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As I was sitting quietly this morning entering into my meditation out of nowhere the word “Credit” kept coming to me. It took awhile but finally I was together enough to realize that I was being given a message about this word that has become an issue for so many of us today!

The guides were wanting to come through however, my reaction to the word itself was sure stopping the process.

Within the last day I realized that I had talked with at least 5 individuals who were using the word credit and using it very differently in each case.

Each time this word was used it ended up being a negative situation………Now what is up with that?

The first use of the word was an individual who wanted to have credit for things that she has done in her life and has not received any validation for this from outside sources.  The next time it was used was by an individual who had credit problems, and was having difficulty determining where the money would come from to look after the payments this month.  Then came a conversation with an individual who was facing bankruptcy and was afraid to answer her telephone because of her fear of having to facing her creditors who were very rude and abrupt with her.  Personally, I needed to go to the bank shortly after this conversation to put a deposit in my account, and the teller informed me that this money had been CREDITED to my account.  The last time it was used was again with myself when an individual who purchased one of the books I just had published telephoned me and gave me a whole lot of credit for having done this and was really validating me for what she could understand about herself through reading the book.  That was when I really began to realize how negative the word credit is today, and how it can bias my own personal perception of who I am and what I do through the word credit.

Many years ago I was taught not to be egotistical, not to talk about my accomplishments and to not give myself credit for what it is that I do!  Today, I got it and know that it is OK to give myself credit and that it is not a negative thing.

How does the word credit affect you today?

Peace, love. light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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