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Rules Shared by Simple Truths

When I saw this on facebook this morning a big smile crossed my face!

Two days ago our cat  “Sabbath” was missing in our house.  I had looked everywhere for him and he was just not to be found.  I decided that he had just found himself a comfortable hiding place to keep away from me, the human, and the other two animals “Shadow” the dog, and “Angel the cat” for awhile, so I sat down relaxed, turned on the TV and in seconds I heard a very strange sound in the house.  It sounded like something was walking through furnace pipes.  It continued for about 10 minutes, and I was really checking out my reality, thinking that “Ghost’s or Spirits” were present to give me a message!

Then I heard a cat’s meow and went into the basement to check the sounds and look for the cat.

What I found was amazing!

It was Sabbath who was stuck on a furnace outlet, with a cord from a light wrapped around him, tangled up and unable to get himself  unstuck.  My initial response was negative, I said, well cat, you have really done it this time, and it looks like your stuck for good now!  I had no idea what to do, so worry set in.  I then started following the above 10 rules for staying positive.

  1.  No need to worry, just get in a hurry and help him out.  Once I put the worry aside, very quickly a positive attitude started to surface and I became active and started to calm him down.
  2. I became very grateful that he was alive and that it was not going to be too long and he would be free and able to jump down into my arms.
  3. I have allergies and difficulty breathing at times, and a whole lot of dust was living on the furnace pipes, making me sneeze and cough so I got down, covered my mouth and went back to the rescue of Sabbath!
  4. When I became objective about this whole situation I broke into laughter.  Me perched on two chairs rescuing a cat that I had initially thought was a spirit or ghost from beyond who was walking through my furnace pipes.
  5. The more that I laughed, the calmer the cat became!  Joy does boomerang!
  6. The more he tried to move around the more the cord became more tightly wrapped around him, I would have written at that point, however, I wanted to get him freed now, so amazingly, here I am writing about it today!
  7. I never gave up on him, myself, and the process of him being freed from this most uncomfortable situation!
  8. At that point my telephone began to ring, and normally I would have gone running to answer it, however, because of the situation I said “NO” to myself, and let it ring knowing that the phone was not a priority in this moment.
  9. This is how I disciplined myself, and finally I was able to unhook him from the cable, he jumped into my arms meowing, licked me, ran off meowing his gratitude as he headed for his litter box.
  10. I then dragged my tired self up the stairs after working on this for an hour and as my positive partner walked in the door minutes later from an ice fishing trip, I shared the ordeal with him and we both had a great laugh!

So, now you can see how wonderfully these Staying Positive Rules work in difficult situations!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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