When I believe I have limitations I create them!

Excuses help me to maintain these limitations and not grow, especially with things that I need to do that are not a part of what I perceive is my passion.

Today I will be  consciously aware of my perceived limitations knowing that I do create it all without limitation!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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As I travel this road of life in our world with you, I give thanks to creation for the world we get to stay in, to experience life here!

I give thanks for my existence and the knowing that no matter what happens in this world I will never stop existing,  for once in creation you can never stop this ride!   It is forever!

Time is of no importance to the life we have outside of our body .

This is just a school we live in and the graduation is just apart we all have to do and everyone gets to move on to the next class.

Like any school, the better you do your part, the better the outcome and the ones who fail well it’s back to grade one until they get it.

A free mind and spirit is worth more than all of the gold in this world for a free person has no need for silly trinkets, for the real reward is to enjoy what we have, not what we can show off.

We only take what is real to the next school and in the next school the answers that we seek from this school are shown to us .

A free human is not a follower or a leader they are just here to enjoy what they can and try to show others that it is OK to just be yourself and being yourself is way better than trying to live someone else’s life .

Many people in all reality (ie: some movie stars and musicians) may not be happy because they are not free to live their lives in peace , like you do,  so give thanks for just being you!

If you need something to believe in, believe in yourself because you know that you are real!

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In stillness we become non-separate energy and we bring that into our individual expressions of loving intention for everyone. We begin to intend and thus create our life, truth and love into form. Let us share truth and love unselfishly with the universe.

Dharma Talks

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Imagination is one of the greatest tools that exists in my Personal Toolbox of Life!

Whenever I run into difficulties or I am feeling out of sorts, I simply ask  myself this question:

  • How do I want this situation to be?

and then I give myself the direction to

  • Imagine it!

by  doing  this I create everything within me to match what my imagination wants it to be and magically, I begin to feel the way I choose to feel, and the situation becomes the way I have chosen it to be right now in this moment.

Enjoy your imaginings!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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I used to read the newspaper every morning on my bus ride to work!

After I finished reading it, I would begin to feel down, depressed, inadequate, and generally afraid of this world that I live in!

When I began to realize the negativity that existed in the newspaper, I jokingly, one day told my co-workers that I would quit reading the newspaper and listening to the news so that I could one day write a GOOD NEWS NEWSPAPER to replace all of the negativity that exists in my world.

Until this point I have never looked at what this blog actually is……..


This is sure proof that when you put a thought out into your world, it happens, sometimes when you don’t even realize what it is that you have done and it can be many years later!

Here’s to conscious thought and positive life creation for us all!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Along with every new thought that I create, a new experience in life bursts forth that provides me with new life experience and learning!

Peace, love, light and blessings
“White Eagle”

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‎”Our life is the creation of our mind.”
— Buddha–
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Our world sure seems to be getting more complex and sophisticated moment by moment!

I find that just when I have got a handle on one new system, a new way of thinking or being in our world, within moments, days, weeks or months along comes a new thought or system that is to replace the one that I have just learned.

Oh, how I wish there was more simplicity in life today!

I guess I will just have to create this simplicity in my life for me!

Peace, love, light and blessings!
“White Eagle”

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