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The Idealist

Shared by “Maggie” and “Theresa”

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 Words To Inspire the Soul

  • In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationship we were afraid to have and the decisions we waited too long to make.
Shared by “Michael”

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11:11 Awakening Code

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As we slip into the  future we are being attacked from all sides through fear.

You already know much of our world is run by control through lies, fear, and not remembering, so we tend to give up our freewill to the ones who have the answers.

What we forget is:

  • The ones who have the answers are also the same ones who may be causing problems for us!
  • Soon the curtain that has been hiding our true nature will be pulled back for all to see… that will happen soon.
  • Those in control have no power over this, and that is the reason for fear factor being on full tilt.
  • When this happens,we will all need to let go of the old belief system and step into what is real.

What many of us  live in now is not the true world .

The true world has no outside control, and we will go back to a time when we were born into enlightenment not into a control system.

It has been stated  that in order to be free is to become enlightened or spiritual.

We may not have to become enlightened, however, we have to realize that we are enlightened and have been since the day we were born and that has been taken from us by the control that takes over the way we think and see our world .

Freedom is inside of us, every single person has this freedom if you are not afraid to look for it..

The hard part will be letting go of the old control systems since we have been chained to it for so long.

In other words the dam can only hold back the waters of change for so long , before it spills over the top and from the sides and washes away all that is holding you as prisoner of control.

There was a time when all the people of the world were one regardless of color, race or religon our world was at peace and had freedom for all .  We will have it again,  there is no stopping this as we return to the golden age that was once ours.

We will be given a choice  to either move forward or stay where you are and be left behind .

When the truth is opened and given to you, I know what your going to choose!

So welcome to your  true self without the outside chains and  boundaries!

We will move out of the belief system that has no proof and into the knowing system that has no hidden agenda.   It will be open for everyone, even the ones who have believed that they own you.

Your love of yourself, others and in the world play a major part in this change, so never stop loving yourself, others and Mother Earth.

The freedom we seek is at the door now, we just have to open the door and step back and let it in.

“Wandering Eagle” (Dean)

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As you walk your journey, may you enjoy life and revel in your creation, cherish the people you love and give thanks for each day you are given…
An elder once said, we all need someone to love, something to do, something to believe in, and something to look forward to… We have the need for love, a yearning to give and receive recognition and affirmation; a sense of belonging. We have the need to know and accept and want to feel worthwhile unto others. We desire meaning in our lives, some sense that our lives possess purpose and direction from which we choose our will. And it is from all these things that we make important decisions about who we are, who we are becoming and the legacy we are leaving for our future generations.
The answers to this quest are found within you… and the search will always lead you back to You… Make the time each day to tend to, love and nurture your whole being… your body, mind, heart and soul… May you live in balance… The knowledge you need to discover your true self is seeded in your soul… every time you look within your inner being is re-awakening… you are awakening to your inner wisdom… as you become fully alive and fully aware, you will re-discover and develop your talents, senses, instincts, and intuitions… may you revel in these gifts and give thanks because they are part of who you are…
At an early age I was taught not to believe in myself, to question and doubt myself, my choices, senses, decisions and intuition… I was led to think that believing in myself was arrogant, flawed and unsafe… often told believing in myself would lead to disappointment… Its almost as though I unlearned to believe in ME… Now that I know better I can do better… Today, I choose to believe in myself, in magic and in knowing that anything is possible, if I believe in it enough… I will walk in wonder and awe, revel in the beauty and creation of the world and give thanks for everyday miracles like the rainbow, the stars, earth, air, fire and water… I will walk freely and played joyously with not a care or worry in the world… and the innocence, trust and peace I carried, as a child I will carry again… May you walk in love and beauty, remembering the precious being you were created to be… and the purposeful place you hold within the sacred Web of Life… this is your gift from the Great Spirit… for you to do with as you will… the more you listen to your heart, the clearer your path will become…
May you walk in love and beauty….
For this knowledge I thank our Ancestors, my spirit guides, elders, teachers, my mother and spiritual family…
Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) Hiy Hiy – Redberry

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Today we Sort.
Today we Divide.
Today we Gather.
What’s together?
We must Decide.

This is a get it together kinda day. But unlike other similar days, we are first inclined to take out the trash, flush the drain and stand naked before our true selves and look at who is looking back at us!

Today we are confronted by questions concerning faith and belief.
Today we differentiate.

Shared by “Sterling Sinclair’

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We all want the best in life but sometimes when we get to have it
we may feel that it isn’t meant to be for us!

That seems to be when doubt takes over and the path of failure
is wide open for us to walk right into its arms, making us feel
unsure of our choices in life!
For myself I have found a easy way around all this doubt that exists for me.
For example:

  • If I need something and someone asks me  a question like “do you want to buy this or do you want to do that, and I observe that I am hesitating, I know that is doubt creeping in!
  • When this happens I simply say to myself ” it is too late, there is doubt” and I move forward with my life.
  • I know that my life is to short to worry about this little thing called doubt.
  • Doubt is just another way of fear!
  • When I don’t trust myself or my feelings or I can’t make up my own mind, my road will be difficult until I face this fear of change or doubt .

Always remember when you let doubt in you are letting others think for you and that is never a good sign because really are these people looking out for you or they looking out for them selves?

I’ll leave you with this  information and it is up to you to decide what you choose to do with your doubt.

I choose to walk away and not  look back!  How about you?

What do you choose?

“Wandering Eagle” (Dean)

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I can’t move forward in life unless I make a decision that leads to movement!

Without decision there is no growth, mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. My life is about the decisions I make and what I learn from the decisions!

“White Eagle”

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The disconnected can not even handle their own lives, never mind yours!

Insist on making your own decisions and living in the self. This is the most loving thing you can do; as this immediately stops the negative energy as it pertains to you and helps decrease the negative manifestation they are creating. This is one of many examples of spiritual compassion! ~Unknown


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